"Antitoxin" (tablets): instructions for use. What helps cure?


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The Use of any drug always requires prior consultation with a specialist. However, not all patients adhere to this rule. Many consumers assign themselves a particular drug. The consequences of such therapy can be different. One medication helps, others can bring only harm. This article will present you with the drug “Antithesis" (tablets). Usage instructions reviews, it will be described hereinafter. You will learn about the features of taking the pills and possible side effects.

antitoxin tablet instruction manual

Description of drug

The drug “Antithesis" (tablets) instructions for use says that it includes herbal ingredients. The active ingredient of the drug is grass thermopsis. Also there is sodium bicarbonate. Additional substances that do not affect the patient's condition, the starch, talc and calcium stearate.

Produced for the drug 10 tablets in blister. The cost varies in the range from 20 to 50 rubles for 10 tablets. The product is quite hard to find in Russian pharmacies. It is produced in Ukraine and for the most part implemented there.

antitoxin tablets usage instructions reviews

“Antithesis" (tablets): instructions for use. What helps the medication?

In summary given that medicine is recommended for inflammatory respiratory diseases. Among them bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, tracheitis and so on. The composition will be effective in viral and bacterial infections with heavy expectoration.


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In a pharmacy can often offer another drug, if there is no "Antitoxin" (tablets). Instructions for use of tablets "cough" proves that these two agents in the composition is identical. And different names due to the fact that they produce various pharmaceutical companies.


That informs the consumer about the limitations and the contraindications of the drug “Antithesis" (tablets) instructions for use? For children described tool is assigned only after 12 years. This restriction is imposed because of the lack of clinical data and a high likelihood of side effects. You can not use the drug during pregnancy and lactation. It is also prohibited treated by medication in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components. When you cough with the Department of bloody sputum can not be used "Antitoxin". The drug is contraindicated in case of aggravation of gastric ulcer and in some inflammatory diseases of the bowel.

The Medicine to adult patients, it is recommended to take 1 tablet three times a day. Treatment continues for up to 5 days.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes describes the means kids up to 12 years. While selected individual dose of medicament. The average single serving is a quarter to a whole tablet. The rate of application per day – 3 times.

antitoxin tablet instruction manual

The Action of medication: positive and negative

The drug “Antithesis" (tablets) instruction manual says that it can cause side effects. If you encounter this response, you should immediately discontinue therapy and see a specialist. Most often the medicine triggers allergies, which is expressed in the form of itching and urticaria. Also overdose may cause nausea and vomiting. Sometimes large doses of the drug lead to impaired consciousness, loss of appetite, diarrhea.

Despite the risk of adverse reactions, medication in most cases is well tolerated. The active ingredient thins mucus, reducing its viscosity. Grass termopsisa may moderately irritate the nerve receptors of the gastric mucosa, increasing, thus, the secretion of bronchial glands.

antitoxin tablets instruction manual for kids


In the course of reading of article you learned what is the medication “Antithesis" (tablets). Usage instructions and features of the use of the drug presented in the article. The drug is available without prescription from a doctor. However, it is not necessary to assign it to themselves. It is recommended before therapy to consult with a specialist. In this case, you can be sure of the correct treatment.

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