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Maxima – a major international manufacturer of all types of contact lenses and related products.

Company name

The Main office is located in the UK. In 2009 the company introduced the novelty of coloured contact lenses. On the Russian market products of the company exists since 1999. Maxima Colors-lenses that alter the natural color of the iris of the eye. With their help you can dramatically change the image and add face expression.

maxima colors lenses

Technology on guard of beauty and health

Created by technology, spot application of contact lenses Maxima Colors allow to obtain bright and natural color of the eyes. The ornament blends with the natural iris pattern. The contour of each lens caused dark rim to create a natural tint. The colored layer overlaps in the process of polymerization, whereby it is inside and has no contact with the surface of the eye.

The Manufacturer offers a choice of the following shades: sky blue, bright green, lime, pearl grey, brown coffee. Maxima Colors – lenses for safe create expressive and unique eyes. When painting use only pigments that allowed Medical Device.

The Inner surface of the contact lenses Maxima Colors are very smooth and do not irritate the cornea of the eye. With patented Mould System Synthesis, they are closely attached to the surface of the eye that allows you to feel comfort while wearing. Maxima Colors are suitable for both vision correction or just to give color healthy eyes. To order available products with the size diopters from 0.0 to -6.0. It should be noted that these color lenses price is available to any buyer. The average cost of one pair-about 500 RUB Maxima Colors (lenses) involve the planned replacement after one month of daily wear.


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contact lenses maxima colors

Advice on wearing color contact lenses

Ophthalmologists do not recommend wearing colored lenses more than three hours a day. This is due to the fact that they are extra-thick and worse allow oxygen to the eye surface, compared with conventional corrective lenses. If you use any contact lenses, and colored especially, it is necessary to use special drops, moisturizing the cornea. Also, the use of a solution designed for storage of products. He removes from the surface lenses protein deposits and other impurities. The storage solution shall be replaced daily.

When Planning to purchase colored lenses, you must know that the pupil diameter and the size of the unstained Central part of a firm's output may not coincide. This can cause decreased visual acuity, especially in poorly lit areas. Therefore, the wearing of colored contact lenses is not recommended while driving a car or performing work requiring a high concentration of view.

Also carriers of colored lenses should be careful in using cosmetic products for the eyes. Not recommended the application of a large number of carcasses, decorative liner, use oil to remove makeup. Preferably, all used cosmetic products was a marker of the passage of ophthalmological control.

 colored contacts price

Customer Reviews

Among the major benefits colored contact lenses Maxima Colors celebrate the naturalness and brightness of the eye color. When wearing the common problem is that natural eye shade significantly affect the original as a result. Maxima Colors (the lens) allow you to change the color of even dark eyes nature. Now, owners of brown and black shades also may want to experiment with their look, wearing green or blue.

Also among the positive features noted the density of the material is not too thin contact lenses. Maxima Colors easy to put on and take off, not tearing at it. Undoubtedly, this fact pleases many customers.

However, Maxima Colors, customer reviews proof, can cause dryness, redness of the eyes. Such phenomena are taking place and are purely personal reaction.

maxima colors reviews

There are people who are in principle not suitable to such products. Selection of any contact lenses, colored including, must be done by a doctor. Besides the fact that selecting the necessary value of d, determined by the radius of curvature of the eye. If the sizes do not match, it is fraught with development of various complications. And, of course, compliance with deadlines and rules socks lenses is to guarantee the health and comfort of the eyes.

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