What is dangerous luteum cyst left ovary?


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Luteum Cyst of the left ovary, usually occurs after successive release of an egg from the follicle. The thing is that after her exit directly observed the transformation of the follicle into the corpus luteum, which in the absence of fertilization is destroyed, and then disappears. However, in some cases it develops spontaneously filled with fluid and even blood. It is on the site of the yellow body and formed a cyst. Its dimensions do not exceed, as practice shows, and eight inches.

luteum cyst of the left ovaryCauses of cysts. Contributing factors

Experts say that the main reason for the occurrence of such problems as cyst of the corpus luteum of the left ovary are all sorts of disruptions on the hormonal level. They, in turn, may arise due to stress, heavy exercise, overwork, improper lifestyle in General, various inflammatory diseases, etc.


According to doctors, mainly luteum cyst left ovary are asymptomatic, that is, a woman may not be aware of the presence in the body of this disease. However, in particularly serious cases, some ladies notice the following signs:

  • The Failure of the menstrual cycle.

  • Regular nagging pain in the stomach area.

  • Profuse discharge, including bleeding.

causes of cystsDiagnosis of the disease

When there is suspicion of the presence of such a disorder as luteum cyst of the left ovary, should without delay seek the advice of a qualified technician. The doctor, in turn, must not only hold regular gynecological examination, but also to appoint ultrasound and send to the blood the necessary hormones. For example, if the ultrasound found an increase of the ovary, and the presence of yellow bodies at the place of the follicle, then, unfortunately, the diagnosis of "luteum cyst of the left ainika" is confirmed. In special cases your doctor may also assign a so-called color Doppler to exclude the possibility of malignancy. Then after diagnosis, the physician should observe the patient for approximately three menstrual cycles. If the formation of yellow body will not disappear, should be given special treatment. His method will be selected based on the individualtreatment of a cyst of the corpus luteum left ovary the indicators of the health of the patient.


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Luteum Cyst of the left ovary, as a rule, not subjected to drug therapy. In this case it often requires immediate surgical intervention. It is performed using a small camera that is introduced gradually in the abdominal cavity. Then the doctor through the monitor and special prisposobleniya will be able to perform the entire operation to remove the cyst. On the other hand, if there is twisting the legs of the cyst, you will most likely need to remove the entire ovary.

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