How to treat a flea bite? Proceeds from the bite of a flea. What to do if bitten by a flea


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Fleas are parasites that feed on blood and spread everywhere. They feed mostly on animals, but often people are exposed to their bites. Currently, there are over two thousand species of these insects, five of which can be found in our country.

The Bites of these bloodsucking usually require no special treatment, despite the soreness and itching which persist for a long time. But in some cases, possible allergic reactions and skin diseases, so the question of how to treat a flea bite, to date, remains relevant.

if you are bitten by a flea what to do

Varieties of fleas

The Types of fleas there are a huge number of people being attacked, mostly parasites such as Ctenocephalides canis (dog), Ctenocephalides felis (cat), Pulex irritans (human), Xenopsylla cheopis (the rat), and Spilopsyllus cuniculi (rabbit).

In the cities of fleas live in the basement and often cause trouble for people. Usually they live for stray animals, although there are not constantly. Insects can live in carpets, upholstery, earth. People can be allergic to flea bites. Insects are very small; therefore, the person does not notice them, besides they are able to jump a distance of five feet.

Flea larvae, which, after several molts grow into adult insects to attack a new host. Usually after two days the swelling in that place where was made the bite of the parasite disappears, four days passes and redness.


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But not always, often the symptoms of flea bite can manifest in the form of allergies, severe irritation and dangerous skin diseases. In such cases should be treated. If there are serious consequences it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Recognition flea bite

Many people wonder: if bitten by a flea, what to do. Before considering this problem, you need to learn how to recognize flea bites, which people often confuse with the defeat of the spiders and bugs. Need to carefully consider the location of the bite. At its center will see two punctures that will help distinguish it from lesions in other insects. It also says that in this case the person is not dealing with an allergic reaction. Defeat fleas one feels at once as they cause pain. This is due to the fact that the parasite enters the wound with an anesthetic substance, and inject a enzyme that prevents the blood clot. This enzyme causes itching and swelling. These parasites feed every day, but in the absence of prey base they go into hibernation, which can be up to one year. After the insect awoke, it pounces on the victim, biting her severely.

how to treat flea bite

Comparison of flea and kapovich bites

Before How to treat flea bite, you must make sure that she is dealt damage, because in man can bite several parasites such as bedbugs, mosquitoes and so on. Often people confuse wounds caused by bug bites with wounds from fleas. You can distinguish them by these characteristics:

  1. Bed Bugs hunt at night. Fleas can attack both day and night.
  2. Bug injects into the wound a substance with anaesthetic, so the bite is not painful, while lesions of fleas people are always in pain.
  3. Most Often fleas affect the feet, and the bugs – back, arms and shoulders. The first leave behind a linear track, consisting of four or five punctures, while the second can cause wounds in a chaotic manner, but close to each other.

Knowing how amazing insects, referred to in this article, you can easily carry out the treatment at home. But only if the body is not likely to develop allergies and other negative effects. Otherwise you need medical help.


So the flea bites in children and adults cause pain, as from a needle stick. On the site of the lesion, a point of red color of dried blood, swelling and severe itching that lasts a long time. This reaction is called pulicosis. With constant brushing increases the risk of infection and formation of the inflammatory process. Very often the insect bites, the area of the foot and lower leg, a little less striking in the arms and torso. If you do not have any Allergy to flea bites, symptoms go away within a few days. But some people in two days, you may experience an abscess or wound of small size, which can bleed. Others undergo a severe reaction to a flea bite, which is accompanied by chest pain, shortness of breath, severe swelling or hives. Symptoms after being bitten by cat fleas are faster compared to other types of these parasites. The pain cause lesions insects that live on the moose. Eyewitnesses claim that the defeat of there is pain, as from a bee sting, so they already know how to handle flea bites, to avoid allergic reactions.

what help from flea bites

The Danger of flea bites

In many tropical countries, there are sand fleas that are embedded under the human skin and stay there permanently by getting a regular supply of blood. Gradually formed a huge number of eggs in the body of the fleas, bites on the leg causing severe swelling. If the parasite is not time to pull, it may even cause amputation of limbs.

Fleas bite strongly and regularly, injecting the blood of toxins that cause skin irritation. These parasites are dangerous because carry various infectious diseases. In medicine there are about twenty-five diseases that carry fleas. They can be transmitted through blood, but also by mechanical means. The most dangerous is considered to be encephalitis, salmonellosis, typhoid, hepatitis b and hepatitis C, anthrax, trypanosomiasis and others. In addition, these blood-sucking insects carry the eggs of parasitic worms which can enter the stomach. So become infected with Pets that suck parasites out of their wool. And animal helminths can be transmitted to man.


We already know that there are pain and Itching from flea bites. But if the parasites are biting constantly and a lot of them, the person may receive a neurosis or psychosis. He will feel that his body is constantly crawling insects, even in their absence. If you do not take any action and damage will become a running character, it can cause suppurative diseases of the skin, the appearance of abscesses and phlegmonas.

As mentioned above, some people have an Allergy, in which the redness spreads to huge areas of the skin, there is a huge swelling, fever. Also flea bites in children and people with allergies can cause stomach upset, breathing difficulties, in some cases anaphylactic shock occurs.

Children are the most exposed to the bites of this parasite, and lesions may appear on any area of the body, as the skin of baby is delicate and thin, the parasite is very easy to bite her. Also, a person may develop dermatitis, pulicosis.

flea bites on humans treatment

First aid

The First unpleasant symptom in lesions of fleas is severe itching, which affects both children and adults. So Flea bites on humans treatment of suppose, first of all, means for the disinfection of wounds, relieve pain, swelling and itching.

First, the affected area washed with soap and water, rinse and wipe dry, then apply antiseptic (disinfectant, iodine, alcohol, etc.). While hot water is not recommended as this will cause severe itching. For removing the swelling of the wound rubbed with vinegar, diluted with water in ratio of 1:1 or a citric acid solution.

A saying What helps flea bites common baking soda. For this purpose it is diluted with water to a mushy state and make this solution compress.

You can Also use medicines in the form of ointment or cream. This can be, for example, “Nasulin” or “Rescuer”. If a person has seen the development of allergic reactions, you should immediately consult the doctors. Also it is recommended to take an antihistamine medication, for example, “Her”.

It is Very important not to brush the wound, as this may introduce infection, which will trigger inflammation and suppuration.

Fleas can bite and the person who is sleeping. In this case, if you have a strong foot damage, it is recommended to bandage, pre-lubricated with ointment from itching.

Many doctors recommend taking prevention one of the antihistamines.

Allergy to flea bites

Actions in case of allergic reactions

In medical practice there were cases when having anaphylactic shock after defeat these blood-sucking parasites.

If you have allergic reactions to fleas bites on humans treatment should start immediately, but only after visiting the doctor. Self-medication in this case is contraindicated, as the body of the allergic person could react, the condition may deteriorate.

An Experienced doctor will prescribe antihistamines, drugs to reduce temp...

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