Autoimmune Diseases. Victim — Any System or Organ!


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Autoimmune diseases arise when the body's immune system stops working properly and is up in arms against relatives and friends. The body avenges this way because he does not take care and wears. Rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo, myocarditis, cardiac rheumatism, thyroiditis, psoriasis, diabetes-all conditions diagnosed in the development of autoimmune diseases in the body. It is possible to list and further diseases such a lot.

Rheumatologists, endocrinologists, neurologists and doctors of other specialties for more than half a century trying to find the exact cause of autoimmune diseases. Chief among them — the failure of the immune system that occurs after a serious viral, less bacterial infection of the body.

Autoimmune diseases occur in this order:

1. The virus getting into the cells, changes their structure. The immune system is actively fighting the infected cells. Man does not leave the body in this moment enough time to fully recover, the disease is prolonged, the immune system gets used to destroy the cells of an organ (heart, joints, lungs, and blood — the body which is infected with a virus). In the end, a large number of cells of the organ are destroyed, the body ceases to cope with its functions, begins the inflammatory process of tissues.

2. Tissues disintegrate, their particles get into the blood, which also contains antibodies, which produce immunity in these tissues. Naturally, these particles are again perceived by the body as enemies and the immune system more begins to destroy the already inflamed body. The process closes. Occurs autoimmune reaction.

In addition to neglect of their health, autoimmune diseases can occur for other reasons. The bacterial cells infecting the body, can be originally similar to the cells of human organs. As a result, the immune system, simply strays because of the same structure and continues to struggle with the pest even when he's already destroyed. Bacteria are not present, and similar cells in the body remained. They become the victims of the attack developed antibodies.

Other external causes of the disease are radiation, environmental pollution of water and air, leading to mutations in cells. The immune system does not tolerate in the body of such cells and starts a battle with them. It is the same scenario. The result — an autoimmune disease that can be inherited. Example — diabetes, hemophilia, psoriasis, and others.

The Treatment of autoimmune diseases is very difficult. In fact, these diseases are incurable, may only slow the process of destruction of the body. For this purpose it is necessary periodically to clean the blood of antibodies sorbents. In very severe cases, resorted to suppression of the immune system to slow the production of antibodies. However, this leads to a weakening of the whole organism.

The Treatment of autoimmune diseases with drugs aimed primarily at the maintenance of the broken functions of the compromised organs. For example, in autoimmune diseases of the endocrine system (pancreas, thyroid glands, ovaries) designate lifelong reception synthetic hormones that are no longer able to produce the damaged glands (estrogen, insulin, thyroxine).

With arthritis often prescribe non-steroidal drugs which inhibit inflammation, reduce pain in the joints, however, do not stop, and sometimes even speed up the process of tissue destruction.

Treat autoimmune disease needs a very competent person, as many drugs cause severe side effects that are sometimes even more dangerous than the disease itself. For example, at the wrong reception of thyroid hormones can get out of balance the entire endocrine system, leading eventually to failure of the whole organism.

Most people who suffer from autoimmune diseases have to just accept that it happened and learn to live with them, to the extent of helping the body cope with impaired functions and to protect their health from new infections.

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