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Pain is one of the most unpleasant phenomena in human life. Most of the existing drugs are able to remove weak or medium-intensity pain. Opioid analgesics, which include tool “Soldier”, described in this article, helps to get rid of even severe pain caused by serious diseases.

Despite the fact that the drug is not a narcotic, its a vacation in pharmacies only by prescription (form 148). This is due to the fact that certain components included in its composition, are specialists for active ingredients. The prices of medicines in this group cannot be called accessible to a large number of consumers, which is also a specific obstacle to widespread drug. But we'll talk about that a little later, but first let us examine the composition of tablets, the main properties of its active substances and many other things.

zaldiar usage instructions

Composition of tablets “Soldier”

What is the drug “Soldier”? Composition – that plays a major role in the effectiveness of any drug. In addition to the well-known and widely used paracetamol, which is present in the tablets in quantities of 325 mg “Soldier” contains a substance known as tramadol hydrochloride (37.5 mg). If paracetamol consumers are familiar almost from childhood, tramadol is less known in wider circles. In addition, sometimes it is considered a drug, although in fact it is not. Like all opioid analgesics synthetic origin, tramadol has the ability to act in two directions, allowing you to use it to eliminate the pain high and medium intensity. More about this will be discussed in the section on the pharmacological properties.


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In Addition to the active substances, the drug “Soldier” contains a set of helper components: cellulose, starches, magnesium stearate, dyes and more.

Description of the drug, release form

The drug is Available in tablets, covered kishechnorastvorima film-coated. The tablets are oblong, round, lenticular, on one side there is the inscription "T5", on the other - the logo of the manufacturer “grunenthal”. Sheath colour-light yellow. On the fracture of the tablets are clearly visible two layers: the outer yellow and inner white or nearly white.

Tablets “Soldier” are Packed in blisters of 10 pieces, which are placed in cartons of 1, 2, 3 or 5 pieces together with instructions for use.

drug prices

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drug “Soldier”

The composition of the drug includes two active substances with analgesic effect. That is why pills “Soldier" instructions for use refers to the combined drugs. The effect of eliminating pain extends in several directions. Eliminating even severe pain.

Pharmacodynamics paracetamol is the deactivation of cyclooxygenase in pain and temperature centers of the brain. However, this substance does not affect peripheral tissues, namely their prostaglandinsynthase functions. In addition, paracetamol does not affect water and electrolyte balance in the body.

opioid analgesics

Tramadol acts on the pain centers a little differently: substance and its metabolites have the ability to activate the so-called m-opiate receptors. It also activates non-opioid receptors by giperpoliarizatia membranes in the synapses of the spinal cord and spinal neurons. Despite the similarity of action of tramadol with drugs, its effect is 6,000 times weaker than, for example, morphine.

The Absorption of paracetamol and tramadol in the digestive tract fast enough. This total absorption of paracetamol is much faster than tramadol. The breakdown data of active substances occurs mainly in the liver. They are displayed primarily through the urinary system (30% unchanged, 60% as metabolites).


The Drug “Soldier" instruction for use recommends that in the case of medium and strong intensity of pain of various origins (disease, injury, inflammation, etc.). In addition, it is advisable to use this drug before medical procedures (diagnostic and therapeutic), which can cause pain. To buy the drug “Soldier” without a doctor's prescription, as mentioned above, is not possible. That is why its application is only available in cases where it is really needed.


Regarding the use of the “Soldier" of the instruction manual mentions the contraindications, which implies the inability this medication and its analogues at the active ingredients. The first and most important is considered to be a contraindication individual intolerance of its constituent components, including excipients. The second contraindication is the patient's age up to 14 years. In additionthere is quite an extensive list of diseases and conditions in which the drug is not possible in connection with risk of development of various complications.

So, consider, in what cases it is contraindicated tablets “Soldier" (analogues of active substances also should not be used in the following cases):

  • Seizures that are not controlled by taking special drugs;
  • Serious illness of the kidneys and liver, in particular hepatic and renal failure;
  • After the abolition of drugs, or so-called syndrome;
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication (including drugs, oppressive Central nervous system, hypnotics, analgesics and other drugs).

The above condition is binding. Next, we present the list of situations under which the use of the drug “Soldier” requires caution and continuous monitoring of the patient's condition.

  • Shock resulting from injury or otherwise;
  • Traumatic brain injuries of varying severity;
  • Increased intracranial pressure (hypertension);
  • Epilepsy, controlled by medication;
  • Impairment of respiratory function;
  • Confusion or uncertainty of the consciousness of various origins;
  • Viral diseases of the liver (hepatitis);
  • Diseases of the biliary tract;
  • Alcoholism with liver or without it;
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Hyperbilirubinemia (benign);
  • Epigastric pain of unknown origin.

In Addition, the drug “Soldier" instructions for use recommends with caution to persons, whose age exceeds 75 years, and those who, besides medicines prescribed psychotropic and other analgesic substances with the so-called Central action (including local anesthesia).

In order to avoid undue risk to the health of the patient, the physician must, before prescribing the drug to conduct all necessary research with the help of which you can identify the diseases stated above.

How to take the drug “Soldier”:

The Drug “Soldier” is solely under the supervision of a physician. The dosage and regimen is determined by the specialist based on the condition of the patient, the severity of pain. According to the recommendations of doctors, the pill must whole, not crushing and not liquid. The amount of water used to wash down the medicine, should be sufficient to ensure that it easily fell into the stomach.

The Initial dose for adult patients (over 14 years) is 1-2 tablets, depending on the recommendations of the expert. A day is not recommended to use more than 8 tablets “Soldier”. Between meals you need to follow the time-span of 6 hours. If another reception for some reason was skipped, there is no need to use this and the previous doses of the drug.

zaldiar price

For older patients (over 75 years) can be used the usual dose, however, you should consider the fact that the excretion of the drug and metabolites such people is slower than in other age groups. In this regard, it is recommended to increase the interval between doses of pills for up to 10-12 hours.

Kidney and liver failure also requires an adjustment of the regimen and drug dosing “Soldier”. It should be noted that during hemodialysis active ingredient pill tramadol cannot be practically removed from the body. On this basis, patients with impaired renal function should not take a second dose of medication after the procedure, as this may lead to overdose. The same recommendations can be addressed to patients with acute violations of the liver. The risk of complications comes not from the tramadol, and paracetamol. The risk of complications is significantly increased in individuals with a liver which has undergone changes due to the effects of alcohol.

Drug Interaction with other drugs

The Drug “Soldier”, which will be described later, is able to interact with many drugs. Not always this combination has a positive effect on the patient. That is why specialists recommend that individuals who accept these pills, to announce the admission of the drug when they are assigned to other medications.

It is Important to remember that collaborative medication “Soldier”, the price of which will be announced next, with other opioids carries the risk of the development of the syndrome because of the competition of active substances in relation to pain receptors. If you need this drug, other drugs with similar properties should be abolished.

zaldiar without prescription

Drugs that inhibit the activity of the Central nervous system, which include tranquilizers and hypnotics drugs increase side effects, characteristic for tablets “Soldier”. The same applies to alkogolsoderzhaschih products.

A Number of drugs, the main feature of which is the induction of microsomaloxidation as well as tricyclic antidepressants, barbiturates and ethanol, reduce the effect of the active components of tablets “Soldier” on pain centers, resulting in their analgesic effect is reduced. Decreases the duration of drug action.

The combined use of barbiturates with the drug reduces the effectiveness of paracetamol and alcohol together can cause the development of pancreatitis in an acute form. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents is also not recommended for use in conjunction with tablets “Soldier” because of their specific interaction with paracetamol. The fact that this greatly increases the risk of renal failure and necrosis of papillary structures of the kidneys. In severe cases, the patient may develop cancer of the kidney or bladder.

With prolonged use of the drug “Soldier”, the greater the impact on the body even small DOX anticoagulants, resulting in increased risk of bleeding.

Adverse reactions

Tablets “Soldier” there are many side effects that affect almost all organs and systems. Often patients with the first day of receiving the funds begin to disturb dizziness, memory loss, seizures, or tremor. Also among the adverse reactions of the organism to the drug referred to phenomena such as drowsiness or insomnia, nausea, flatulence, indigestion and heart rhythm. In addition to the above, patients may experience menstrual irregularities, delayed or absence of urination, dyspnoea, match those of aplastic anemia.

With long-term treatment with “Soldier” may develop drug dependence or withdrawal syndrome after abrupt abandonment of taking the pills. To avoid this, you should not take this medicine longer than the recommended instructions for use and the abolition of the drug necessary to produce a gradual dose reduction.

zaldiar reviews

Special instructions

Long uncontrolled reception of preparations containing tramadol, can lead to drug dependence, as expressed in nervousness, psychomotor activity and phobias. In this regard, during the period of treatment “Soldier”, the price is quite high, it is necessary to adhere strictly to recommended duration of its administration. Patients who previously had such a relationship should take the drug under medical supervision.

Driving vehicles and management of complex mechanisms during the period of treatment should stop.

Analogues of the drug “Soldier”: prices and reviews

So, based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the important thing that should guide the drug “Soldier”. Price of tablets in comparison with other potent drugs seems not very high and is about 800 rubles per pack. Analogues of the drug a bit: the content of the two active components can be identified unless tablets “Forcada”, whose value is much higher. Undoubtedly, prices on the drug from the group of opioid analgesics cannot be low, and the means “Soldier” is the most accessible among the similar products.

pills zaldiar

According to experts, this drug helps to cope with the pain, even in very difficult cases. However, they indicate that prolonged or uncontrolled treatment can lead to unexpected and dire results. Patients who used this medication were satisfied with its effectiveness. But they noted that its abolition should be gradual. Since more than 70% of the cases they have symptoms of the so-called syndrome of cancellation.

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