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With a strong hair loss is faced by many women and every third man. The reason can be anything. Therefore, before treatment of alopecia should always consult a specialist narrow profile. The latter must examine the patient and identify the true cause of sinocast

As you know, alopecia areata develops suddenly. The specialists claim that if timely and proper treatment the patient can cope with this unpleasant disease pretty quickly.

It is Very common for the treatment of alopecia, doctors recommend to use special medicines from hair loss. One is a growth stimulant called “Sinocast”. He has received many positive reviews from customers and respect from trichologists.

Composition, packaging and form

The Drug “Sinocast”, the price of which is described below, is made in the form of solution for topical application. According to the manual, this hair growth stimulant contains such active ingredients as dimexide, castor oil and rivanol. By the way, they have a ratio of 65 %, 32 % and 3% respectively.

To Acquire solution “Sinocast" (product for hair) in dark vials, which are placed in a cardboard colored box.

Pharmacological action of stimulant

How are drugs from hair loss? Thanks to their active ingredients, is not only a quick restore hair but also strengthening the very structure of the strands.


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For a short period of time the patient almost completely stops hair loss in alopecia areata, and also stimulates the growth of new hair and normal production of the sebaceous glands.sinocast price

Thanks to these properties, the drug is very popular not only among women but also men.

Indications for use of the stimulant

In some cases, particularly effective considered medication? What people say about this reviews? “Sinocast” should only be administered by a specialist. As a rule, it is recommended to use hair loss, due to such reasons as:

  • Blood loss;
  • Emotional tension and stress;
  • Infectious diseases
  • Oily seborrhea;
  • Long-term use of certain drugs;
  • To restore the hair after dyeing or perming;
  • To activate the growth after chemotherapy and radiation.

Contraindications for the use of the solution

Under what conditions you cannot use the drug under consideration? What say about this doctor reviews? “Sinocast” is a solution, which there are quite serious contraindications for use. That is why it can only be used after a call to an experienced doctor.

drugs hair loss

So, contraindications to receive the funds are:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Individual intolerance of the main substances;
  • Time breastfeeding;
  • Severe liver disease;
  • The presence of dermatitis;
  • Myocardial infarction;
  • Children under 15 years of age;
  • Dry seborrhea;
  • Elderly age from 65 years.

External solution “Sinocast”: how to use

According to the instructions, to achieve the desired result, the drug should be used only in certain ways.

The Solution in the treatment of alopecia areata is prescribed three times a week. In this case it is used in a day.

To prevent hair loss solution is applied to only 1-2 times a week.

That the proper use of medication for baldness, we recommend you carefully read the manual. According to her, the solution should be applied to the head to its immediate wash, that is dry the curls. It requires much to shake the bottle to mix all active ingredients.

Divide hair into small sections of hair, carefully parted in the middle put 4 drops of the drug, starting from the crown down to the temples. Such procedures must be implemented around the circle, every 1.5 cm (if necessary, you can use an eyedropper or a syringe without a needle).sinocast instruction

One application must consume no more than 4 ml.

It is Strictly forbidden to RUB the medicine, or to massage the skin of the head. Two hours after applying the drug the hair you want to wash using regular shampoo.

The Duration of treatment with this remedy is 10-12 procedures. The number of sessions is 1 to 5 times. Also mandatory breaks. The interval between courses should be 10-14 days.

Side effects

What are the side effects causes before us? Talking about this consumer reviews? “Sinocast” should be used in strictly defined doses. Failure to comply with the requirements specified in the attached instructions, the medication can cause side effects such as burning and itching that doesn't go away within an hour.

When observing the negative effects be surewash your hair with shampoo, and with the urgent need to seek the assistance of an experienced doctor.

Only these simple rules will help to cope with baldness, and to restore and grow hair, make them beautiful, thick and healthy.

Special considerations

Before you can use the stimulant for the hair for the first time, you want to check the sensitivity of the organism to substances included in its composition. For this small amount of medication applied behind the ear or wrist. If within half an hour you felt nothing, then the medicine is suitable for you.

Counterparts and cost

How much is a drug “Sinocast”? Price is 180-200 rubles. As for the analogues, they have no medication.sinocast drug for hair


“Sinocast” is a very effective remedy against hair loss. 7 out of 10 people using this drug, speak of him only from a positive side. According to their opinion, this solution is one of the best medicines that effectively treat alopecia, prevent hair loss (for prevention). Although there are some consumers who complain about the uselessness of this drug.

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