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Immune-modulating drugs are on the market today very popular. And one of the most popular drugs in this group is, of course, “Erbisol”. This medicine is often used by physicians of different specializations. In this article, and consider what constitutes “Erbisol”. Instruction manual, reviews, description, all that will be proposed below.

Release Form and composition

Comes on the market this medication in the form of a solution in ampoules. It is intended primarily for use parenteral (bypassing the gastrointestinal) method. Sometimes it is administered to patients intramuscularly. In some cases, also used intravenous infusion of funds. One pack usually contains 10 vials of the medication.

Erbisol usage instructions reviews

Based On different substances can be manufactured, modern drugs to increase immunity. Adults and children can check out as quite expensive and cheap medicines from this group. Means “Erbisol” is a complex of low molecular weight non-protein compounds of non-hormonal in nature. Get included in the composition of the drug substance from the embryonic tissue of animals. The components of this medication are:

  • Peptides;

  • Glycopeptides;

  • Nucleotides;

  • Amino acids.

Thus, the composition of the medicine is quite complex - “Erbisol”. Ampoules eOf the medicament can contain 1 or 2 ml of the active substance. This medicine is Valued primarily for the fact that it is able to activate the already inherent nature of the controlling mechanisms responsible for eliminating pathogenic processes. It is quite expensive.


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 Erbisol price

Sometimes patients are looking for in pharmacies different form of the drug “Erbisol” pill. In this form of this medicine, unfortunately, is not available.

Pharmacological action

Once in the body of the patient, the medication starts to stimulate his immune system to the acceleration of the processes of "repair" damaged and destruction of abnormal cells. In addition, “Erbisol” is able to stimulate the regeneration process of the liver. Also, this drug differs anti-inflammatory properties.

To Develop immunomodulatory effect begins 5-7 days after the first dose of medication. Maximum values at the same time he reaches for 20-21 days. Remains the beneficial effects caused by this medicine, after taking it for about another 8-10 days.

Types of drugs

Currently, pharmacies are supplied with the following types of this medication:

  • Common solution.

  • «Erbisol extra”.

  • «Erbisol ultra”.

LCarstvo this, according to patients, quite effective «Erbisol”. Manufacturer.— company «ERBIS" (Kiev) — their reputation values. The company's specialists carefully monitor strict observance of manufacturing technology of modern medicine.

drugs to enhance immunity to adults

When can be prescribed

Use this drug doctors usually people with such diseases:

  • Diabetes;

  • Obstructive lung disease;

  • Metabolic dystrophy;

  • Angiopathy;

  • Bronchial asthma;

  • Dermatitis;

  • Disorders of the liver.

The cure “Erbisol” can be used to eliminateeffects of radiation and environmentally unfavorable situation.


Refers to “ErbiOl” to the group of relatively safe More. Contraindications however he still has. These include, for example:

  • Intolerance to any components of the medication;

  • The children's age (up to 10 years).

Pregnant women can take this drug only under medical supervision. The same applies to adolescents from 10 to 18 years.

Erbisol analogues

Side effects

In some cases, the drug “Erbisol” can have on patients and the negative impact. Side effects it sometimes causes are:

  • Increase in blood pressure;

  • Allergy.

When using this drug is designed to eliminate inflammation, the early stages of a manifestation may arise.

What can happen if you overdose on

Of Course, take this medication should only be as recommended by the attending physician. When you overdose on “ErbiOl” patients may experience anxiety. Specific treatment in this case is not required. Patients with only procedures that are aimed at addressing the symptoms.

Usage instructions

Intramuscularly, the drug “Erbisol” is injected into the buttocks area. Also it may be cleaved intra-arterial and intravenous. In all cases, a medication is often one to two times a day. The patient is injected with 2-4 ml of media. The course of treatment with this drug usually lasts for 20 days.

Often doctors use the following methods:

  1. For wounds, periodontal disease and periodontitis the drug in the first two weeks prescribed in the amount of 4 ml per day. In the subsequent 14 days of his prick in a dosage of 2 ml.
  2. For lung disease drug is prescribed in a dosage of 2 ml in the first three days once a day. The next five days the drug is injected in an amount of 2 ml twice a day. Next 7 days the product is used again in the amount of 3 ml once a day.
  3. In most other cases, medication used in the first three days in the amount of 2 ml once a day. The next 10 days the drug is administered in a dosage of 2 ml twice in 24 hours. Next, inject 2 ml once a week.

Erbisol ampoules

Radiation sickness and cancer can also be used the drug “Erbisol”. Injection in this case are appointed usually at the dosage of 2ml twice a day intravenously. The course of treatment in such diseases lasts 20 days.

Analogues drugs

Here's a and is provided for preparation «Erbisol" instructions for use. Reviews this medication there are just great. But if you have any contraindications instead of of this drug patients can be prescribed other drugs with a similar pharmacological action.

What are on the market today are good medicines to improve immunity? Adults (and in some cases children) can be taken instead of “Erbisol”, for example, such analogs are:

  1. «But”. This medicine comes on the market as “Erbisol”, in the form of a solution. The main active ingredient is sodium desoxyribonucleate. This drug belongs also to the group of immunomodulators. As “Erbisol”, this medication can be used, for example, radiation damage and lung disease. In addition, it is used in burn disease, arthritis, sepsis, diseases of the vessels of the legs, etc.

  2. “Comfort”. This immunomodulator is supplied in pharmacies in the form of tablets for sucking. The active substance it is the extract of the herb Echinacea. Use this medication is most often for the prevention of influenza and colds. Also it may be prescribed for different kinds of infections of the respiratory and urinary tract. Contraindications this medicine has more than “Erbisol”. So take it only after consulting a doctor.

  3. «Immunal”. This medication is available in form of tablets and drops. It is made on the basis of the plant Echinacea. Use it for the prevention of influenza and infectious diseases associated with decreased immunity.

Erbisol manufacturer

We have before us the drug and other good substitutes. It is possible to adopt, for example, instead of means “Erbisol" counterparts “cream” or “Cicloferon”. These drugs have also received good consumer reviews.

Interaction with other medicines

Thus, provided fairly difficult for drugs “Erbisol" instructions for use. Reviews about this drug are good primarily because of its effectiveness. However, when taking this medication, among other things, should take into account the peculiarities of its interaction with other drugs.

It is believed that the drug “Erbisol” is able to potentiate the action of interferons, and anti-bacterial medicines. Thus in order for the medication to work effectively, it is not recommended to use simultaneously with:

  • With alcohol;

  • Medications that can stimulate humoral immunity.

Opinion of the patients about the drug

The Reviews about the drug “Erbisol” there are basically just excellent. Many people consider him the real “rescue”. How to tell some patients, but thanks to him they can still live and even work. Those people who are taking “Erbisol” for the prevention, not sick with the flu and strep throat for many years. Some people resolve postoperative scars from so long ago. Also, many patients taking this medication is drowsiness and sleepiness.

The Opinion of this drug in patients had good. Almost the only drawback medication “Erbisol”. Complete the course of treatment with this remedy patients expensive. Besides taking this medicine still with caution. Some «Erbisol" unfortunately, Not helping, but rather causing aggravation. For example, The patient can open ulcer of the intestine.

What do you think about “Erbisol” the doctors

Accolades from patients about this drug, so there are many. However, unfortunately, many doctors in his performance, not sure a hundred percent. Great reviews about this medication available online, some experts advise to be critical. According to the doctors, «Erbisol” can really help patients. But only in combination with other medicines. When self-treatment is a means, according to doctors, to help and to harm. And, in some cases, even very much.

Cost of drugs

Developed by the drug “Erbisol” was a Ukrainian pharmacists in Soviet times. In its manufacture are mainly used by cattle embryos purchased by the company «erbi” at meat. The main drawback, therefore, judging by the reviews, medications “Erbisol”. The drug is, as mentioned, quite expensive. Per pack of 10 ampoules of 2 ml in pharmacies are asked about 1200-1800 UAH. in Ukraine and 3-6 thousand in Russia.

the medication Erbisol

Instead of a conclusion

Thus, the drug “Erbisol” can be considered the tool very effective. It helps in most cases, even for serious diseases. In 1997, he entered the top ten best inventions of Ukraine. But, of course, should be exactly complied with by the patients in the treatment means “Erbisol" instructions for use. The reviews are good this drug is deserved, of course, primarily from those people who have used it correctly. Despite the effectiveness and relative safety of this medication in terms of contraindications and side effects, taking it, of course, is only after consultation with your doctor.

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