Chronic leukemia: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


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Chronic leukemia

Acute and chronic leukemias are malignant tumors of the hematopoietic system. If you had a sudden tumor growth of undifferentiated cells, is an acute form of the disease, and diagnosed with a chronic exposure of cancer cells to immature hematopoietic. This type is largely characterised by a slow course and occurs more often in older people. For several years, perhaps a benign course of disease. During this period in the blood increases the number of neutrophils or lymphocytes, depending on the type of leukemia. Leukemic infiltration affects the bone marrow, lymph nodes, kidneys, myocardium and blood vessels, which can be formed of leukemic rhinestones and blood clots leading to heart attacks. In a period when the benign course of chronic leukemia is replaced by malignant in hematopoietic organs, blood and tissues appear to form blast cells (lymphoblasts, myeloblast, erythroblasts), the number of which increases rapidly. Also rapidly increases the number of leukocytes in peripheral blood. There comes a blast crisis, which often leads to death of patients, but most often, patients die from infectious complications.

Acute and chronic leukemias

Chronic leukemia disrupts the normal synthesis of immunoglobulins, leads to a sharp inhibition of the immune system, causing secondary infection, which is often the cause of patients ' death.

The Symptoms of the early stages of the disease are so mild that they can be attributed to the usual fatigue, accompanied by weakness, pains due to stress and fatigue at work, etc. In the future may become more frequent infectious diseases due to reduced immunity. All these symptoms are so common that they are chronic leukemia can remain nediagnostirovanne a long time.

If you are diagnosed with this disease in any case can not self-medicate! It is only possible to pay special attention to the maintenance of protective functions of the organism, increase of immunity and minimizing stressful situations. With proper organization of the regime, a healthy diet, the disease may not manifest for a long period, and the General condition and working capacity for a long time to stay in the norm.


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Chronic leukemia is diagnosed using General and biochemical blood analysis. After confirmation of the disease, hold the puncture of the bone marrow.

Effective treatment is cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If successful the disease can go into remission, the symptoms disappear and the patient can return to normal life. In chronic myeloid leukemia effective bone marrow transplantation. At first, all his cells are destroyed using radiotherapy and restored by transplantation from a donor.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemiaModern medicine is difficult to say exactly why a person has such a serious disease, such as chronic leukemia, but, according to leading experts, there are some factors that may affect the appearance of the disease:

  • Hereditary chromosomal defects;
  • Exposure to radiation;
  • The effect of chemical factors (abuse of drugs in the treatment of other cancers);
  • Frequent infectious viral disease (may develop chronic lymphocytic leukemia).

To take responsibility for their own health and life needs of each person. Timely access to a doctor and undergo regular medical examination allows to reveal at early stages of different diseases, which increases the chances of a successful recovery.

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