How to donate blood for hormones right?


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Any analysis should be taken, respecting certain conditions. Accordingly, if you decide to check your hormones, please see how to donate blood for hormones correctly, to have a complete picture of the condition of the body. Often such a study is assigned for women who are planning pregnancy or are already in an interesting position, and also for those who have certain problems with the thyroid to donate blood for hormones Accordingly, if you already know exactly that your thyroid gland gives some malfunction, the hormones, the signs of which are obvious, will require regular checks. Testing happens in a specialized laboratory, where a blood sample will be taken from a vein.

To Get directions for research of this type must have the attending physician, depending on the direction of the suspect disease. For example, if we are talking about how to donate blood for hormones and sex, to give direction in this case would be the gynecologist. how to donate bloodOf Course, the doctor will suggest some points, in particular, on what hormones should be checked to identify the cause of the inability to get pregnant or to determine the presence of the tumor. The doctor should also be told how to donate blood for the research to be maximally accurate and informative. Each patient has the right to choose for themselves the medical center for the delivery of analysis that will be most pleasant for him. Before you decide to learn how to donate blood for hormones should be borne in mind that such tests usually are paid. Some local clinic does not have specialized equipment to conduct this kind of research. Usually the cost comes from the calculation of determining the blood concentration of one denomination of the hormone. The very name and the total number of required indicators should also tell the doctor, a guide for such analysis.hormonal signs of violation

Regardless of the direction of the survey, there is no single scheme that will tell you how to donate blood for hormones correctly. First, to be tested is necessary in the morning, when the body is weak after sleep, and has a maximum concentration of substances in the blood. The next, and most important, point is that to conduct this kind of research should be only on an empty stomach. Even drinking the morning Cup of coffee can show an increased concentration of a hormone, this is especially significant in the case of check of the thyroid gland, and also in determining the state of the sexual sphere. It should be noted also that the analysis of blood content of certain substances women should be clearly highlighted days of the cycle, while not too informative analysis will be taken during menstrual bleeding. Before conducting the survey should be refuse heavy food, and forget for a while about alcohol and Smoking.

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