Saddle-shaped uterus: causes and treatment


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The Saddle-shaped uterus – the anomaly of the uterus, is a kind of two-horned pathologists. According to the statistics is 25% among varieties of the two diseases. Diagnosed by accident because they do not have pronounced symptoms. Pregnancy it will be difficult because there is a risk of miscarriage.

How it differs from normal?

Normally, the outer surface of the bottom of the uterus has a smooth plane and saddle-shaped uterus when the bottom is split, in the form of a saddle, while the outer surface is formed concave recess. The degree of splitting is different, but in all cases, will remind the saddle.

The Pathology of everyday life can not occur, but the occurrence of pregnancy becomes high risk of not bearing fruit. In the presence of a pathology characterized by further infertility anatomical and functional deficiency of the uterus provokes PPH.Saddle-shaped uterus combined with other anomalies of the genital and urinary system of women.

Pathology often Detected accidentally during routine examination during ultrasound. Operative treatment is indicated only in case of apparent risk gestation.

saddle-shaped uterus and pregnancy

Causes of formation

The Reason for the development of the saddle-shaped uterus is a fusion of mesonephric ducts during embryogenesis that give the uterus the characteristic shape of a saddle, and genetic predisposition. However, the cause of such deformation may serve as a habit (often Smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages), medications, or substances of chemical origin and deviations in the work of the circulatory and endocrine system, toxicity, or the effects of infection, hypoplasia, or impaired development of the uterus, and congenital abnormalities and changes in its structure.


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Hormonal Disorder, lack of the right amount of vitamins. Endometriosis of the uterus and exacerbating the impact of the environment often lead to the development of this pathology.

saddle-shaped uterus photo

Symptoms pathology


  1. Pre-pregnancy existence of this deviation has no specific symptoms, especially if changes in the structure of the minor, therefore, to determine it yourself is not possible. But more severe deformation of the uterus leads to the emergence of a number of disorders in the genitourinary system and the emergence of a strong discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  2. During gestation may cause the development of different pathologies, but also a complete detachment of the placenta, characterized by profuse bleeding, which can also be a violation of the structure of the uterus. Characterized by a disturbance of the position of the fetus and the development of uterine inertia.

These deformations in some cases lead to premature delivery, fetal death, spontaneous abortions and numerous generic and postnatal complications.

It is Worth noting that major changes in the structure of the uterus very often lead to primary infertility.

saddle-shaped uterus


Saddle-shaped uterus, a photo which you can obtain on hysterosalpingography, called bicorn. It comes from her. The pathological divergence of the two horns of the uterus are divided into:

  • Saddle bicornuate uterus;
  • The uterus with a partition;
  • Complete duplication of the uterus;
  • Complete duplication of the uterus.
saddle-shaped uterus photo

All these pathologies detected during pregnancy, that is, they are derived during embryonic development.

Saddle-shaped uterus, there is a slight concavity on the outer part of the uterine fundus. It resembles the shape of a saddle.

When the uterus with the septum convex outer surface of the partition reaches a large size, than in the saddle. It begins to droop to the opposite part.

Not a complete duplication of the uterus looks like a full top-bottom splitting apart.

When a complete doubling of the uterus is observed for two isolated cavities, each of which is a separate neck.

Among all the latter species is the most difficult option, as the fruit leaves little room for development.

saddle-shaped bicornuate uterus


It Should be understood that the visual standard gynecological examination does not provide information about the shape of the uterus, so for further use instrumental methods of diagnosis.

For the diagnosis of saddle-shaped uterus use the following instrumental methods:

  • Ultrasonic hysterosalpingoscopy;
  • Ultrasonography;
  • Hysteroscopy;
  • Hysterosalpingography;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.

During the ultrasound examination is not always possible to determine the deviation, since the thickness of the endometrium will not allow this method to fully see the structure. The result can be obtained only when using the vaginal sensor.

A Good result in assessmentimpossible to achieve using hysterosalpingography. In the pictures it is clearly visible the shape of the uterine fundus.

No worse than shows the result when using magnetic resonance imaging. Hysteroscopy is the visual and instrumental examination of the uterus.

saddle-shaped uterus pose


Currently, for the treatment of congenital anomalies of the uterine structure used modern laparoscopic surgery techniques that can defeat infertility.

The Operation is performed using a special instrument equipped with a lighting device, operating tools and a camera, that allows, looking only at the monitor, to successfully carry out the operation.

The Method has the following advantages:

  • No major breakdown;
  • Detailed preoperative examination;
  • Self-descriptiveness of the action during the operation;
  • High specification of the investigated bodies;
  • Fast recovery
  • The lack of large scars;
  • After restoring a good aesthetic appearance.

Also in the past used the method of abdominal abdominal surgery. The method involves a complete dissection of tissue, which allow to manipulate with the authority.

During the operation through the above-mentioned sections, carry out excision of the uterine fundus, and then her stitching.

saddle-shaped uterus


Minor change shape with saddle-shaped uterus does not affect the success of conception and pregnancy. But if the deformation has a distinct shape, so that a complicated pregnancy for both the mother and baby. Position when saddle the uterus to have sex to completion to be selected carefully. For example, the bottom may SAG to such a size that it will become a barrier to the passage of the ovum. Also, the problem occurs when the placentation of the embryo to the uterus, because the useful volume is reduced and it may be attached incorrectly. For a successful pregnancy such patients should always be seen by a gynecologist. The problem is that the irregular shape prevents implantation of the ovum to the uterus.

If the embryo is successfully fixed on the wall, then with this pregnancy, the child practically does not suffer, but if there are complications, it can increase the risk of fetal loss. But if initially the embryo is fixed to the partition, he cannot fully develop.

saddle-shaped uterus reviews


It Is necessary to summarize that pregnancy with saddle-shaped uterus is possible and is not a contraindication, but may be:

  • Difficulty in attaching the egg to the uterus;
  • The attachment of the egg to the side that leads to an ectopic pregnancy;
  • The muscles in the pathology is not able to shrink, so often in childbirth it is necessary to conduct a caesarean section, as it complicates generic activities;
  • The success of pregnancy depends on the degree of deformation of the uterus;
  • If the concavity of the uterus is considerable, often talking about infertility;
  • In the last stages of fetal development, due to the increase in size, possible rupture of the placenta and haemorrhage;
  • This pathology leads to incorrect position of the fetus before birth, as it makes turning my head to the bottom, to caesarean section;
  • With a small concavity woman can have a baby without knowing about the disease.

Women who have a saddle-shaped uterus, reviews leave a variety. Most of them claim that if time to go to a gynecologist and he will be watching the entire pregnancy, to bear and give birth to the baby is possible.

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