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A Cure "weeks asset" whose price starts from 140 rubles, included in the group of mucolytics. The active ingredient-acetylcysteine. The drug has sekretomotornym and secretolytic effect. Remedy liquefies phlegm (even purulent), increases the amount of secretions, facilitating removal. When taken orally, there is a high rate of absorption. A maximum of three hours reached the highest concentration. Excretion occurs in the form of inactive metabolites, a small part – in an unmodified form. Viks the asset price


Effervescent tablets "weeks asset" is assigned when pathologies in the respiratory system and conditions, complicated by the formation of viscous purulent mucus. Refer to the testimony of bronchitis, tracheitis (caused by a viral or bacterial infection), pneumonia. The recommended remedy with cystic fibrosis, bronchiolitis and asthma. The drug is effective in atelectasis in connection with obstruction of the bronchial tube. The drug used in posttraumatic and postoperative periods – to resolve phlegm. Medicine "weeks asset" the instruction recommends that when sinusitis, purulent and catarrhal otitis media, sinusitis. Prescribed medication during overdose of paracetamol. tablets of Viks the asset


The Drug is "weeks asset" instruction does not allow for use in phenylketonuria, ulcerative lesions in the gastrointestinal system during pregnancy. Not prescribe the drug to patients with hypersensitivity, during lactation. Pills 600 mg is contraindicated to 14, 200 mg – up to 2 years. On the background of bronchial asthma treatment is carried out with extreme caution. Dose adjustment may be required for patients with disorders of the kidneys, liver, adrenal glands and varicose veins. The change regimens likely in the case of predisposition to hemoptysis, hypotension.

The Mode

For patients with 14 years of preparation "weeks asset" manual recommends 2-3 times a day at 200 mg Maximum amount of drug – 600 mg With 2 to 6 years – 100 mg. the Drug is also take 2-3 times a day. Tablets of 600 mg in patients 14 years recommended half twice or 1 thing once a day. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the pathology. In chronic diseases the treatment may last for several months. Viks the asset instruction


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Side effects

Means "weeks asset" (the manual warns about this) can cause, in rare cases, heartburn, tachycardia, itching and vomiting. Negative consequences should also include feeling of fullness in the stomach, bleeding, partially associated with a hypersensitivity reaction. In some patients, likely fever, rhinorrhea, pain in the head. There is a stomatitis, somnolence. On the basis of the therapy you may receive bronchospasm, reduced pressure. It is also possible nosebleeds. The appearance of these and other unwanted effects need to stop taking the medication and visit the doctor. In the absence of the therapeutic effectiveness of self-change dosing schedules are contraindicated.

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