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According to the instructions, “Biseptol” – combined the drug class sulfonamides. Based on two active compounds: trimethoprim, sulfamethoxazole. The distinctive feature – mutual inducing effect. Assigned when infected by microorganisms sensitive to these compounds.

Diagnosis and efficiency

In the instructions to the tablets “Biseptol” the manufacturer recommends use in patients with infection of the respiratory system. The medicine is indicated for:

  • Bronchitis;
  • Pneumonias;
  • Abscesses;
  • Empyema;
  • Bronchiectasis.

Use the ‘Biseptol” for the treatment of adults and children. In the instructions for “Biseptol” indicates the effectiveness of the medicine for otitis media, sinusitis, sore throat. You can use the drug during infection of the gastrointestinal system. Effective in dysentery, cholera, infection by Salmonella. It is common practice treatment ‘Biseptol” cystitis, infectious, inflammatory processes localized in the reproductive, urinary system.

The Manufacturer in the instructions “Biseptol” discusses the performance reception with the following diagnoses:

  • Meningitis;
  • Acne;
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Boil;
  • Malaria;
  • Infection of the skin, soft tissue;
  • Brucellosis;
  • Infection of the blood;
  • The abscesses of brain tissue;
  • Infected wounds
  • Osteomyelitis.

The dose of the drug needs to choose the doctor. In the instructions for “Biseptol” the manufacturer draws attention to the possibility of side effects if overused. In addition to diagnosis, take into account the age, General condition. Adult classic therapeutic approach – 960 mg twice daily after a meal. You should avoid protein-rich foods that reduce the absorption of active compounds. According to the instructions for “Biseptol" 480 mg, the drug is not combined with alcohol.


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Biseptol manual

The Pharmacy shelf: what sells?

Pharmaceutical sales points presented three forms. They all have the same packaging: cardboard box containing manual and “Biseptol”. The drug can be in pill form or suspension. These formats are intended for oral administration. Tablets are suitable for adults, children in the older age group, the suspension can be applied for treatment of young children. In addition, there is a variant of a variant – solution for injection.

According to the instructions, for adults tablets “Biseptol” – the most appropriate format. There are two ways of dosage: 120 and 480 mg. “Biseptol" 120 mg – capsule, one side of which is engraved with the abbreviated name (the letter Bs). Thickness – 2,7-3,6 mm, diameter-8 mm. In part – 100 mg of sulfamethoxazole, other volume is reserved for trimethoprim. If the package contains instructions for use and “Biseptol" 480 mg, then the diameter of each capsule to 5 mm more, and the thickness of the dose – 4-4,8 mm. Nothing, except the size, appearance of tablets do not differ. 80 mg of trimethoprim have to 400 mg of sulfamethoxazole. One cardboard box contains instructions for use, tablets “Biseptol” in the amount of one blister with two dozen doses.

In addition to the active compounds in the manufacture of the drug used:

  • Starch;
  • Talc;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Alcohol;
  • Aseptiki;
  • Propylene glycol.

The Second option of release for oral administration – suspension “Biseptol”. In the instructions it is mentioned that the shade varies from white to light creamy shade. The drug in this form is primarily intended for children, so contains components that give it the strawberry flavor. 5 ml of the substance – 40 mg trimethoprim and 200 mg sulfamethoxazole. In the instructions for applying the suspension “Biseptol” the manufacturer mentions the following excipients used in the manufacture of the product:

  • Pulp;
  • Citric acid;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Cremophor;
  • Flavor; the
  • Water;
  • Sodium hydrogen phosphate, saccharin, salt;
  • Maltitol;
  • Methyl-, propilgidroksibenzoat;
  • A silicate of magnesium and aluminum.

One carton contains the suspension “Biseptol” for children, instruction for use, scoop. The drug is Packed in a dark glass bottle.

To prepare the solution for infusion “Biseptol” is made in the form of a concentrate. In this form the drug is indicated primarily for adults. In the instructions for use “Biseptol” indicated composition: 1 ml substance accounts for 16 mg trimethoprim, 80 mg sulfamethoxazole. Produced in ampoules with a volume of 5 ml. available are cardboard boxes, containing a dozen ampoules “Biseptol" instruction for use.


The practice Of medicine it is seen that the tool doctors prescribe very often. This is proven by numerous positive reviews. In the statement ‘Biseptol" producer explains why the drug is effective, what triggers the reaction in the human body, why has the expressed bactericidal action. “Biseptol” belongs to the combined medical supplies of a wide effectiveness. If it enters the body quickly reacts with microbial cells, inhibit the reactionbiological synthesis of folate, inhibiting the activity of microorganism.

Sulfamethoxazole can break the processes of formation of dihydrofolic acid. The second component, trimethoprim, does not allow this acid to transform tetragidrofolievu.

The Manufacturer in the instructions for use of tablets “Biseptol" 480, 120 mg, and accompanying documentation to the suspension, the vials indicates the group of microscopic life forms, for whom the medication is effective. Predominantly gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative-staphylococci. “Biseptol” is prescribed for the identification of the following pathogens:

  • Neisseria;
  • Salmonella,
  • Shigella;
  • Proteus;
  • Corynebacterium.

Sensitivity to “Biseptol” recorded by:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Klebsiella;
  • The actinomycetes.

In the instructions to the syrup “Biseptol”, tablets, ampoules manufacturer draws attention to resistance to the drug of mycobacteria, anaerobic life forms and viruses.

Biseptol 480 tablets usage instructions


To determine the optimum number takes into account body weight and age of the patient. The approximate scheme of assignment suspension (drug use in this volume twice a day) as follows:

  • 3-6 months – 2.5 ml;
  • 7 months – 3 years & ndash; 2.5-5 ml;
  • 4-6 years – 5-10 ml;
  • 12 years and older – 20 ml.

The Duration of the therapeutic course – two and a half weeks. If you are infected by Shigella, less than five days.

If diagnosed with Pneumocystis pneumonia, the dosage per day: 120 mg per kilogram of weight. The calculated number is divided into several stages, using the syrup from a six-hour breaks between doses. The duration of treatment – from two to three weeks.

If diagnosed with kidney failure, estimated creatininemia clearance 15-30 ml / minute, reduce dosage in half.

Tablets “Biseptol": usage instructions

For Adults the drug is prescribed twice a day 960 mg. This dosage is allowed since the age of 12. If the scheduled long-term treatment, reduce volume two.

Tablets “Biseptol” is permitted from the age of two. From two to five years “Biseptol” taking two 240 mg, 6-12 years two options the use of the medication:

  • Twice a day, four tablets 120 mg;
  • Double tablet of 480 mg.

If diagnosed with pneumonia, the dosage is calculated from the weight: for every pound – 100 mg of sulfamethoxazole. Between sets do a six-hour breaks. The duration of the course – two weeks.

If diagnosed with gonorrhea, instructions for use “Biseptol” the manufacturer recommends to use the drug twice a day, maintaining a twelve-hour breaks. Each dose should contain 2 g of sulfamethoxazole.

The average duration of use of the pill – from five days to two weeks. If the disease is severe, chronic form is established, the dose can be increased by one-third, sometimes – by half. When the duration of treatment more than five days, with an increase in dosage relative to the standard recommended regular blood tests to check the quality of the peripheral circulatory system. If there are pathological changes, the patient was prescribed folic acid. A day dose-5-10 mg.

The Rules for the use of medications prescribed in the instructions for use of “Biseptol": after the meal, drinking plenty of pure water.

Biseptol 480 instruction manual

If the disease is progressing and there is no way to use medication by mouth, prescribe the introduction of intramuscularly or into a vein.

Side effects

Instructions for use “Biseptol” stated the following allergic symptoms:

  • Lyell.
  • Stevens-Johnson.

The Drug may cause nausea, vomiting, disorders of stool, colitis, hepatitis, nephritis, possible blood in the urine. Some patients complained that during the treatment of sick and dizzy, and depression was observed close to depression status. The manufacturer indicates that possible:

  • Agranulocytosis;
  • Leukopenia, Neutro-, thrombocytopenia;
  • Anemia.

Side effects appear in only a small percentage have undergone the therapy. Mostly the reaction of the body is weak, insignificant, and therefore does not require adjustment of dosage or withdrawal of the composition. All the answers are reversible, the body returns to normal after completion of the therapeutic program.


The Manufacturer in the instructions for use “Biseptol” discusses the following restrictions on the use of the preparation:

  • Functional liver, kidneys and in severe form;
  • Problems blood-forming organs;
  • The period of carrying a child;
  • Age of three years;
  • Severe pathology of the heart, blood vessels;
  • Increased sensitivity to pharmaceutical products used in the manufacture of the drug;
  • Deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Special case

According to the instructions, “Biseptol” cannot be used during pregnancy. If there is a need forof the drug during lactation should transfer the child to artificial feeding.

If you know that the patient has in the past had allergic reactions to any compounds, medicines, “Biseptol” is used with caution. Also attention should be paid to patients with renal, hepatic disorders, deficiency of folic acid, the elderly.

Biseptol instruction manual

“Biseptol” cancel, if loose stools brings a lot of anxiety. Refuse treatment requires the appearance of a skin rash on the background of the use of the medication.

If you have installed a sore throat, infectious agent-Streptococcus, “Biseptol” not used.

During treatment it is important to drink a lot, as it increases the risk of formation of kidney stones, crystalluria. Using petrinet Jaffa to estimate creatinine level, you should consider that the results can deviate from actual by 10% under the influence of active components of “Biseptol”.

A Long course of antibacterial composition requires regular testing for quality control of peripheral blood.

Excess body


  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion.

When observing such manifestations the tool immediately cancel, make patient gastric lavage, if failed to identify the fact of an overdose within two hours of use of the composition of the food. You need to drink a lot, used in food calcium folinate in an amount of 5-10 mg per day. Shown forced diuresis.


Trimethoprim in combination with the components of the sulfonylurea increases the effect of hypoglycemic drugs.

The Combination of “Biseptol” and rifampicin – reason for the reduction of the time interval required for the half-life of trimethoprim. Combination with cyclosporin leads to deterioration of the General condition of the patient undergoing surgery for kidney transplant. Simultaneous use of thiazide diuretics and “Biseptol” leads to greater probability of thrombocytopenia increases bleeding.

The Drug activates the function of the anticoagulant warfarin. In combination with the anticonvulsant phenytoin increases the effectiveness of the second.

Some features

According to official information, the ‘Biseptol” you can use if you are infected by E. coli, falernum the Vibrio, chlamydia. Components of the drug effective against the infectious agents causing typhoid fever, gonorrhea, diphtheria, leishmaniasis. Medicine used for fungal infection, but only at pre-test sensitivity – the list of agents is fixed, therefore, quite limited.

It makes No sense to take “Biseptol”, if the body is infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, spirochetes. “Biseptol” ineffective against Leptospira. When using the drug in diseases caused by sensitive to the drug agents, there is a risk of ineffectiveness of the therapeutic course. This is due to increased immunity pathological forms of life. Before treatment, be sure to conduct a test of the sensitivity of the infectious agent to the facility, only then start over.

We Know that “Biseptol” shows a pronounced effect when infected by some microorganisms resistant to other drugs sulfa class.

The highest possible concentration of active compounds in the circulatory system is fixed in a couple hours of use, stored for about seven hours. Components “Biseptol” found in saliva, spinal fluid, and various organs and tissues, including the prostate.

Biseptol syrup instructions

The Antibiotic?

“Biseptol” belongs to a number of antimicrobial agents, sulfonamides, but is not an antibiotic, although in a reasonable dosage leads to the death of the infectious agent. This is due to the inhibition of chemical reactions production of folic acid, that is, the cells of the microorganism are unable to share. The product has a bactericidal action. Due to the pronounced effect but mild effect on the body “Biseptol” is widely used for the treatment of persons of different ages.

“Biseptol” and cystitis

Some time ago, it was “Biseptol” was considered the most common and effective remedy for cystitis, but currently, many pathological forms of life have gained to him the resistance, which significantly limits the possibilities for use. If you set the cystitis, but the analyses show the sensitivity of the infectious agent to the components of the medication, then you can take “Biseptol” according to the following scheme: twice a day couple of tablets maximum dosage. The duration of the program – from five days to twice that period.

Before treatment is necessary to pass samples, urine for sowing. The result of the study will be ready on the fourth day. You should not use “Biseptol’ self – this may lead to superinfection with resistant to the drug.

Is There an alternative?

“Biseptol” can be replaced by:

  • “Doctor”.
  • “Otibact”.
  • ‘Backedout”.

Good reputationdifferent medicines ‘Trimosul”, “Bactrim”, “Oriprim”. In some cases, the doctor may recommend to stop at the drug “Captozid”.

If it is impossible to acquire “Biseptol” must notify the attending physician. The replacement of written composition should be done in consultation with a specialist, otherwise, the alternative may be ineffective in a particular disease.

Medicine and history

The Key difference between “Biseptol" antibiotics – the mechanism of influence on the pathological form of life. The antibiotic kills the unwanted or slows down cell reproduction, growth. “Biseptol” and other funds from the class of sulfonamides are unable to do this, but penetrate the cell structure, disrupting metabolism, thereby preventing activity.

Sulfonamides-the first in the history of modern medicine system medicine for combating pathological microbes. Experience – more than 80 years, and for the first time the antimicrobial activity of the substance prontosil showed even earlier-in 1934. He became the first synthetic antimicrobial composition in the history of mankind. Such a long experience in the use of provoked addictive pathological strains to sulfonamides. Alternatively, the developed composite formulations, in which the sulfonamides are combined with trimethoprim.

Biseptol suspension manual

“Biseptol” based on Co-trimoxazole deemed to be sufficiently life-threatening connection, the largest number of side effects. Danish scientists have identified that the tool depresses the hematopoietic function of the body, because under the influence of active components of the bone marrow cannot form the granulocytes. Uncontrolled, unjustified, excessively long use of ‘Biseptol” is associated with increased likelihood of aplastic anemia. Without adequate skilled assistance, it may be fatal in just a couple of months. Aplastic anemia leads to brain atrophy. Currently considered one of the most dangerous States – along with malignancies.

Immune system and “Biseptol”

HIV / AIDS, in recognition of the many – a major epidemic of our century. An incurable disease that annually causes hundreds of thousands of deaths. As shown by medical research “Biseptol” allows you to stabilize and maintain the condition of children living with HIV. The drug is used for this purpose for quite some time, the accumulated experience allows to speak with confidence about its benefits: the mortality rate among children decreased by almost half. The most widespread use of “Biseptol” with HIV in Africa, where this tool belongs to the class of affordable and widespread.

Important restrictions

During treatment, ‘Biseptol” according to the instructions adults, children should avoid carrots, tomatoes, green vegetables.

Patients are forbidden for a long time to be under direct sunlight.

“Biseptol” is not used in pathological disorders of the functionality of the respiratory system.

Don't go well“Biseptol” and spirits. While using food medication and alcohol high likelihood of seizures, increasing the pressure. Patients suffer from a strong suffocating cough, fever. The combination of alcohol and “Biseptol” grows, the probability of an allergic response. The doctors pay attention in the future, the Allergy can occur even with the use of the drug without alcohol.

The Most severe consequence of a combination of alcohol and “Biseptol” – ischaemia of the brain that can trigger fatal.

Industry: “Co-trimoxazole”

A Drug, as described previously “Biseptol”, is a combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole belongs to the group of antibacterial sulfonamides. The combined formulation provides the medicine range. Chemical reactions occurring under its influence, similar to that described above – inhibited biochemistry, the reaction of the production of folate in the cell pathological microbe.

Biseptol instruction manual suspension

Like ‘Biseptol”, “Co-trimoxazole” is available for you. For a bottle of pills asking for 30-50 rubles, more expensive cost of an ampoule. Is it possible to replace one composition to another (for example, due to the lack of prescribed in the pharmacy) should be immediately available at the doctor's appointment.

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