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In 2013 a law was passed that prohibits Smoking in all public places. Now this can be done only in designated premises so that the tobacco smoke did not bother those who do not smoke. Electronic cigarette is an alternative cigarette, and does not prevent the smoke of others.

Electronic cigarette: what is it

electronic cigarettes and liquid refills

The Electronic cigarette is one of the latest introductions of modern technology. Those who have tried electronic Smoking, claim that it is the best way to quit Smoking. Others say it's the safest form bad habits. Opponents of this change claim that such cigarettes are not passed all the tests and use them dangerously.


Now there are a great many online stores, where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette and the cigarette is easy. But before you do that, you should be familiar with all available information.

A great advantage of electronic cigarettes over conventional is the lack of the combustion process. As a result, the human body does not get the tar and carcinogens, and yet they cause great harm. From this we can conclude that if a person affected by this habit, it is better to choose the lesser of two evils.

What made electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and liquid refills can be bought not only online but also in specialized stores. Liquid refills are different. They differ in nicotine content and taste properties. Nicotine content in them is almost the same as in conventional cigarettes, only specify the dose of nicotine per milliliter of liquid.


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where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette

In stores where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette, the seller will recommend to beginners some kind of filling.

Flavored electronic cigarettes

Even the biggest supporters of electronic Smoking can surprise an abundance of flavors. All flavors can be divided into two groups: tobacco and "edible".

where to buy ingredients for electronic cigarette liquids

Tobacco group, oddly enough, the greatest demand, experts say that they taste softer and richer than conventional cigarettes.

"Edible" group is the largest and is divided into several subgroups. Here you can give an expanse to your sense of smell and poeksperimentirovat. The most common are fruit flavors: Apple, strawberry, cherry, orange. For lovers of the exotic: peach, mango. There are a variety of different flavors such as chocolate, coffee, Cola etc.

For Those who like to experiment, you will find ingredients to mix flavors. For example, you can get a lemon with mint or whiskey with Cola. The choice is great, the main thing - to show imagination. But the question arises where to buy. Liquid for electronic cigarettes from different manufacturers contain different ingredients. Someone produces with natural flavors, and somewhere in the present synthetic additives. For this you need in advance to view the information.


Places where to buy liquid for electronic cigarettes is not a problem, a great many. Same great variety and manufacturers around the world. It is important to make the right choice.

The Italian company FlavourArt SrL has its factories near Milan. Their main difference from other companies is that in its production they use the so-called "electronic nose". It is such a machine that parses odors and recreates unusual flavors. The variety of flavors unique in this manufacturer quite extensively - it's tobacco, fruit, coffee and many other flavors. But the main pride of the manufacturer is a liquid Maxx-Blend, which contains more than 50 ingredients. Website where to buy the ingredients to liquids electronic cigarette FlavourArt from the manufacturer, you can easily find on the Internet. Judging by the reviews, this brand is in high demand among the consumers of electronic cigarettes.

where to buy liquid for electronic cigarettes

One of the most popular manufacturers of liquid - a French company Savourea. In the suburbs of Paris and is very popular. This is another place where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette with your eyes closed. Among the variety of tobacco flavors a bit, but... This company produces one of the most popular tobacco liquids - dark tobacco. "Edible" group is diverse, the high demand of the "Apple" group - this is mint Apple, apples with caramel and other flavors. In addition to traditional tastes, there are exotic - peach, mango, lychee.

Among Russian manufacturers, we can highlight the company "Ardex". It cooperates with the Chinese company Joyetech and the product is also produced in China. Despite the small number of tastes, the collection is distinguished by its uniqueness. Here you can find a range of tastes such as "Lemon sherbet" or "Berry mix". Very unusual taste liquid "sandstorm". The reviews of those who tried this, only positive. But the best new product of the company is"Fake honey". Plus of the company "Ardex" is that it does not copy your product, and creates something new. A small minus is that the fluid is slightly viscous and is not suitable for thin cigarettes.

And there are companies, where the number of kinds of liquid is reduced to a few, but how. For example, the American company Phillip Rocke produces only two types of fluid for cigarettes, but they are known all over the world. Produced in limited quantities, but their sale always there is a discount system. One of them is called Looper E-Liquid and is a very unusual taste a range of fruit, cereal and milk. Second Carnage liquid called E-Liquid. It combines the bright flavors of ripe strawberries and grapes.


For long-term smokers electronic cigarette has become a real salvation. It is not only painless way to give up the addiction, but also enjoyable. But how to choose a cigarette where to buy liquid for electronic cigarettes? Specially for beginners there are a few important tips.

where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette

You Need to start with choosing the cigarette. For those who smoke a little, it will fit slim cigarette, since the liquid it is used with minimal nicotine content. Smokers of strong cigarettes can offer "cigar". She can scare with his size, but this is only the beginning. With this cigar man "namerevalsya", that is, receives a complete simulation of Smoking a cigarette. And for fans of the fancy of Smoking produced in of the tube. Outwardly they are no different from their ancestors, and the device they have, as all of electronic cigarettes.

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