Adenomyosis of the uterus: treatment, diagnosis, causes, consequences


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Today, adenomyosis of the uterus, which treatment can be conservative and surgical, is a common but little studied disease. For example, it is not known exactly why it occurs.

Scientists suggest that the reason adenomyosis can be:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Stress, constant emotional stress;
  • Heavy physical load;
  • Ultraviolet radiation;
  • Mud bath;
  • Surgical procedures in the uterus.

Adenomyosis is Evident, the treatment for which is conducted by experienced gynecologist-endocrinologist, that endometria cells grow in the muscular layer (myometrium) of the uterus, and not only in its cavity. During the cycle they grow, preparing for embryo implantation.

If pregnancy does not occur, the excess endometrium is rejected and goes with my period. In the myometrium of ways out there, so sometimes hemorrhage causing inflammation.

The Endometrium can grow in other organs. They are found in the ovaries, on the cervix, in the fallopian tubes. These pathological States are called endometriosis.

Diagnosed with adenomyosis of the uterus, treatment is a long and painstaking process, using the survey at the gynecologist and colposcopy. This study under a microscope the cervix with her painting of different solutions.

The Doctor takes swabs and gives direction on the ultrasound. Typically, these methods of research allow to confirm or refute the diagnosis. Can sometimes be further assigned to laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to confirm and clarify the extent of the lesion.

The Signs of the disease, adenomyosis, treatment of folk remedies which is possible only after approval by the attending physician, the following:

  • Pain before, during, and after menstruation, they become rich;
  • Spotting before and after them;
  • Violations of the cycle, usually shortening;
  • Pain during sex;
  • ICP;
  • During the examination by a gynecologist uterus is enlarged and round.

The Most commonly adenomyosis occurs after 35. Increasingly, however, this diagnosis to young women. During menopause, there has been regression of the disease. This phenomenon is based the treatment of this disease.

And immunologicheskie Used hormonal drugs. The adenomyosis of the uterus, which treatment should begin only after examination by a endocrinologist, immunologist, allergist, and several other professionals are completely impossible to win. Success is considered if have disappeared all of its features.

In severe cases when conservative treatment is not effective, surgery is used. It restores the anatomy of the bodies, violated by the inflammation. This removes the maximum amount of its foci. This treatment begins with the third stage.

After the surgery, the woman is a few days in the hospital under the supervision of a physician. After discharge, each week visits a doctor to eliminate complications. Then it needs to happen at the gynecologist 2 times a year.

Today, in addition to the traditional, using new methods. One of them is electrocoagulation. With it painlessly removes the lesions with the use of anaesthesia.

Many women adenomyosis is not accompanied by symptoms. In this case, it is rarely diagnosed and do not require treatment, only observation. At this stage, the disease does not prevent pregnancy.

So, adenomyosis of the uterus, which treatment depends on the stage of the disease, a woman can deliver discomfort and even lead to infertility. The use of surgical, conservative, and new methods to improve the condition of patients. Cure is a complete elimination of symptoms. Scientists adenomyosis is still not sufficiently studied, as well as its causes.

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