The drug "Riboksin": what, who is indicated and contraindicated


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The Energy exchange – it is a key component of the functioning of living cells, because without this substrate cannot be realized by any one of chemical reaction, which means that the fabric will not be to power, his heart stops and the brain dies from starvation. That is why the major energy source in our cells, the tricarboxylic acid cycle (aka “citrate cycle” or “Krebs cycle”), is activated every microsecond the present time, and in medicine appeared metabolic drug “Riboxin”. Why it is prescribed and what is its mechanism of action, we will deal next.

Energy Value

riboksin why prescribe

And for the implementation of energy metabolism requires a constant circulation of substances, as substrates for the reactions a person receives breathing (primarily oxygen) and food (all organic and inorganic compounds). And because the changes in these critical speeds have an impact on the state of our body, and Vice versa. So, this is for severe diseases, leading to damage to internal organs, primarily the heart and liver. And because in addition to the treatment of the underlying pathology required drugs to improve metabolism in cells, one of these is a means “Riboxin”. What is it appointed? To improve metabolism because its active substance – inosine is a precursor to ATP (adenosine triphosphate), practically the only energy molecule in our body.

Indications concerning the heart


Bodies "first row", responsible for metabolism, are the heart and liver. First – because of the level of his work depends on the speed of circulation of blood in our body, and consequently its saturation by oxygen in the lungs, the content of nutrients in the small intestine, neutralization of toxins, the second in importance in the metabolism of the body - the liver. And if the heart has undergone degenerative changes, to improve its performance at the expense of the drug “Riboxin”. What it depends on, we will understand further. First, the myocardium (the muscular layer of the heart) of the three layers are much more frequently and more easily affected by external influences as he works tirelessly every second of our lives. But because of its degeneration often occurs after strenuous exercise, severe infectious diseases, he is subjected to heart attacks, myocarditis, changes due to pathology of the lungs (the so-called “pulmonary heart”). But because the necessary treatment of the underlying disease and the reinforcement effect by the drug “Riboxin”, which is prescribed when the patient has congenital or acquired cardiac malformations.


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Other readings

riboksin what

In Addition, expressed metabolic disorders in our body occur in endocrine diseases, diseases of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Some of them are also indications for the use of the drug “Riboxin”. Why it is prescribed in this case? The indications remain unchanged – recovery metabolism, to break with cirrhosis of the liver, its alcoholic or drug damage, and fatty degeneration, in addition, when gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, urokoproporfirii, poisoning medical devices to chronic alcoholism, the effects of radiation and operations associated with the temporary isolation of the organ from the General circulation. Typically, the drug “Riboxin” intravenously, but there are other forms-capsules and tablets (more for outpatient use).

Pharmacological properties

riboksin intravenously

The Main effects of this drug are antihypoxic, antiarrhythmic and metabolic. Due to this, it improves your own blood circulation of the heart (coronary arteries), whereby the myocardium becomes more resistant to stress, increases relaxation in diastole and the number of cuts. In the case of hypoxia or deficiency of ATP when the body is experiencing oxygen starvation and energy, also recommended the drug “Riboxin” why and how it works in this case, we will understand a little more. The fact that the main source of ATP is glycolysis, glucose metabolism in the cells. And this drug directly affect him, intensifying and speeding up its enzymes, the metabolism of pyruvate, the launch of xanthine dehydrogenase, the synthesis of nucleotides. In addition, it "thins the blood" by reducing platelet aggregation, and improves the regeneration of tissues, especially of the myocardium and of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.

Special cases

riboksin in pregnancy to which

In addition to internists, obstetrician-gynecologists also often recommend their patients the drug “Riboxin” during pregnancy. Why, and what the effect of this is, let's get together. First, you need to remember that during the development of the fruit tissues are provided with oxygen and nutrients exclusively from the maternal body. So if the mom has anemia or diseaseinternal organs, its own metabolism does not cope with the needs both of them-her and the growing baby inside. And here then is to resort to the drug “Riboxin” in pregnancy, for what it is and recommended by doctors. Because you first need to provide comfort for the proper laying of the bodies and a child's development, because this will depend on how he will be born and will grow. Therefore, if an obstetrician-gynecologist allows you to take the drug and see your statements to use it, do not be afraid, because the baby's health is in your hands, especially when he is still developing inside you, dear expectant mothers.


In General, the drug is quite safe, however, to refuse its acceptance is necessary when the patient has a hypersensitivity to its components, renal failure and gout. This happens because side effects even when taking therapeutic doses (and especially high) are allergic reactions (redness and/or itching of the skin), hyperuricemia (increased amount of uric acid in the blood), which leads to exacerbation of gout and renal damage. In other cases, the drug is safe and actively recommended by doctors.

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