A sore leg from the knee to the foot, than to treat?


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A few decades ago, the leg pain favor mostly only the elderly. In our time diseases are getting younger and are not uncommon when a sore leg from the knee to the foot in a child. Often such problems complain and young people.

Possible causes of pain

If you feel discomfort in the legs, do not rush to take painkillers, which can suppress the manifestation of the problem. Because they are not able to eliminate it. If you do not want the discomfort has become your eternal companion, if you have any concerns it is better to go to a specialist.

Sore leg from the knee to the footAfter all, if you have a sore leg from the knee to the foot, the reasons can be the following:

• Trauma. Often aching pain accompanied by fractures, thinning of the bones, a bundle of fabrics.

• Damage to tendons, their tears or stretching.

• Inflammatory processes. They can affect the ligaments and synovial Bursa or muscles.

• physical Inactivity. Lack of activity leads to certain disorders, which are accompanied by weight gain. Joints and leg muscles are not ready for this.

• Clogged arteries, varicose veins. In such cases, there is gripping pain in the region of calf muscles. Atherosclerosis is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the legs, which worsen during the walk.

• Damaged patellas or cysts.

• Flat feet, some diseases of the spine. These problems lead to incorrect load distribution on legs and, as a consequence, there is a feeling of pain.


To understand what to do when a sore leg from the knee to the foot, it is important to establish the diagnosis. Only in this case, the doctor can prescribe a treatment that not only eliminate the consequences of the disease in the form of discomfort, but also be able to deal with the cause of its occurrence.


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Often, the discomfort occurs as a result of prolonged stress. Problems manifest themselves as slight pain while walking. Patients tend to underestimate them, because they do not know that in most cases any discomfort is evidence of the onset of inflammation.

One of the most common reasons that a sore leg from the knee to the foot, there are problems with the spine. Uncomfortable sensations due to the compression of the nerve roots. It can be osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, spondylosis.

legs, feet, kneesAs a rule, the pain is not localized in any one point, it spreads in width to 15 cm And this is evidence of the extensive destruction of the muscular structures of the legs. By the way, it was found that smokers often complain that his feet hurt, feet, knees. For accurate diagnosis is not enough to visit a surgeon or an osteopath, sometimes to establish the cause of the pain may a neurologist or phlebologist. You should also check the heart, blood vessels.

Atherosclerosis of the extremities

If you feel a sensation of pressure in her legs to stand and wait until the discomfort disappears, it is impossible. Indeed, over time, commence severe pain, which even does not allow to move. The disease is characterized by the deterioration of blood flow in the arteries. Atherosclerosis most often occurs in smokers, people suffering from diabetes, hypertension. Matters and heredity.

To Determine the disease can normal blood biochemistry, it is judged by the level of cholesterol. In addition to pain cheerleaders have cramps that occur during exercise.

Treatment of atherosclerosis

Sore leg from the knee to the foot, treatmentIn the early stages of the disease the symptoms appear only when vascular spasm. But with time and relaxed people feel that sore leg from the knee to the foot.

The Treatment may include the drip with the drug “Ilomedin”, “Actovegin» also recommended means “Cardiomagnyl”, “Vasilip”. The doctors in this disease are advised to start to move more. If the pain occurred when walking, you must wait until it passes, and then continue to go, but at a slower pace. It is important to follow a diet low in cholesterol, to give up fatty meat, egg yolks, sausages, smoked. Consume preferably raw and unrefined vegetable oil. It promotes a “resolution” of the already existing atherosclerotic plaques.

If you are due to atherosclerosis of the leg from the knee to the foot, than to treat should only be solved by a specialist. He may prescribe a bile acid resins – they are intended to normalize cholesterol levels. It can be drugs ‘Quantalan”, “Questran”, “Molested”. Can also be assigned the means “Zocor”, “Lipostat”, “Hollar”. Diabetes is assigned vibratory – drugs "Clofibrate”, “Bezafibrat”. They reduce blood levels of triglycerides.

If the medical methods do not help, then come to the aid of surgeons.

Varicose veins

Sore leg from the knee to the foot what to doOften the cause of pain in the lower leg area is a thrombosis. Blood clots in the veins lead to the stagnation andthe hyperextension of the walls of blood vessels. In such cases, a sore leg from the knee to the foot constantly. The discomfort intensifies in the evening after loads. The pain is aching in nature.

This condition is dangerous because the clots can migrate. They can move into the arteries of the lungs or brain. This can cause strokes or thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries.

Treatments for varicose veins

Even if the initial stages of the disease leave it unattended. If you have a genetic predisposition to develop the disease, the survey phlebologist should be carried out every 2 years. When this binding is an ultrasound examination of the veins.

It is Important not to forget about the necessity of compression therapy. Under the action of compression reduces the diameter of veins, can pass reflux to increase the speed of blood. There are drugs that increase venous tone, improve capillary permeability. It can be such as “Routines”, “Vinaros”, “Endotelon”, “Aescusan”, “Vasobral”, “Glivenol” and similar.

The Main treatment is to conduct phlebectomy. This operation, during which removes problematic veins. It is also possible to conduct laser coagulation. With this minimally invasive method to get rid of the problems without incisions. Being in the hospital is not required.

Also, with no cutting treatment can be performed using radiofrequency coagulation. This method allows without surgery to eliminate the reflux in small or large subcutaneous veins. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with ultrasound control of the process.

One of the modern methods is sclerotherapy. Gluing of veins using a special drug that is injected into a vein.


As a result of increased load on the legs and combination of a number of unfavorable factors, a person can deal with the fact that a sore leg from the knee to the foot during walking, running and even at rest. This can be caused by arthritis, bursitis, enditem, osteomyelitis, fasciitis. Each of the diseases can even lead to the limitation of the person.

Sore leg from the knee to the foot, than to treatTo Diagnose and find a treatment can only specialist. These diseases are accompanied by pain, swelling, and sometimes the affected areas turn red, there is a local hyperthermia.

Treatment inflammation

Before proceeding to the treatment of painful sensations in joints that cause that discomfort extends to the leg from the foot up to the knee, it is important to establish the true problem.

Often swelling caused by the bunion, may include the calf muscles, causing pain and a feeling of heaviness. Diagnosis is possible by visual inspection for bulging, rounded swelling. It is confirmed by ultrasound. For the treatment prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, for example, the drug “Ibuprofen” or “Codeine”.

A Variety of arthritis that affect the joint can also become the reason that sore leg from the knee to the foot. What to do in this situation, you need to deal with a specialist. Because the discomfort usually occurs in two legs. To treat often use the same painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. High efficiency show physiotherapy, cartilage regeneration using laser HILT therapy.

Injury and overexertion

sore leg from the knee to the foot when walkingAny overloading of joints and muscles of the feet, excessive stretching, and the more blows do not always go unnoticed. Various injuries often complicated by the beginning of inflammatory processes. If you are after load, and even more injury bad leg from the knee down than to cure, do not select themselves. After stopping for some period of aching feelings, you can then face more serious problems.

Defeat muscles are characterized by the fact that initially the pain is localized on the inner side of the tibia, a little above the ankle. If you try to turn the foot or stand on tiptoe, it increases. When stretching, Shin seems heavy, swollen. When probing marked tenderness, it increases with the movements. Sensation usually occur after excessive exercise, they often appear only after 12 and 24 hours.

If you are in the muscle tension felt a sharp pain localized in the back of the leg similar to a strong blow, it can be assumed the gap of the muscles. While this is partly, and sometimes completely separated the tendon.

Also pain can arise from inflammation of the ligaments, damage to the Achilles tendon and other problems. It can occur as a result of fracture of the tibia. Each state requires consultation with the surgeon and selection of individual treatment regimens.

The Tactics of mechanical failure

If you have a sprained knee, broken leg or overexerted muscles, you need to go to the doctor. Only he is able to determine the true cause of the problem. Thus, when injuries are often sufficient to apply cold tight bandage the affected area.

For sprains, sprains or torn muscles, it is important to immobilize the patient. Often on a Shin plaster bandage. Also it is a mustat fracture. In this case, the patient forbidden to climb to his feet. Medication is taking painkillers. Can be assigned to the drug "Paracetamol" "Ibuprofen".

If the damaged Achilles tendon, immobilize two joints-the knee and ankle. Stepping on the damaged leg is prohibited.

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