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You Can drink “disappointed” during pregnancy? This is a common question. Will look into it in more detail.

“disappointed” refers to anti-inflammatory drugs with analgesic effect. It is quite often prescribed to children for toothaches, and as an antipyretic. Women use it for painful menstruation and for headaches. Also it is effective at the first signs of flu. Often “disappointed” in pregnancy is also used. However, such uncontrolled drinking can harm the health of the unborn child and cause irreversible changes in its development.

children's Nurofen in pregnancy


The Question of whether “disappointed” during pregnancy make, occurs at the moment when a woman has a headache or a sudden toothache, a migraine, or acute arthritis. We can not tolerate or ignore such status during pregnancy, as any discomfort of the woman affects the child. There is evidence that children in the womb is able to empathize with my mother when she was ill. Also, the child may begin hypoxia, dramatically increases the risk of premature birth. This condition occurs when a woman's body begins the inflammatory process. All these reasons make possible a single dose of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

What is specified in the instructions?

This manual contains information that is undesirable to take “disappointed” during pregnancy. In the 1st trimester especially. However, in exceptional cases admissible short-term drug treatment. The fact that chronic administration of ibuprofen (the active substance of the drug) may develop pathologies, mental and physical development of the child. Therefore, the question of the admission of "Nurofen" during pregnancy should be determined by the specialist based on what is the greatest threat the drug to the fetus or the lack of treatment for women.


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Nurofen in pregnancy 1 trimester

Note that the active substance ibuprofen are presented in the pharmacy as a separate drug and according to his instructions to use it during pregnancy is strictly prohibited.

Reception means during pregnancy

Despite its high performance, “disappointed” refers to mixed medications allowable in pregnancy. In conflict enters its performance in relation to the inflammatory process and analgesic effect on the one hand and the potential risk of harm to the child's health and development of side effects in the women on the other. The main danger is “disappointed” at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy, so in these periods, the preference for other drugs.

Can "Nurofen" of the child during pregnancy to use?

Nurofen in pregnancy 2nd trimester

Trimester 1

In the first trimester of pregnancy receiving means is completely eliminated. Any non-steroidal drugs that have anti-inflammatory effect, can have a depressing effect on the synthesis of prostaglandins. A similar effect could affect the course of pregnancy and intrauterine development of the child. “disappointed” in pregnancy 1 trimester able, according to studies, to provoke a spontaneous abortion, as well as heart defect and gastroschisis in the baby. Thus the highest risk of such pathologies with increasing dosage and duration of admission.

Nurofen in pregnancy 3rd trimester

Special instructions

Be aware that frequent intake of the drug immediately before the onset of pregnancy also increases the risk of congenital abnormalities. Especially dangerous is drug for male fetus, increasing the risk of having a child with abnormalities of the reproductive system severe. These are things to consider when planning a pregnancy. Just before conception you can replace the drugs based on ibuprofen at the same paracetamolo medicines.

And, for example, “disappointed” if pregnancy in the 2nd trimester can be taken?

Trimester 2

In the second trimester are permitted to take the drug, but its negative impact on fetal development is not excluded. Miscarriage the drug will not trigger, since the placenta is running in full force, however, to penetrate to the fetus and affect the internal organs of the child ibuprofen able. If the pregnancy is difficult and the fetus is lagging behind in development, it is better to find safer anti-inflammatory medication or contact a homeopath.

Trimester 3

In term 3 “disappointed” in pregnancy also banned. This is due to the impact of derivatives on the contraction of the uterus. The drug can not only trigger early delivery, but also cause of the fetus perenashivanie.

can Nurofen in pregnancy

Complications to the fetus

In Addition,“disappointed” in the third trimester can cause a number of complications dangerous to the health of both women and children. For example, complications for the fetus may be:

  1. Cardiopulmonary toxicity. This condition due to early overlap duct and artery hypertension lungs.
  2. Pathology in the kidneys, reaching to failure. Such problems are accompanied by malovodie.

Complications for women

For women, characterized by the following complications in patients receiving even a children's "Nurofen" pregnancy:

Nurofen can I drink during pregnancy
  1. Increase the intensity of bleeding after delivery.
  2. The inability of the uterus to contract, which prolongs the process of childbirth due to weak labor activity.

Thus, “disappointed” during pregnancy cannot be called harmless drug. Therefore, it is best before taking any medicines consult a doctor who will assess potential risks and may be able to find a more gentle option.

We examined whether “disappointed” during pregnancy.

Dosage Form and dosage

“disappointed” produced in several forms. The choice depends on what is assigned. When talking about joint pain, is used ointment for external use. For toothache or headache choose syrup or tablets.

The Ointment is indicated for various types of arthritis, osteochondrosis, injuries, sciatica, bruises, neuralgia, myalgia, osteoporosis, etc. to Apply the ointment only after reaching the age of 12. The ointment is applied up to four times a day with a break of at least 4 hours. The drug is rubbed into the skin until fully absorbed. The duration of the course no more than two weeks. During pregnancy this form of the drug is the most safe. In the recommended amounts of gel may not affect fetal development.

In suspension ibuprofen available in two flavors-strawberry and orange. It is intended for children, but during pregnancy may be prescribed as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The dosage is selected based on weight.

Most often, “disappointed” is used for toothache, otitis media and as an antipyretic in infectious disease. For pregnant women maximum daily dosage is 30 mg per kilogram of body weight. If a woman's weight more than 40 kg, it can take 15 ml of syrup 3 times a day with an interval of at least 6 hours.

is it possible glycine in pregnancy

“disappointed” is also available in the form of suppositories for rectal administration. Dosage of ibuprofen in them is minimal, so they do not always help in adulthood. However during pregnancy the data suppositories can relieve some pain syndrome. It is permissible to use up to 4 candles with a break at 5 o'clock.

In case if there is a centralized impact on musculoskeletal system or intense tooth pain, it is recommended that tablet form "Nurofen" short-term. Pregnant women are paid the minimum dosage, and the rate of intake should not exceed 5 days.

The Dosage is calculated, as in the case of suspension, taking into account body mass. Do not exceed the dosage and take more than 6 tablets per day. This can lead to serious consequences not only for the fetus but also for pregnant woman, as it increases the risk of intoxication, diarrhoea, vomiting, bleeding, etc.

Thus, uncontrolled take “disappointed” if the pregnancy is in any case impossible. You should consult with your physician in order not to harm the unborn baby.

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