Lekarstvennye counterparts. Motilium - can it be replaced?


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“Motilium” is the antiemetic drug that blocks dopamine receptors.

The Drug “Motilium” –

The Tool is used with a five years. For chronic dyspepsia of children under 12 years should take it one pill three times a day (half an hour before eating). Children over 12 years and adults in such a situation, it is recommended to give one tablet three times a day. When nausea and vomiting children up to 12 years appoint one, and adults – two tablets of the drug three to four times a day.

Especially careful in the use of the drug “Motilium" must be people with liver and kidney failure.

What are the funds counterparts? “Motilium" can be replaced with drugs ‘Gallium”, “Dome”, “Domperidone”, “Domperidone GEKSAL”, “Dostal”, “Motilak”, “Meconium”, “Passages”, “Domperidone-Teva”. They also are antiemetic agents.

The Drug “Gallium” – a great substitute means “Motilium”. He has the ability to stop hiccups, eliminate nausea and urge to vomit. This action of the drug has by blocking dopamine receptors. The drug ‘Gallium” affects the activity of the stomach, improving its evacuation and motor activity. The drug ‘Dome” – another anti-emetic, eliminating hiccups and nausea. Due to the blockade of dopamine receptors when taking also activates the motor function of the stomach. Being similar in properties to the analogues, “Motilium" if necessary, can be replaced drugs ‘Dome” or “Gallium”.


The drug is

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The Drug “Motilium" has such an analogue, as “Domperidone” – a tool that also affects the dopamine receptors, so the vomiting stopped. As a result of taking this drug is blockade of Central and peripheral dopamine receptors, improve the motility of the stomach.

Means “Motilium" can be replaced with medication “Domperidone GEKSAL”, also it has antiemetic effect. It normalizes the motility of the stomach and accelerates its evacuation, eliminates nausea and prevents vomiting.

The Drug “Dostal” – is also a great substitute for “Motylium”, effectively suppressing the gag reflex. A similar effect is medicines and the “Motilak” and “Meconium”. They can successfully replace the drug “Motilium”, as they are antiemetic agents that block dopamine receptors centrally. Peristaltic contractions of the duodenum and stomach as a result of their acceptance amplified, the stomach is emptied faster, eliminates the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Having these analogs “Motilium" is an effective anti-emetic, if necessary, can be replaced at any time.

Medications “Passages” and “Motinorm” – effective remedy against vomiting, hiccups. They eliminate nausea of any origin: caused by malnutrition, intake of certain medications, infections or functional diseases, etc. Due to blocking dopamine receptors in motor function of the gastrointestinal tract is activated, and the time of passage of food mass through the small intestine is reduced.

The Drug “Domperidone” is also suitable as a substitute for funds  “Motilium”. It eliminates the signs of nausea, prevents the development of vomiting. In turn, the drug “Domperidone-Teva’ prevents vomiting caused by a combination of inhibition of dopamine receptor and gastrokinetic of the tools. The drug helps to increase the reduced pressure in the esophagus and accelerate stomach emptying, without affecting the secretory function. It increases the production of prolactin in the pituitary gland. Due to the fact that there are effective analogues, “Motilium" if necessary, you can replace them easily.

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