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In the late twentieth century in our country has become known the cure "Bishofit". What it is, I know many who suffered from pain in the joints and spine. This mineral is now widely used in Spa treatment, is sold in the form of a solution, gels and creams and even patches. Salt bischofite has many useful properties, since the composition close to the composition of blood plasma and content of human cells. The mineral is quickly digested, quickly absorbed through the skin and saturating the body with useful substances. He is especially appreciated for the high content of easily digestible magnesium chloride. In addition to use in medicine and cosmetology, is widely used in many sectors of the national economy the mineral bischofite.

What this is

This mineral lies at a great depth, and formed many thousands of years ago by evaporation of ancient seas. The crystals have an unusual color and very hygroscopic, so quickly dissolves, absorbing all the moisture from it. Usually in nature, the mineral exists in the form of layers or plates. bishofit in MoscowAnd interest among researchers bischofite caused due to its rich composition. Most of all, it contains chloride of magnesium, which is necessary for normal functioning of all life on Earth. Composition scientific approaches to the Dead sea salts that have long been known for its beneficial properties. It contains 70 different minerals: potassium, calcium, iodine, bromine, copper, molybdenum, and many others. And they are all in the mineral in easily digestible, fast-dissolving form.

How is the mineral

Discovered the healing properties of bischofite in salt mines in Germany in the late nineteenth century. Called found mineral on the name of the German physicist. And about 100 years this salt has been considered very rare, although the healing properties of it were discovered. But in the mid-twentieth century deposits of bischofite was discovered in the Urals, the Volga region and Ukraine. The deepest and oldest Deposit is considered to be of Poltava. bishofit usage instructionsMined this healing mineral an unusual way, as it lies at a great depth from 1.5 to 2.5 kilometers, and the air quickly evaporates. Therefore, in deep saline reservoirs by borehole pumping artesian water, which dissolves the growth. After some time, this brine up, and evaporated the water and get a mineral in its purest form.


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How to use bishofit

1. In medicine for baths, compresses, inhalations and gargles. Moreover, it can be treated not only in the hospital or sanatorium, but in the home, as the funds on the basis sold in pharmacies in the form not only of salt or solution, but of a gel, cream and patches.

2. Widely this mineral is used in the road sector. For example, bischofite in Moscow is recommended for use as the primary protivokrazhnogo reagent, which is much better than ordinary salt, helps to fight against freezing roads even at temperatures below 30 degrees.

bishofit what is it

3. In the chemical industry, the oil industry and to prevent freezing of coal and other loose rocks in the winter also widely used bischofite.

4. It is used in construction for production of artificial stone, the manufacture of self-leveling floors and the glass sheets.

Healing properties of bishofit

But the most known use of this mineral in medicine. For several decades to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system is widely used bischofite. What it is known to all doctors and many patients. Why is this substance has become so popular? This is due to its special properties that affect the human body.

bishofit baths

What effect the growth?

- relieves pain and inflammation.

- improves blood circulation, dilates blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure;

- improves mobility of joints and vertebrae.

- helps you relax and fights insomnia.

- tones the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles;

- has an antiseptic effect;

- improves immune system and metabolism, accelerates the regeneration of cells;

- improves mood and vital tone, improves the General condition.

How to explain such a beneficial effect

The Composition of this mineral, as already mentioned, in dissolved form is very similar to the composition of the extracellular body fluids and the environment inside the cell. Getting on the skin, bischofite is easily absorbed and enters the bloodstream, quickly making its healing effects. He gently enters the body, magnesium ions and other trace elements, lack of which now have most people. Especially felt the lack of magnesium, essential for all metabolic processes. In humans it is manifested by fatigue, to frequent stress, hypertension, arthritis or degenerative disc disease. Therefore became so popular bischofite. The treatment of many diseases is much faster with his help. In addition, this drug is quite cheap - a bottle of the solution "Bishofit" is about 100 rubles. It is easy to use, and the therapeutic effect is quite high.

When this mineral is used

1. Most often, in diseases of the musculoskeletal system is used bischofite. Instruction manual recommends compresses and baths with a solution in osteochondrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, lumbodynia and other degenerative and inflammatory diseases. He helps when recovering from injuries, and even children with cerebral palsy.

bischofite gel application instructions2. Treat this mineral any neurosis, myositis, and neuritis neurali. Help "Bishofit" in ankylosing spondylitis, and heel spur.

3. Successfully used for diseases of the cardiovascular system "Bishofit". Instructions for use recommends the procedure to patients with hypertension, vascular dystonia, diseases of peripheral vascular and coronary heart disease.

4. Mineral successfully treats sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, stomatitis and periodontitis.

5. In gynecology also used "Bishofit". Instruction manual recommends to do baths with a solution for many diseases of the genital organs, especially of inflammatory.

"Bishofit" in cosmetology

In recent years, the industry has produced many cosmetic products based on this mineral. Very popular among women began to use "Bishofit"gel. Instructions for use notes that he copes with wrinkles and omologitae effect on the skin. This drug not only improves skin tone but also nourishes the subcutaneous layer nutrients, which helps her resist the negative influences of the environment. Very often also used "Bishofit" in the treatment of cellulite. Compresses and baths excellent job with the orange peel and make the skin more elastic and toned. That's why so popular among women mineral bishofit.

Usage instructions

To Use this drug in the home. Pharmacies easy to buy as the solution bath and salt crystals that must be dissolved in water. salt bischofiteThe Solution is treated with additives herbal extracts that complement and reinforce its action. Available now also "Bishofit"gel. Use it less wide, mainly for massage, warming the skin with joint pain and treatment of cosmetic problems.

How to use the drug? Any form of the drug is applied only to clean, without damage, the skin. You cannot use "Bishofit" in those places where there are pimples, scrapes, and skin inflammatory diseases, since this solution is very corrosive. For this reason, when rinsing the mouth and throat to dissolve the drug should be no more than a tablespoon in a pint of water. Sometimes when applying undiluted funds are local allergic reactions, in case where the treatment is to stop. Solution and crystalline bischofite is used in the form of compresses, rubbing and baths. But not everyone likes to mess with the breeding drug. It is easiest to use the "Bishofit"gel. Instruction manual recommends it be rubbed into the skin in the affected areas of muscles and joints. You can also use it as a cream that makes the skin supple and improves the complexion.

Bath "Bishofit"

They Accepted courses of 10 procedures a day. Duration of bathing for 15-20 minutes. After that do not need rinsing, but be sure to relax in the heat, so better to do them in the evening before bed. "Bishofit" for baths sold over the counter in the form of a solution. bischofite gel applicationTo the normal procedures need two to four litres. The drug is poured into a hot bath and was well stirred. Weakened after illness or elderly people it is advisable to take polobunny immersed in the solution is not more than the chest. The result of this procedure becomes the normalization of the pressure and General condition. She has a calming, adaptogenic effect, helps to combat stress and insomnia, strengthens the immune system and tones the body. But most of the baths are used for the treatment of diseases of joints and spine.

How else...

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