Symptoms of estrogen deficiency in women


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Estrogen-this female hormone, which rests approximately on the same level, from the first menstruation and for a further twenty to twenty five after that. And only after about forty significantly reduced the estrogens. The lack of signs is quite obvious. The skin begins to gradually lose moisture, fading, becomes more flabby; the sexual desire is reduced or completely disappears; the bone tissue becomes less strongestrogen deficiency symptoms; weight rapidly creeping up and appear fat. These are all symptoms of estrogen deficiency. And soon comes the menopause, or menopause-the time when the female body begins to age and loses the ability to motherhood.

However, the drawback of this female hormone may be in very young girls who learn about it when taking the tests or preparing for future pregnancy. Symptoms of estrogen deficiency may show itself quite clearly. These include:

  • Mood swings, depression, fits of despair.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle, scanty menstrual bleeding.
  • Frigidity, hypoplasia of the genitals, infantilism of the uterus.
  • Skin Problems: pimples, acne, blackheads.
  • Constant pain in the abdomen.

Ultrasonic inspection of organs of small pelvis and folliculometry symptoms of estrogen deficiency would be the inability of the maturation of the dominant follicle, no ovulation and, as a consequence, the inability to conceive a child. In most cases, patients with such problems the doctor prescribes the intake of vitamin E in larger doses. And if there's a lack of estrogen in women, the symptoms disappear, only then is assigned to a special hormonal treatment. It will go in conjunction with medicines containing progesterone, like all hormones need to be carefully balanced.


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the lack of estrogen in women symptoms

Also, when a decrease in blood estrogen level, you need a balanced diet, which must be included phytoestrogens. To do this, every day, eat soy products, legumes and some fruits and foods of animal origin. Proper nutrition can help reduce the symptoms of estrogen deficiency and to normalize the hormones of the woman. Thus she will feel younger, healthier, more active, the skin will acquire a healthy color and glow, hair will again be bright and strong, and your sexual desire will increase, which will undoubtedly affect the women's attractiveness.

However, in the pursuit of increasing the number of estrogen most importantly – to stop, as excess causes cell growth and can negatively affect work of all organism as a whole. The excess of this hormone causes:

  • The Growth of cancer cells (uterine, breast, etc.).
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Breast disease and fibrocystic tissue changes.
  • Allergy, asthma.
  • Thyroid Dysfunction.

symptoms of estrogen deficiency

So before you fight diseases, you must consult with your doctor who will carry out the treatment individually and under strict control.

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