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The Drug “the Forest” is a tool for outdoor use. The active substance is a povidone-iodine-antiseptic with broad spectrum of action. Compared with conventional iodine (alcoholic solution), its action is more prolonged, with more gentle: povidone-iodine does not burn mucous membranes and skin.

On the basis of this connection created a few drugs: "Betadine”, “Vukadin”, “Iodasept” and others. “the Forest”, the statement which speaks of his activity not only against bacteria, but also fungi, protozoa and viruses, today is perhaps the most popular of them. It effectively treats colds throat, copes with stomatitis and glossitis – inflammatory diseases of the tongue, the cause of which may become infection or injury. Attached to the drug “the Forest” instruction on application contains information on its composition: in addition to povidone-iodine, it contains allantoin-a substance having astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. For many years, it is included in anti-aging creams, as it accelerates regeneration (recovery) tissues. These properties of allantoin indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and throat, which are often very painful.

Contains all the necessary information about the drug ‘Forest" instruction for use recommends the use of this remedy in catarrhal, follicular and lacunar tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis and glossitis. Despite the broad spectrum of this drug, treatment of them in any case does not negate the antibiotics. If the doctor prescribed you antibiotics, the drug  the‘Forest" (manual says this) you need to use in parallel. Together with the application simultaneously with any other local funds, for example, for gargling, can cause undesirable chemical reactions. So, it should not be used together with hydrogen peroxide. It cannot be combined with salts of copper and iron, mercury and lead, mineral acids, alkaloid salts, etc. If you are inside or use for topical treatment of any medications, if you are going to use this drug, you should consult with your physician.


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The Drug “the Forest” produced in two dosage forms – concentrated solution and spray. The last of them can be used in the treatment of only adult patients and children older than 8 years – if they can hold their breath and there is no danger that they accidentally inhaled the drug during the spraying. It is used 2-4 times a day. “the Forest”-a solution manual allows for use by children from 6 years old to adults. It is used for washing inflamed surfaces and rinsing. Before use, the concentrated solution is diluted with water 0.5 teaspoon per 100 ml to Rinse the mouth or throat should be half a minute to ensure the optimum duration of drug action. In any case can not swallow it! In this case, you may develop acute poisoning. Treating it with adsorbents prevent the absorption of iodine, and diuretics, and help to eliminate it from the body. Special attention is needed to ensure that the liquid is not swallowed while rinsing the baby. We can not allow getting product into eyes. If it does occur, wash with copious amounts of water.

“the Forest” cannot be used to treat those who suffer from hyperthyroidism, kidney and heart failure, as well as patients with hypersensitivity to iodine. It should not be prescribed for laryngitis. The use of the drug is prohibited for lactating mothers and women expecting a baby: the drug “the Forest” during pregnancy can harm the fetus, as its components freely penetrate the placenta. In this case, for the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and throat, you should choose another safe antiseptic.

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