Posttraumatic arthrosis: what to do and how to cure painful joints


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Nature is designed so that everyone needs in constant motion. Everything depends on it: our health, mood and even health. Movement – it's our life. That is why our joints need constant protection and preventive measures. The main danger for the joints – overload and injury. That these circumstances can trigger the development of complex diseases-osteoarthritis.

It is no secret that osteoarthritis is different in two types-secondary and primary. They differ in the causes of the disease. So, for example, predisposing factors of primary osteoarthritis is still not installed. Secondary (posttraumatic arthritis) can be caused by injury or inflammation of the joint, endocrine diseases or problems with metabolism. So, let's dig into a secondary (posttraumatic) osteoarthritis.

What causes post-traumatic osteoarthritis?

As we have seen, secondary osteoarthritis may be caused by inflammation (flu, respiratory illness or sore throat) and acute inflammatory process of the tissues after the trauma.

In fact, after the injury is the tissue damage. Let this gap be microscopic, but it is damage. Also occurs with sprains. It turns out that at the time of injury torn as nerves and blood vessels. Nerve damage to the brain does not perceive, and accordingly, does not control the work of muscles. This circumstance leads to the development of posttraumatic arthrosis.

It is Worth noting that post-traumatic arthritis may develop in a person, regardless of his age.

How is the disease?

Post-Traumatic osteoarthritis can be asymptomatic and detected by chance during medical examinations, and cause unpleasant sensations accompanied by dull, aching pain. In some cases, this is pronounced pain, which is not always cope pain medicine. Sometimes the accumulation of dead cells provokes an inflammatory process.

How to prevent the disease?

In the first place, after the injury, you should contact the medical facility. Your doctor will tell you which medications need to be taken to speed up tissue growth, reduce inflammation and repair damaged blood vessels. In the case of numbness of the damaged surface needs to perform a Doppler ultrasound or electromyography in order to determine the condition of the nerves and blood vessels.

Post-Traumatic osteoarthritis: treatment and recovery

As a rule, treatment of post-traumatic osteoarthritis – complex and time-consuming process that allows only slow the progression of the disease. In mild stages of osteoarthritis prescribe a specially developed therapeutic exercises, combined with relaxation and alleviation of the damaged joint.

In some cases, to increase cartilage appoint the introduction of chondroprotectors, contributing to nutrition, inflammation and speedy recovery. Among medicinal drugs used inside select “the don”, “Artra”, “cheap”. Of injectable drugs – “Alflutop”, “Valtrex”, “Sinokrot”, “Ostenil”. Gels stands out among the drug ‘does’.

To date, quite popular chiropractic. To improve nutrition, in addition to medication prescribed physical therapy and massage. It is believed that these treatments can cure post-traumatic arthrosis of the knee joint.

With the development of swelling, swelling or prolonged pain, you should consult a rheumatologist. Otherwise, the inflammatory process can quickly destroy the cartilage tissue. Remember that no one remedy is not able to cure such a difficult disease. Contact qualified service personnel and take care of your health.

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