What is an obsession?


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Obsessive-compulsive disorder, the symptoms of which are described in the article – it's absurd or inappropriate thoughts, impulses or subjective fears that appear contrary to the will of the patient and regardless of the fact that a large part is susceptible to this syndrome of people clearly understands their painful nature, and tries to get rid of them.obsessive compulsive

Obsessive thoughts

Similar pathology manifests in a completely absurd, but the overwhelming thought: why, for example, the cat has stripes, or how many years you meet a passer-by. These thoughts are perceived by the patient as unnecessary, but to get rid of them he can't.

Haunting score

This obsession is manifested in an irresistible desire to consider everything that catches the eye: the pillars beside the road, the pebbles under my feet, the letters on a Billboard, etc. And sometimes work can become more complicated: there is a need for addition of digits in the phone number of an oncoming car or finding at the moment of reading the total number of letters in the word, etc.


Usually this phenomenon is accompanied by a constant anxiety about whether to do something or other. For example, it is exhausting doubt, if the door is locked or switched off the iron, does not rest, forcing him to return home again and again. And even though the patient repeatedly check all the appliances and the door, leaving the apartment, but after a few minutes again will be painful to think and to doubt.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder manifests itself in different logically inexplicable fears. It is the fear of spiders, heights, open spaces, closed spaces, etc. are Often added to them, and fear to do something criminal, unlawful (killing spouse, to scream where keep quiet, or to take someone else's thing).


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Obsessive inclinationsobsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms

This is particularly serious pathological desires. The patient can hardly hold back the desire to jump out of a moving car, pinch running ahead of the man or pull the hair of the girl, etc.

Usually, Though, these desires are not driven, but the cause of much misery to a man with such an obsession.

Contrasting obsessions

Manifest these abnormalities, usually in relation to someone especially loves the patient: for example, the son who loves his mother will persistently reflect on how she was dishonest, although I know that it is not. The man who loves his wife will think about how he stabs her with a knife.

As well as obsessive desire, this state goes into effect, but exhausting the patient, aware of the absurdity of such thoughts.


For relief of anxiety and a kind of “protect” the constant strain of a patient with OCD, creates a series of “rituals” obliged to help him. For example, to get rid of thoughts about not turned off the TV about ten times touches the wall near the outlet or in fear of some disease wash my hands, accompanying it with a loud score, and if you lose, then start all over again.

OCD treatmentOCD treatment

Discussing the syndrome is quite difficult to treat. It includes both drug therapy and psychological impact on the patient's consciousness. The main thing with this – create a climate of trust and cooperation with patients, to assist them in social adaptation.

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