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Many experts say that listening to their competent opinion, advice, picking the right device for treatment of prostatitis, it is possible to carry out prevention of this disease and relieve symptoms. Device for treatment of prostatitis in the home must be for everyone suffering from this disease. Which one is the best, what are the devices what are the criteria to make a choice, we will understand more.

device for treatment of prostatitis in the home

Transrectal devices

An Integral and perhaps the most effective way of influencing prostatitis is prostate massage. In this case, provides for rectal manipulation. Many men often avoid such procedures. Psychological problem in this case is easy to solve using the device for treatment of prostatitis in the home. Medical salons offer a number of individual vehicles, having a narrow effect.

A Special nozzle included with the transrectal devices that allow you to massage the prostate gland through the rectum. Such manipulations have a positive effect, as evidenced by numerous testimonials from patients.

  • Restores the urine;
  • Increases blood flow;
  • Decrease pain;
  • Stimulates the outflow of prostate secretions;
  • Improved erectile function.


For treatment of prostatitis requires an individual approach, to choose the right device will help the doctor, he will give the right advice. This equipment operates in different ways, in some cases, transrectal device for treatment of prostatitis in the home must not be used:


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  • If there are stones in the prostate gland;
  • In the period of exacerbation of the disease;
  • If there is suspicion of the presence of tumors;
  • In the treatment of tuberculous prostatitis;
  • If you have intestinal tumors or inflammatory processes.

device for treatment of prostatitis in the home, Ariton

Vibration using ultrasound

It is Worth noting that, trying to choose the best device for prostate treatment, it is necessary to consider that the devices are divided into different groups by means of influence. So, vibroacoustics fixtures are due to changes in ultrasound, which stimulates mikrovibratsiyu tissue. In this case, it is possible to achieve increase muscle tone, accelerate lymph and blood flow in the body to reduce stagnation.

The Device for treatment of prostatitis at home «Vitafon” of the series. If used properly the patient alone can achieve positive results:

  • Relaxation of muscle tissues;
  • Improve the permeability of blood vessels;
  • Reduce the painful symptoms;
  • Restoration of blood flow;
  • Normalization of lymph flow.

Acoustic vibrations using ultrasound fertile affects muscle tone, reduce congestive symptoms. This device for treatment of prostatitis at home reviews is extremely good. Many patients say that after a few independent procedures, even in chronic forms there comes a positive effect. The device is reliable for home use, is the procedure with no evidence of complications.

device for treatment of prostatitis at home Vitafon

Popular devices

Judging by the popularity of devices in patients who performed home treatments by yourself, one of the best devices is considered to be “Ultratone”. Already after several treatments, patients notice an improvement of metabolic processes, reducing stagnation, improving secretion of the prostate. A similar opinion is expressed by patients who used the device for treatment of prostatitis “Abba”.

Notice the Positive effects and men applying for treatment the machine called "Electron". Significantly improved metabolism, cellular processes, tissue damage quickly regenerated.

Many patients prefer one of the best equipments “Sirius”. It not only cures chronic prostatitis, but also helps to increase the potency.

The Device for treatment of prostatitis at home «Mavit”

device for treatment of prostatitis at home mavit

Special attention is to be given to the device, which received the most accolades. “Mavit” used in chronic prostatitis. It is used in some cases of acute forms and preventive purposes. The therapeutic effect occurs due to magnetic, thermal and vibrational effects at the same time. The benefits may add painless use, the ability to enjoy yourself. Already after the first procedures the patients feel relieved. The success of the use depends on the correct implementation of all the recommendations, regularity of procedures.

The Device for treatment of prostatitis at home «Mavit ULP 01" is recommended for use by leading urologists, reproductive specialists and gastroenterologists. Very easy to use the device at home. When working there is a localeffects of magnetic field, vibration and heat on the affected areas. Massage function improves blood circulation in locations of foci of inflammation, and it increases the absorption of drugs that are used in the course of therapy. This is achieved, and the maximum effect in the treatment of prostatitis.

Reviews patients reported such positive effects as fast in addressing the symptoms, the ease of use of the apparatus, slight urination, an increase in the time between impulses, improving erectile function. Where are the negative reviews? Often those patients who have ignored recommendations for the use of the device, regularly conducted the procedures did not wait for the maximum effect.

Non-invasive devices

Some patients prefer non-invasive devices. Such a device for treatment of prostatitis at home easy to use, not need special skills, special requirements to care for. The device is not used in direct contact with the prostate through the rectum. In what way is achieved in this case, the therapeutic effect? With:

  • Infrared radiation
  • Led effects;
  • Laser treatment;
  • Stimulation using a magnetic field.

A total of all contribute to the overall improvement, local action, this reduces pain, relieves swelling, removes vascular spasms, reduced inflammation.

Magnetic therapy

device for treatment of prostatitis Aerosmith

If you want to buy the best device for treatment of prostatitis at home, how to choose, please advise the doctor. Recently a large popularity of magnetic therapy, where the treatment of prostatitis is conducted effectively. Based – the effects of magnetic waves.

To combat the inflammatory and congestive processes using the drug "Almag 01”. The impact accelerates the removal of inflammation, pain, restore organ function. While the dosage of medicines can be reduced.

«Ermak» - magnetic-vacuum device - reduces swelling, pain, eliminates inflammation. The effect comes after the third of the procedure.

The Device “Androgynous" is effective in cases where it is necessary treatment of bacterial and chronic prostatitis.

The Magnetic fields created by these devices accelerate the chemical processes that help to reduce inflammation. When there is increased intracellular and intercellular exchange.

Electrical medical devices

How do the stimulator on the patient's body? Pulsed high-frequency currents to make muscles shrink, it is beneficial to the recovery. For independent use the following approach Pribory:

  • «Ultraton».
  • «Darsonval».
  • «Electron».

The Action of the devices increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, removes swelling, improves lymphatic system, eliminates spasms and tension.

The Device “Ireton”

 device for treatment of prostatitis at home how to choose

The Device for treatment of prostatitis at home «Ireton” is produced in Russia. Impact on sick body is through the influence of electrical impulses, magnetic fields and low-frequency vibrations.

This little unit works effectively on the functioning of the prostate physiotherapy methods. Successful combinations three combinations of effects (vibration, magnetic field and electrical impulses) allows to treat the prostate at different stages and forms.

The Advantage of the apparatus is that presented approach can be used separately and in combinations. Positive reviews patients will take this unit to one of the best, the performance of the application high. And you can combine with medication (in advanced forms).

The Device for treatment of prostatitis at home «Sochi»

What is the therapeutic effect on the prostate gland having the device “Sochi”, which, according to polls, is also very popular? Its action is based on the radiation magnetic field. The outgoing pulses have a positive effect on tissue in the patient, thus there is stimulation of blood flow and lymph flow, eliminates stagnant processes.

In addition, «Sochi” has a regenerating and healing effect on the tissues and organs affected by pathologies. Reduces the swelling and remove inflammation. If you follow all the rules and regulations that in the early stages for a minimum period can be removed permanently from prostatitis.

device for treatment of prostatitis at home mavit ULP 01

The benefits of device therapy instrument «Sochi»

The Treatment is based on the influence of magnetic field. This eliminates various adverse effects on the digestive organs, liver, kidney, as the use of antibiotics.

  • Usually in the treatment to obtain the effect necessary to conduct a full course of procedures. «Sochi” after the first exposure brings relief.
  • For a short time may restore erectile function, to normalize urination.
  • The Device«Sochi” is used not only for treatment of prostatitis in the early stages. In case of any abnormalities in the urogenital system he comes to the rescue. Helps to restore all the necessary functions.
  • The Main advantage of – the absence of any painful sensations when using the device, what can be said about the procedures for the massage of the prostate.

We presented the best devices for treatment of the prostate. In consultation with your treating doctor, you will be able to choose the most appropriate option.

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