Why Eyelid Twitches?


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Anyone been in a situation where a twitchy eyelid. Physically this occurs because the muscle located around the eyeball, suddenly begins to shrink due to stress. But to understand why twitches an eyelid, what is the reason of this phenomenon is difficult.

  • If a long time (about a week) twitches of the lower eyelid, the muscle contraction stops and restarts, it's a nervous TIC. In addition, from overwork, excessive stress can also twitch an eyelid. This happens with almost all. In this case, you just need to sleep and calm down, perhaps, to undergo treatment by a neurologist, a pain-killer.
  • If you have eyelid twitches almost constantly, with a break for a few seconds, and you are not currently experiencing stress and nervous overstrain, it is possible that you have developed a disease called facial hemispasm. In this case, it is necessary to consult a neurologist; a specialist will help to better define the diagnosis and prescribe treatment.
  • In addition, the deficiency can lead to a deterioration of the conductivity of the oculomotor muscles in the synapses, which also causes twitching eyelid.
  • If the eyelid twitches, and this is accompanied by pain, it means that the eye has a cold.

But still, why eyelid twitches? All of the above – only specific reasons, and these reasons are much more serious. It can be previously suffering a head injury or infection that led to disease. Sometimes involuntary contraction of the eye muscles can lead baby head injury, a concussion, some allergic reactions or meningitis. Serious shocks, the body can not forget and the consequences can be expressed including that twitching eyelid.

Living in a crazy rhythm, the absence of a full regime of work and rest, the huge flows of information that have to be manipulated, congestion (both physical and emotional) – all this leads to the fact that modern man is nervous more and more. People are constantly somewhere in a hurry and in a hurry, not paying attention to their health. Usually, when the body still can not stand this race, the first signs of trouble are problems with the nerves. Depressions, nervous breakdowns, neurosis, unmotivated aggression, apathy and other problems in mental health can be defined as “disease of the metropolis”.

I Must say that most twitches upper eyelid than the lower one. If the TEC continues long, the muscles of the DC voltage can develop; if twitch from two centuries, the pain will only get worse.

How can that affect the common cause of a nervous TIC, that is the strain?

First, it is absolutely necessary to understand the cause of the stress and get rid of it. Secondly, as it is banal, relax. The best option is to leave for a week or two, during which you will rest, get some sleep, increasing sleep duration, and health pay as much attention as it deserves. It will not hurt to drink a decoction of motherwort, decoction of chamomile or Valerian root extract. It is absolutely necessary to limit the consumption of coffee. A beneficial effect on the nervous system renders magnesium; therefore it is better to look after his presence in the diet. A lot of magnesium contained in foods such as peas, fish, bananas, chocolate. If and after relaxing a nervous TIC fails, you absolutely need to consult a neurologist. A specialist can determine the real cause of nervous TIC, and will help you to deal with it, appropriate treatment.

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