Diabetes. Nutrition is crucial


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Diabetes mellitus – a disease in which sugar enters the body, is not enough to digest. The pancreas in this case produces the hormone insulin in insufficient quantities. Diabetes most often develops in older people and those who are overweight.

diabetes nutritionToday, there are a large number of different drugs that can lower blood the diseased sugar content. If a person found diabetes, nutrition is crucial. If the disease is manifested in light and medium form, it is necessary dietary treatment. In case of serious illness  the diet must be combined with medication.

If a person has diabetes, the food in this case, you need regular, at least five times a day. Diet can be varied, but consists of products with low sugar content. You must replace it with sorbitol, xylitol and saccharin.

eating right with diabetesDiet diabetic patient should be balanced and of high quality. For those who have excess weight, you must eat fresh and sauerkraut, green peas, spinach. You can also eat black bread, soup made with vegetable broth, poultry dishes, meat and fish. It is best to eat lean fish. For a person diagnosed with diabetes, meals should consist of healthy vegetable dishes. Beans and pasta products should be limited. Can be used to eat eggs, but their number is also limited. Following the treatment regimen prescribed by your doctor are allowed to eat sweet foods, dairy products, cheese, cheese and cheese dishes, fruit and berries. 

In a limited number of people with diabetes can eat the cream. As a beverage you can drink tea with milk, weak coffee, juices from fruits and berries, are also useful tomato juice. The amount of fluid should be no more than 7 glasses a day. The diabetic body needs fats-this could be butter, allow 40 grams per day (as in free form, and for cooking). In principle, a person diagnosed with diabetes, diet should be useful. In food requires the presence of a large number of the necessary nutrients, so you need to drink vitamins products: yeast, broth hips.


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nutritional management of diabetes mellitus

The Correct diabetes diet excludes the following foods and products: chocolate, candy, ice cream, pastries, honey, jam and other sweets. And pork and mutton fat; salty, spicy and smoked snacks; mustard and pepper; grapes, raisins, melons and bananas.

Patients with diabetes should pay more attention to full and proper nutrition. In addition, you must adhere to a healthy lifestyle. You can not drink alcohol, you should aim to do exercising, spend more time in the fresh air, to follow him. And then the disease will not be hindered.

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