As evidenced on the hands of the rash?


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In most cases in the hands of a rash is not a disease as such. This is usually a reaction to a disease and the cause of her need to look inside the body. But there are cases the impact of external factors on the skin. So what are rashes?

Well, if you know the causes of unexpected rash. In this case, the disease will be diagnosed faster. But most people can't understand where it came from in the hands of the rash and how to get rid of it.

Strangely enough, but most often in people red rash on hands. Why is this happening? Mainly due to the fact that the hands are a body part that is in contact with various surrounding objects, many of which are not really beneficial to the skin. If you are sure that the rash on the hands – it is a manifestation of an Allergy, do not waste time and money on different ointments and creams. These advertised funds is likely to save you only from the symptoms (discomfort, itching, burning), but does not eliminate the cause itself. Therefore it is better to find out the etiology of Allergy.

If the rash has the appearance of bubbles, access to a doctor is especially important. Because such elements of damage to the skin can occur with such serious diseases as exudative erythema multiforme, lichen planus, etc.

To find Out the cause of the hand rash can help doctor allergist or dermatologist, but first try to perform the latest developments. Perhaps you ate a new food, contact with some chemicals or taken new medication? If found out the reason buy in any pharmacy antiallergetic type suprastin and drink it. Not is a rash and itching after seven days? So, you're not allergic and it is not necessary to drink tablets. It is possible that the rash is a dermatitis.


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Small rash on the feet and hands, can be a manifestation of an Allergy. But if the rash is accompanied by fever, malaise, vomiting, severe burning, itching or pain – immediately contact a doctor who will prescribe required medications. pre-examination of the skin. Because these symptoms can indicate many serious diseases that require urgent and, most importantly, proper treatment. Here are some tips that will be useful in these signs:

  • Try not to brush the affected areas of the skin. It's even more irritating to the skin and accompanies the progression of the disease. Possible besides joining a secondary infection in areas of scratching. This way you can create a gate for the penetration of micro-organisms.

  • Do not wet the skin surface;

  • In any case not to self-medicate and does not smear gels, ointments, creams of any origin. All of this can hurt and worsen the condition;

  • As soon as possible to seek the advice of a specialist and with his help to determine the diagnosis.

  • Seriously prescribed treatment and to take care of their health.

It would be Nice to use decoctions of medicinal herbs. This is probably the only method that definitely can't hurt and if will not help, not make worse. You can use chamomile (it relieves irritation and soothes), celandine, St. John's wort, a series. Better if it is a decoction of several herbs. Flush affected areas with cool broth. You can also use infusions and decoctions of herbs in the form of compresses: simply soak the cheesecloth in the liquid, squeeze lightly and apply it on the skin.

Sometimes the arms, a rash appears because of the heat, sweating. If it's really allergies completely exclude you, but you might better cleanse the skin. Inflammatory the rash of this nature occurs when blockage of the skin pores, so you might want to relax in the sauna or bath, to remove the old layer of skin by using scrubs. For example, you can take a bath in mixture of honey with salt or coffee grounds.

Be healthy and take care of the cleanliness of their skin!

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