Symptoms of enterovirus: what is this disease?


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The Symptoms of enterovirus can be different. And they need to know, because if to be able to identify the symptoms, such a serious disease can be removed successfully.

symptoms of enterovirus

Enterovirus: what is it, how is it transmitted?

Calls this disease a group of viruses that affect different systems and organs. That is why the symptoms of the enterovirus and its symptoms can be varied. As for the transmission, it can be airborne route (when sneezing and coughing) or fecal-oral (via contaminated water and food or dirty hands). The incubation period of the disease is usually from 3 to 10 days, that is since the introduction of the virus in the body before symptoms appear could take up to a week or even more.

Symptoms of aterovis: how does it manifest itself?

enterovirus symptoms in childrenTo identify the disease, need to be tested for enterovirus, which will show its presence in the blood. Even in the presence of all characteristics it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis, as the disease is very insidious and can be expressed in different ways. List the symptoms of the enterovirus, which can be divided into groups depending on the affected area and forms of expression.

1. The respiratory form. It is characterized by the presence of such manifestations: runny nose, nasal congestion, dry infrequent cough. These symptoms appear suddenly and enterovirus similar to the common cold, and a week later they pass.

2. Enterovirus fever: increased body temperature up to a pretty impressive marks (38.5 Celsius or above), fever, muscle pain, weakness, and deterioration.

3. The intestinal form. If the virus got into the intestine, it can manifest in such symptoms as abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting and severe watery and quite frequent (sometimes up to 10 times a day) diarrhea.



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analysis of enterovirus4. Enteroviruses rash. It is characterized by the appearance of the rash in the form of bubbles or specks on all parts of the body. Just a couple of days this rash disappears.

5. Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. Suddenly there is pain in the eye, then starts increased tearing, fear of light, the capillaries of the eyeball may burst.

6. Herpangina. You may receive strong pain in the throat when swallowing. On the tonsils, the tongue, the back of the palate and on the throat bubbles appear, which can then turn into ulcers.

7. Often affects the Central nervous system may develop meningitis, encephalitis or neuritis of the facial nerve.

Dangerous enterovirus? Symptoms in children can develop very rapidly. Often there are serious complications. So it is very important at the first signs to go to the doctor and begin treatment after diagnosis. By the way, a certain effective remedy against this group of viruses there, so therapy will be limited to the elimination of symptoms and signs. Also shown bed rest and sparing food.

We Can only add that as prevention measures observe good personal hygiene and do not deal with sick people. And in the case of the first manifestations, call a doctor.

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