What to do if stomach hurts during pregnancy?


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That's true your heart's desire – you will become a mother soon! Pregnancy – the happiest time in a woman's life. But it is often in this difficult period there are different difficulties and problems. The expectant mother should as much as possible to take responsibility for their health and well-being, because now life depends on the kid. What to do if stomach hurts during pregnancy? And how can you help yourself when the pain is not to hurt the baby?What to do if stomach hurts

Often the pain occur during the first weeks of pregnancy. Many women suffering strong morning sickness, you experience the nagging feeling in the lower abdomen, as in menstruation, but it is also possible the bleeding.

When toxicosis woman suffers from profuse and frequent vomiting, nausea, severe salivation. While the expectant mother is rapidly losing weight, which can be dangerous both for her and for the baby. The cause of toxemia has not been fully established. Doctors are inclined to believe that the way the immune system responds to women's presence in her body of alien beings – of the fetus, because he is half-cells of the father. If a strong exacerbation of the symptoms of morning sickness a woman should immediately consult the doctor, he'll give her a dropper of vitamins.

The tone of the uterus may appear nagging pains in the lower abdomen. If a sore lower back and abdomen, this may indicate the threat of miscarriage, therefore, expectant mother should pay attention to it and also to go to the doctor, so he appointed her the necessary treatment. Most often prescribe injections, candles and relieves spasms drugs, for example, "But-shpa".


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Many moms a question arises: "What to do if stomach hurts?". As soon as possible contact your doctor, because it affects the baby's health. And this should be treated responsibly.Sore lower back and abdomen

But if the tone is small, it is absolutely normal during pregnancy. Gynecologists often are reinsured, and administered treatment to anyone who complains of discomfort. The main reason for the tone – lack of the hormone progesterone in the body of the expectant mother.

If you have early pregnancy, stomach ache – it's not as dangerous as the pain in the later stages. In the first case, to avoid miscarriages, doctors prescribed drugs with hormones to maintain pregnancy, and in the second case, such a nuisance may indicate oxygen starvation of the baby, that is, hypoxia.

What to do if stomach hurts and there was blood spotting discharge? Urgently go to the hospital to see an experienced physician who will determine why they occur, and prevent miscarriage. Often spotting are the reason for the implantation of the fetus, which is not a pathology. But remember that bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy.Early pregnancy stomach ache

I Hope that the expectant mother not long tormented by the question of what to do if stomach hurts during pregnancy, and will appeal to a competent specialist. Give birth to a strong baby under force to any woman, it is only necessary to very carefully monitor their health.

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