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Medicines for liver help maintain it in a healthy condition. This, in turn, provides the normal course of anabolic processes.

Preparations for the liver (e.g. Legalon) have a pretty strong hepatoprotective effect. The drug Legalon has a stabilizing effect on cell membranes of the body, improving communication within the cells and normalizing the digestion. Legalon is used in the treatment of absolutely all liver diseases. To synonyms of the drug include drugs for the liver as Silymarin, Kars, Silibinin and others.

Legalon the Same mechanism of action and indications medication has Silibor. These drugs for liver several different degrees of effectiveness. Legalon more efficient than Silibor.

Preparations for the liver can be complex. For example, the composition Essenciale includes vitamins (B6, B1, Pantothenic acid, nicotinamid), and also phospholipids, which improve the condition of the cell membranes. Essentiale is one of the most effective drugs used in hepatic diseases.

Ineffective medicines experts consider I, Konvalin, Liv-52. Today, active research on the use of drugs based on plants such as rose, tansy, Helichrysum and other. Since ancient times in folk medicine for hepatic disorders was used plants such as sow Thistle, common loosestrife, common barberry, and others.

A Positive effect on the liver and aerobic exercise (swimming, running, rowing). In some cases of chronic diseases the therapeutic effect of exercises is much greater than the effect of the medication.


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The Liver is known to perform the function of cleansing the body of toxins. However, sometimes this function is disturbed, harmful substances build up in various organs. This leads to malfunction of the whole organism. To prevent such a state requires regular cleaning of the liver. However, you should first get rid of the intestines.

Of Great importance in the process of removing harmful substances from the liver has cleansing from alcohol. Harmful compounds present in it, settle on it.

Detoxification drugs used for liver cleansing.

The most gentle methods of detoxification is the cleansing with sorbitol. It is used not only for the prevention of liver diseases, but contributes significantly to the treatment of already existing problems with authority.

Use in the removal of toxins from the liver sodium thiosulfate helps purify it from toxins, chemical residues and drugs.

Magnesia refers to the means of prevention. When using it toxins and stones from the liver. This tool is contraindicated in hepatic disease, ulcers, cholecystitis, enterocolitis.

The Use of drugs for liver cleanse is recommended after consultation with a specialist. The doctor chooses the best drug, taking into account characteristics of the organism, and taking into account existing conditions. It should be noted that violation of the recommendations on the application can cause a very strong adverse reaction that can bring significant harm to the body.

Cleaning procedures with the use of medicines give a pronounced effect, however, require caution in use. In this regard, many people prefer folk methods of detoxification using herbal ingredients.

For the selection of the optimal variant is recommended not only to consult with the doctor, but pre-screening.

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