Vegetarianism: the pros and cons


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Vegetarianism lately gained immense popularity. This happens primarily because many celebrities, public, famous people are actively promoting various types of vegetarianism. Many models and Actresses, whose figures the envy of many girls claim that their chiseled shapes and perfect body-not that other as a result of vegetarianism.

Of Course, in their words is the truth: slimming and vegetarianism – these are two inseparable related things as avoiding consumption of animal food gives the opportunity to cleanse the body of toxins, which is one of the reasons for the weight loss.

The term “vegetarian” in Latin means “vigorous, full of energy, strong, active” this definition can be applied to the condition of the body those people who are committed to consume only plant foods.

In addition, the rejection of the use of animal food, and the transition to a vegetable diet not only helps you lose weight but also will bring some more positive points. But is vegetarianism the pros and cons, because to rush in his head, not understanding, and not worth it.

To start is to consider what are the different types of vegetarianism.

So, there are vegetarians, like vegans (people who completely refuse all animal food, including honey, milk, eggs), ovovegetarians (those people who do not eat fish, dairy products and meat, but diet includes honey and eggs), lactovegetarians (eat dairy products, excluding from the diet of fish, eggs, meat), raw foodists (the diet of these people consists of raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, not subjected to heat treatment).


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However, the vegetarianism pros and cons which would seem to lie on the surface, actually is not so easy, and therefore just sit on such kind of diet from plant foods is not necessary.

On the positive side of vegetarianism are the following:

  1. Balanced vegetable menu, providing the body with a large number of useful nutrients that can clear it from unnecessary junk accumulated over a sufficiently long period of toxins.
  2. Many of the leading specialists from various countries claim that eating only plant foods can act as a fairly effective prevention of serious diseases, particularly cancer.
  3. Eating exclusively plant-based foods helps to improve memory and impact on health.
  4. Vegetable diet will help if you need to get rid of excess weight, and do it once and for all.

But do not forget that vegetarianism has pros and cons, and therefore should be acquainted with the negative side. It is worth remembering that not only what the body will function normally without the admission to it of animal protein. In General, the harm of vegetarianism, its negative sides are the following:

  1. Vegetable diet difficult to adapt in case the habit of eating fatty meat products. It will have to work on changing the consciousness, rearranging it so that there was a possibility to get pleasure from food of plant origin.
  2. Sharp transition to vegetarianism is provoked by a reduction of adrenaline in the blood, which leads to human fatigue and lethargy. Gradually, however, the amount of adrenaline returning to normal.
  3. The First time after the transition to a plant-based diet person the feeling of hunger, but it's a mental thing, which eventually passes, and the saturation becomes quite vegetarian food.
  4. When compiling the diet should be carefully monitor so that the body will receive all the substances necessary for its normal functioning. So menu planning should be given special attention.

However, in the end, vegetarianism, the pros and cons of which are rather as advice that is suitable only for those who really decided to make your diet exclusively vegetable. It's worth a try. You almost immediately feel if this kind of diet.

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