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Every person faced with such a problem as cold. It causes a lot of inconveniences both to the patient and others. The inflammatory process is accompanied by pain and continuous bleeding. In some cases, may increase the temperature. Due to nasal congestion difficulty breathing and disturbed sleep. As a result the person is not getting enough sleep and suffer from it even more.

Treatment of a cold is often described in various publications. It is possible to carry out conventional methods and resort to traditional medicine.

Unfortunately, the cold and suffer the smallest-our children. For many parents this is not a cause for concern - and in vain. The child's body is still quite fragile and can not quickly overcome the virus. As a result, even a small sore can become a big problem if you don't cure. In particular, the common cold can cause diseases of the nasopharynx. And, not asking for help to the doctor, you risk to reward baby's chronic illness.

The Treatment of runny nose in a toddler is slightly different from treating an adult. Children cannot give many drugs. Also, remember that numerous sprays do not cure, but only relieve the swelling and make breathing easier. There is also a risk of toxicity in overdose. In this regard, it is useful to apply the knowledge and skills of our mothers and grandmothers.

The Treatment of rhinitis in children folk remedies:

  1. A house is growing a useful plant-aloe. Its juice has a strong anti-inflammatory action. He is able to destroy bacterial infection and fight off viruses. Only four drops of the juice into each nostril will relieve your child from suffering. The procedure can be performed several times a day.
  2. Periodically massage the area near the wings of the nose.
  3. Prepare a weak solution of salt (preferably sea), and instill 2 drops. This will reduce swelling and disinfect. To the solution add a few drops of iodine. Treatment of the common cold in children under one year can be carried out in this way. This should be done before breast feeding (mixtures).
  4. Prepare fresh beetroot juice and dilute it with water 1:1. It should be used very carefully. If the mucous membrane baby has sores or severe inflammation, that may arise from discomfort and burning sensation. It is best to try first for yourself and then to give the child. To dig you need 3 times a day 2 drops.
  5. Every half hour bury 1-2 drops of carrot juice, diluted with water 1:1. He acts a little bit softer than the beet juice, but no less effective.
  6. Helps the parsley juice. Fresh leaves, grind with the pestle, collect in the cheesecloth and wring out. The resulting liquid is instilled 3 drops 3 times a day. This remedy acts very quickly. You can use it not more than 2 days in a row.
  7. The Treatment of runny nose can be done with the help of aromatherapy. To clean cloth put a few drops of eucalyptus oil and hang the headboard of the bed. Please make sure that the child has no allergies.
  8. Rinse the nose with a solution of soda or chamomile. This is done 3-4 times a day. After that, grease the nozzle with oil or a special cream to the mucous membrane does not dry out.
  9. Regularly, every hour, rinse the nose with saline. The mucus must be removed with a pear.

The Treatment of runny nose can be performed in several ways, they can also be combined. Be careful that the nozzle does not remain mucus. It can be removed and pear handkerchief. During backfilling cover one nostril with your finger.

In Any case, do not use a pear for the backfilling of the child's nose. In small children is still very short Eustachian tube. Liquid from the spout to easily get up there, and can cause otitis media and inflammation of the middle ear.

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