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Every body is different, and it works on his, unknown mechanism. And sometimes situations may arise that simply scare a person, because many people do not know where one or the other problem. Take, for example, the same pigment spots on the body. Causes this disease is known except to specialists. Let's see what these spots are, why they occur, how to deal with them?

pigment spots on the body causes

The spots

The Color of human skin depends on how much melanin - the pigment responsible for the coloration of the skin. And the more, the person is darker. However, there are so that the pigment is unevenly distributed in certain areas of the body. That's how the pigmentation. This phenomenon is due to certain factors.

Reason 1. The sun

If a person has dark spots on the body, their causes can be quite different. So, one of them – sunbathing. The body is covered with sunburn, but it can happen unevenly. And so can occur dark spots, which, however, disappear with the sun.

Reason 2. Cosmetics

The Use of substandard cosmetic products can also cause the appearance of age spots on the body. This is especially true when people wear makeup on hot days, during the sun exposure. Why doctors do not recommend women in the summer months perfume, putting them on the neck and decollete.the appearance of age spots on the body

Reason 3. Disease

Why age spots appear on the body? The reasons often lie in the human diseases. So, first and foremost, hyperpigmentation can cause stress and depression. Also contribute to this phenomenon of sickness of the stomach, liver and intestines. Prone to pigmentation pregnant women and those who work with chemicals. And in some people, so here's an interesting way to show a lack of vitamin C.


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White spots

Very often, if a person has white spots on the body, is incompetent, the doctor may put a terrible diagnosis: vitiligo. It is a violation of normal pigmentation of human skin. However, not always white spots but that's about this disease. Such marks can cause ringworm. Also spots are formed on the place of recently healed wounds and abrasions. A necklace of Venus – white spots on the neck, in the armpits, hands and back can occur if a person has secondary syphilis.

white spots on the bodyPrevention

What steps should be taken to avoid any spots on the body? Reasons outlined, therefore, in the first place is to try to avoid them. So, you need to properly care for your own skin, to abandon poor-quality cosmetics. It is very important to prevent deficiency of vitamin C, is constantly replenishing its reserves. And in the sun can occur only protecting yourself special makeup with a high level of protection from UV rays.


What to do if a person has there are spots on the body? Is it possible to remove the "ugliness" of the skin? This can contribute to whitening creams. However, you need to use them wisely. Well, if the correct cream will pick up the dermatologist, otherwise self-medicate you can achieve the opposite effect, when the skin is so vyvalivaetsya places that will remain white spots. Also in severe pigmentation using chemical peels and laser resurfacing of the affected areas of the body.

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