Colorectal cancer: early diagnosis


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What is colorectal cancer? This cancer, which is malignant in nature. Typically, this serious illness that affect the gastrointestinal tract, affects the population of the countries industrialized. The only rare exception to this rule until recently was Japan.

colorectal cancerBut now colorectal cancer is increasingly affecting even the inhabitants of this country. Scientists suggest that by the end of this century, this disease will become a regular for the Country of the rising sun. Expressed the view that colorectal cancer thicket develops in people who eat more foods includes protein, rather than plant fiber.

The Disease can form in any part of the colon. Usually affects direct and colon. Sometimes colorectal cancer is diagnosed in the sigmoid colon.

Quite often this disease affects the cecum. The bulk of the cases are people of older age, although in rare cases, colorectal cancer affects young people. This cancer suffer equally, both women and men.

colorectal cancer symptomsAt the early stage of this disease, like most other cancers, no symptoms, not causes. However, sometimes be the harbingers of that should certainly pay attention to. In particular, the symptoms of colorectal cancer may include:

• the deformation of the chair (he is getting as “pencil” or take “twisted” form);

• dark blood in the stool;

• fatigue and lack of appetite;

• weight reduction;

• diarrhea or constipation.

In the later stages of the disease, patients report pain in the pelvic region.

The doctor must contact the if you notice changes in your stool or blood. Especially if rectal bleeding occurred. It is possible that such symptoms are observed due to hemorrhoids, but it is better if such a conclusion will make the doctor, based on test results. The doctor may order a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy – rectal examination with the introduction of the colon a flexible tube.


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Colorectal cancer symptoms

Another important signal that you need to consult a doctor – is a constant pain in the abdomen, especially if you experience unexplained weight loss and fatigue. These symptoms can be caused by a variety of diseases, but also may indicate cancer.

If you have anemia, your doctor needs to rule out this possible cause, as bleeding due to cancer.

And remember, the earlier colorectal cancer is found the more successful treatment will be. There are many different types of diagnostic tests that can identify the disease.

symptoms of colorectal cancer

First, doctors strongly recommend to pass a stool for occult blood every year. Its presence may indicate the presence of colon cancer at an early stage. Colonoscopy is the most informative instrumental method for detection of this disease.

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