Skripec Peter, an ophthalmologist in the Institute of Pediatrics: reviews


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Have You noticed what kind of emotion we have causes a child wearing glasses? It is similar to the Smartypants of the Sunny city, which has always been right, because a smart one. However, it is not so simple. In the Institute of Pediatrics is Dr. Dolittle, who knows what's hiding behind the glasses. This doctor Scripts Peter. To him from all over the country are turning mothers and children with diseases of the eyes that have difficult names and difficult treatment. Cataract, keratitis, blepharitis, retinopathy – is not a complete list of menacing and dangerous pathologies, diagnoses and treats Peter.

The Temptations of modern civilization

Modern civilization offers us and our children many temptations. Smartphone, tablet, laptop acquired by a child before he starts talking or gets rid of the diapers. But to press the touch screen to find the cartoons a little smartypants learns very quickly and without assistance. Parents often agree with a loved child and did not pick up the phone or tablet. After all this time, you can go about your business, but…

Scripts Peter the research Institute of PediatricsThe Danger of using smartphones does not always. Small pictures, bright screen, close – all of this can cause the development of numerous diseases of the eye, first myopia.

From the eye doctor to the surgeon

Scripts Peter, ophthalmologist of the Institute of Pediatrics, high-class professional, diagnoses and treats children's eye diseases for many years, constantly improving its skills. In 1994 he graduated from the Military medical Academy. S. M. Kirov and moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow for further work and continuing education. Here he entered the Academy (now the Moscow state medical University). Sechenov, first medical faculty, and held an internship in the regular children's clinics doctor-ophthalmologist.Scripts Peter


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While working at children's surgical Department of the research Institute of eye diseases. Helmholtz obtained the specialization of the surgeon and the ability to take the right decisions when carrying out complex operations. The ability to correctly diagnose and prescribe treatment gave the opportunity to improve their skills further. And with it began to increase and flow in need of such assistance.

The Fame of talent

Since word of mouth won't shut up about his talent. After diagnosis of childhood eye diseases – the difficult and troublesome. Scripts Peter has a huge experience in computer diagnostics. The automated refractor, non-contact tonometry, ultrasound, EFI – what has the doctor to perfection.

Scripts Peter ophthalmologist reviewsIn 2010, Peter became one of the participants of the programme "Healthy generation", advises the children with various pathologies. This program helped to identify those who need the help of an ophthalmologist. Therefore, the project itself, and ophthalmologist Scripts Peter received only good. Because the parents of preschool children pay less attention to the problems with the eyes and find them only in school.

Retinopathy a thesis

One of the areas that are engaged in Skripec Peter in the Institute of Pediatrics – retinopathy of premature children. It is difficult diagnosable disease became the topic of his thesis, which he defended successfully in 2004. In this he was helped not only the knowledge gained in higher medical institutions, but also invaluable experience.

Scripts Peter ophthalmologist, Institute of PediatricsRetinopathy-complex disease that occurs in premature babies. It often leads to a complete loss of visual function or blindness. There are several stages of disease development, and each has its own special treatment. Parents do not always notice the symptoms at the initial stage of the disease, miss time, thereby complicating the problem. Child's vision especially quickly and actively develops in the first year of life. Almost blind, like a kitten, a baby just a few months acquires the ability to distinguish objects, color, to track and analyze what he saw. In retinopathy, it is not so as no longer to develop normally blood vessels and retina. Depending on the stage of the disease tiny patients Peter appoints and makes the operation, as the risk of retinal detachment.

Take Skripec Peter

Do Not despair, if you find that in the Institute of Pediatrics turn to this wonderful doctor booked a year in advance. The abundance of smartphones, the computerization of the entire country, poor diet and many other reasons cause ailments. Fortunately, you can apply to a private children's hospital (Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 32/2), where it takes Skripec Peter all willing and needy.

Scripts Peter where heIt is possible to conduct a comprehensive survey to the purpose or direction of the operation. Despite the development of technology and the growth of eye diseases among young children, the situation is not hopeless, and there is always a chance for recovery. Always busy, the doctor could respond online to any questions related diseases, to advise almost every child.

Be attentive to children

Yet the disease is best to pay attention as early as possible. For this there are simple guidelines that gives Peter mothers baby. His advice is simple but will help keep a family in which appeared the newborn of trouble. Look at your child, their responses to moving objects as it reacts to light. Weak response or lack thereof – is already a foreboding and a reason for going to the clinic. Urgently go to the doctor is necessary if noticeable strabismus, purulent accumulations and crusts on the eyelids and in the corners of the eyes. Conjunctivitis and blepharitis do not go unnoticed. If you pay attention to such signs in time, then the treatment will be faster and better. Also in the early stages can determine the nearsightedness or farsightedness and without starting their development, get advice on treatment and purchase of corrective glasses.

Experience and knowledge

Despite the constant employment, ophthalmologist, Institute of Pediatrics Scripts Peter is the author of a patented invention that helps him to work with severe diseases of the eye in newborns. He is the author of many articles that have been written on the basis of his priceless experience and knowledge, and help practitioners. For reviews of patients, it is one of the leading experts in Moscow on the problems of pediatric ophthalmology. To sign up to it is difficult, but the wait is rewarded with attention. Initial consultation is for one hour, and such a caring attitude to young patients is uncommon.


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