How fall asleep quickly - a few tips for those who suffer from insomnia.


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You Have trouble sleeping? If you are in a comfortable bed under a warm blanket in the pitch black may lie two or three hours, and the sleep never comes, you must take action. Very often it happens that in the way of thoughts that's hard climb to the head and not allowed to rest. Recipes for a good night's sleep simple and you will be able to follow them effortlessly. But very soon, you will have to consult friends and acquaintances, and tell them how to fall asleep quickly. Because long-term insomnia can lead to depression and constant feeling of dissatisfaction, of fatigue and depression. Therefore it is best to begin to deal with it at an early stage. Some useful tips will help you learn how to fall asleep quickly.

To get started, try a well-known method of counting sheep. Because he can really help. When you mentally count sheep, the main thing they are still vividly present. This way, you'll definitely be distracted from the huge number of thoughts that prevent sleep. Will not notice how you will have a sweet snuffle.

If you are concerned about the answer to the question, how fast to go to sleep, go in the evening for a walk. Can have a dog, it will need to walk, so you will not be able to shirk the evening promenade. A walk in the Park will help you fall asleep faster.

When you come home, you can still take a warm, relaxing bath. Add scented oil or foam. Just need to avoid citrus aromas because they stimulate. It is better to give preference to the chamomile, mint or lavender.

If you are worried about how fall asleep quickly, don't forget to ventilate the room. Heat is the worst enemy of sleep. If it's not too cold, you can leave the window open all night. The air in the room should be cool and fresh.


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Another good way to get rid of insomnia is to read before bedtime uninteresting book. Many people start to fall asleep as soon as comfortably settle down with a book in bed. Some even deliberately use reading instead of sleeping pills.

If you are wondering how to sleep, try very effective method is sex. After physical activity, you will not notice how you will have to doze off.

It is also Possible for a nightcap of herbal tea. Its membership should include chamomile or Melissa. Discard the green tea, as it has a tonic effect. You can also drink milk with honey. The hypnotic effect of this method was known in ancient times. 

If you do not give rest thought: "How fall asleep quickly?", try to ignore and do breathing exercises. Inhale from your stomach, then chest and finally the collarbone. Need to exhale in the same sequence. Of course, to master these exercises are not easy, need training.

Those who suffer from insomnia, you need to understand that the last application of food should occur in two to three hours before bedtime. With food in your stomach is quite difficult to normal sleep, not to mention the fact that it affects the figure. In principle, it is better to abandon the heavy and high-calorie food. For the meal before bed will fit kefir, yogurt, a light salad, vegetables or low fat cracker.

Remember also that before sleeping you should not engage in sports. Even evening jog needs to happen for a few hours before you go to bed.

If you follow all tips, but the dream still lingers, take a look around. Maybe your bedroom is creative, bright interior, which is replete with vibrant colors and shades? Then you need to redo everything. These colors are suitable for living room or kitchen. Bedroom should be calm, the color scheme here is to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort. Use warm, pastel and bright colors.

In any case, if you don't know how to quickly fall asleep and suffer from insomnia, don't lose your temper. Follow these recommendations and you will see that life will improve.


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