Morning sickness: what will help the nausea.


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Pregnancy – the most beautiful period in every woman's life. However, most expectant mothers from all over the world are faced with such unpleasant problem as toxemia. This phenomenon is not a disease-just like the body responds to the changes occurring in it. But this understanding does not relieve from the terrible sensations and the relentless thoughts that will help with the nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. To deal with these “misfortunes” in different ways, and the basic ones you can find in this article.

Eat more!

Never allow your stomach to strong feelings of hunger. You should always be drugs for nauseaIn stock small sandwiches, fruits or other foods which you could eat outside the home. It is necessary to take food in small portions. Even that will help the nausea. A proper Breakfast. It should consist of small quantities of carbohydrates such as porridge, cereal, dried fruit or other products.

Protein – best ally!

Protein – the perfect energy source. This is what will help the nausea very effectively. why nauseaIt is Recommended to use a small amount of protein after a night's sleep, even getting out of bed. It can be a piece of lean boiled meat or egg. Such measures will help to avoid unpleasant feelings in the morning.

Complex carbohydrates – no!

Eliminate from your diet refined grain products such as pasta and sugar. They have virtually no nutrients, but can lead to high blood sugar levels. It is recommended to eat pasta and bakery products made from raw wheat kernels.


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Avoid dehydration!

Lack of fluids in the body what will help the nausea– this is the main reason why the nausea and headaches can constantly harass the pregnant woman. It is recommended to drink at least 2.5 litres of liquid a day (juices without sugar, herbal teas, non-carbonated water). Do not drink coffee and sugary drinks.

Watch out for irritants!

Try to avoid tastes and smells that might you reduce nausea. Ask your family members reckon with you in this matter.

Natural drugs for nausea

As proved by numerous clinical trials, ginger root is very effectively relieves nausea. You can take several times daily capsules with ground ginger or to drink tea with slices of the root. Good help and teas for digestion. For example, a decoction of mint, chamomile, etc. it is also advisable to take vitamin b6 – he "disables" in the brain the feeling of nausea. A great option are, and various homeopathic remedies, but they have to find and prescribe by your doctor.

What will help the nausea, in addition to these funds?

To protect yourself from symptoms of morning sickness, not necessarily to eat something «correct». There are still things that should be avoided. For example, you should not rely on lollipops, even a mint, especially if you take them on an empty stomach. Reduce the feeling of nausea will be but very short, because there is intense secretion of gastric juice, and muddy you start even stronger. Nor can it be taken on an empty stomach any vitamins.

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