Pathology of blood vessels. Abdominal aortic aneurysms


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Call the main Aorta the largest artery of the body. It performs a connecting function between the heart and internal organs.

Aneurysm-a pathological extension that often occur in the aorta. They appear in thinned, weakened areas of the vessel. High blood pressure increases the expansion. Late diagnosis of the disease can lead to rupture of the vessel and fatal bleeding. In addition, the extension contributes to the violation of the blood flow, which in turn increases the risk of formation of blood clot (thrombosis). A blood clot may spread along vascular stroke, with its fragmented elements can move with the blood flow. Thus, there is embolism. Also on the thinned vascular wall are formed by excess calcium deposits.

Extensions can occur at any vascular site. Abdominal aortic aneurysms are observed in three of four cases, all aortic aneurysms. Form of the resulting expansion can be use or spindle-shaped.

The Development of abdominal aortic aneurysm can result from atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, inflammatory processes in the vessel walls. Education extension may be associated with congenital connective tissue diseases, and infectious diseases, accompanied by damage of the aortic wall.

The Symptoms of an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta exhibit strong sudden pain in the lumbar region and abdomen. Manifestations of the disease are accompanied by sensations of pulsating masses in the abdomen. However, their rhythm coincides with the rhythm of the frequency of contraction of the heart. Rarely there is pain in the legs, accompanied by their pale and “turning”, which is caused by the migration of pieces of the thrombus on arterial highways.


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Rupture of the aneurysm of the abdominal aorta is accompanied by bleeding. Symptomatology depends on the direction of the gap.

After intraperitoneal breakthrough abdominal aortic aneurysm occurs hemorrhagic shock, accompanied by increased internal bleeding. In addition, there is a sharp pallor of skin increased heart rate. Percussion of the abdomen reveals the presence of free fluid in the abdominal cavity. The catastrophic course of the disease in this case, it completely eliminates any research. Death comes fast enough.

Retroperitoneal rupture is accompanied by pain in the lower back or stomach.

Breakthrough abdominal aortic aneurysm into the inferior Vena cava is characterized by shortness of breath, weakness, palpitations. There are pain in the lower back and abdomen with a pulsating mass and the characteristic systolo-diastolic murmur (rumble). Data manifestations characteristic of systematic but inflexible progression. The result is a heart failure in severe form.

The Gap extensions in the direction of the duodenum is accompanied by the sudden collapse and bloody vomit.

Examination of the patient in a horizontal position often allows to identify the strong pulsation of the aneurysm. Palpation (probing fingers) of the upper part of the abdomen (usually at the left of its center line) detects the presence of a pulsating tumor formation. As a rule, it still may be less painful or painless. Auscultation (listening) revealed systolic hum on education. Small extensions can be detected by means of computed tomography.

As a rule, the use of clinical and instrumental methods of research allows to correctly diagnose the disease in most patients. That is why the appointment of aortography is only required in cases where the research results do not show a clear picture of the disease.

Given the suddenness of the manifestation of complications, treatment of aneurysms of the abdominal aorta a surgical method. This made removal and replacement of the affected vessel.

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