Drops "Grippferon" breastfeeding: the features of the application, instruction and reviews


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Lactation is very responsible in a woman's life. She needs to care not only about themselves but also about the health of a child who gets breast milk all uses mom. Especially careful women need to be during his illness. The majority of drugs it is forbidden to take during lactation, as they can harm the baby. Therefore, until recently, doctors advised the woman to stop breast-feeding during a cold. But now there are many anti-viral drugs, as safe for mom and baby. One of them drops, "Grippferon". Breastfeeding is one of the few tools that you can use.

How to be treated a nursing mom

The Woman in lactation is especially susceptible to various infections. So colds at this time there often. The difficulty is that it is almost impossible to drink medicines. How to be treated a breast-feeding mother?

  • Lay flat to enable the body to cope with the disease.
  • To drink More. With the help of fluid the body will be cleansed of toxins. This will speed up the recovery.
  • You Can use some safe folk remedies: tea with honey and lemon, juice of black currant, low-fat chicken broth. If there is no temperature, good hover legs with mustard.
  • Apply permitted during lactation antivirals: "Grippferon", "interferon", "Interferon" and other for the advice of a doctor. It is very important that their use was initiated when the first symptoms of the disease.
  • When a fever is required only if it is above 380. To do this, you can only use "Paracetamol" or "Ibuprofen".
  • Sore throat it is better to use means of local actions that do not penetrate into breast milk: rinse with a solution of iodine, soda, sprays "Kameton", "Help".
  • If the cough, the most effective and safe method for the treatment of nursing mothers are pulmonary.grippferon while breastfeeding

How to protect your kid

The Nursing mother need to strictly monitor what medications she takes. You need to carefully read the user manual and in any case not to exceed the dosage. It is also very important to protect from contamination of the child. Therefore, it is often used, "Grippferon" breastfeeding: it helps not only to recover more quickly the mother, but also prevents the release of viruses from her breath. Modern doctors recommend several ways to protect infants from viral infections, if the mother was ill.


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  • Wash hands Frequently with soap and water. This should be done every time you need to approach the baby. After all, during his illness many viruses may remain on the hands. It is best to use special soap or antiseptic.
  • It is Advisable to approach the child in a protective mask. This will reduce the concentration of viruses in the ambient air.
  • Several times a day to ventilate the room and often do wet cleaning.
  • Do Not stop breastfeeding. With milk mother child receives and her antibodies. This will help him to build the immune system, and even if he is sick, the body will quickly deal with the infection.

It is Very important to closely monitor his condition, if it worsens, better see a doctor.grippferon during lactation

Characteristics of the drug, "Grippferon"

This tool refers to an antiviral drug of new generation that possesses not only antimicrobial, but also immunomodulatory effects. Its action is based on the properties of the main active component of the interferon alpha. This substance in stable form was synthesized only in the late 90-ies of the 20th century.

This tool is Available in the form of a spray, nose drops and rectal suppositories. Preferred "Grippferon" breastfeeding used in the form of nose drops. This tool provides a fast therapeutic effect as a standalone tool and does not require using an additional medication.drops grippferon usage instructions

When to use this tool

Many women wondering if "Grippferon" while breastfeeding? All the doctors at it give a clear answer: not only possible, but necessary to prevent infection and protect the baby from infection during the mother's illness. This drug allows women not to use harmful medicine during the illness. It is best to treat use drops, "Grippferon". Instruction manual recommends to do it in the following cases;

  • At the first signs of incipient cold;
  • Cold;
  • With a sharp overcooling;
  • For the prevention of infection during outbreaks of viral diseases;
  • When you are not clear of headaches, cough, high temperature.

Very effective, "Grippferon" the flu, rhinovirus, coronavirus and other infections.is it possible grippferon while breastfeeding

What action has the tool

Drop "Grippferon" breastfeeding is the most effective and secure means. This is due to the characteristics of the main active component of the drug - recombinant interferon Alfa. This substance stimulates the body's biological enzymes, inhibitors, lymphocytes and antibodies, which prevent the penetration into the blood and reproduction of viruses. Therefore, it is effective drops, "Grippferon". Instruction manual notes that the drug has this effect:

  • Restores natural immunity;
  • Stimulates the protective forces of the body;
  • Eliminates viruses and does not let them in the respiratory system and into the surrounding air;
  • Clears the nasal passages and restores normal breathing;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Treats runny nose, sore throat;
  • Lowers the temperature.grippferon while breastfeeding instruction

"Grippferon" breastfeeding: instructions for use

To treat the drug is used for 5 days. In each nostril buried on 3 drops. Pre-the nasal passages should be clear of mucus, crusts and other selections. After instillation to distribute the drug across the mucosal surface, rubbing the nose. Must carry out the procedure every 3-4 hours.

If "Grippferon" during lactation is used as prophylaxis during epidemics or in contact with sick people, it should be done once a day, preferably in the morning before going out. And after contact with sick or hypothermia to bury the product twice a day, preferably as early as possible.grippferon while breastfeeding reviews

Features of the use of the drug

"Grippferon" while breastfeeding can be used for the treatment of colds and for the prevention of infection during epidemics. It is not addictive, has no contraindications and very rarely causes allergic reactions. Apply the preparation after a short break again, since the microorganisms cannot develop resistance to it.

Drop "Grippferon" breastfeeding does not only help a woman to recover more quickly, but also protect the child from infection. Mother's milk the baby receives antibodies and immunity. Therefore, only one product is sufficient for treatment. Besides, it is not recommended during treatment use of other nose drops, especially with vasoconstrictor effect. It is possible excessive dryness of the nasal passages and the formation of crusts. Not with "Grippferon" to use other immunomodulirutee funds. But the drug can be replaced with analogs that also contain recombinant human interferon. It drops "the" or "Interferon".drops grippferon while breastfeeding

"Grippferon" breastfeeding: reviews

Many women this drug and save yourself and your baby from viral diseases. Judging by the reviews, "Grippferon" is really effective. If you start treatment at the first sign of a cold, you can prevent complications and get rid of the disease. Therefore, "Grippferon" during lactation is very popular, and women buy it more often than other drugs. This is despite the fact that it is pretty expensive - about 400 rudders for a small bottle. But never mind the money, as the baby's health is more expensive. Women like that use of the drug can be for the whole family, even babies with a cold drip it in the nose. It has no taste or smell, so well tolerated.


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