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The Cure “Birth” (ointment) refers to innovative dermatological drugs. The medication includes an allostatin – is a synthetic peptide designed to protect the mucosa and skin from viruses that trigger inflammation and the appearance of tumors of epithelial tissue. The drug has all the properties of natural allopurinol, while having some advantages, which makes the tool very promising to use in cosmetology and dermatology.birth manual price the Drug ‘Birth" (manual attests to this), penetrating into the epithelial tissue, activates the changed recognition of abnormal cells by immunocompetent cells, runs several protective reactions aimed at suppressing the dissemination and replication of the virus. Along with this is not marked damaging effect on normal cells surrounding the nidus. When you eliminate the source of infection, stimulate further regeneration in the epithelium, the tool provides a fast normalization of the skin condition.

The Drug “Birth”. Manual. Purpose

The Medication is applied with the first signs of herpes skin infection. Tool helps to restore natural cover, eliminate the negative, unpleasant burning sensation, swelling, itching. The medicine can stop the further spread of lesions. In the case of pass during the first acute symptoms to full recovery may take several days. birth ointment


Is Not assigned to the drug “Birth” (the manual confirms this), with individual intolerance. Before you use the medication during lactation and pregnancy should consult a doctor.


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Method of use birth statement

The Medication is applied locally. On the background herpes medication applied on the affected area. It is desirable to start therapy at the first symptoms of pathology: burning, itching, swelling, redness. The restoration of the structure of the intercession is celebrated when using the drug “Birth” (the manual contains such data) twice or three times a day for two to three days – on soil labile herpes, five-seven days – with the defeat of the genital area. If necessary, therapy extend to the complete normalization of the mucosa or skin. When the vulgar warts, papillomas, warts the drug is used twice a day for three weeks. In some cases, treatment with medication may be administered in combination with destructive interference.

The Drug “Birth”. Manual. Price. For more information

In some cases when using medications there may be additional rashes. This effect is caused by an increase in immunological recognition of the sources of hidden infection and later development of inflammatory reactions. This manifestation can be perceived as degradation, however this phenomenon contributes to the elimination of viral foci and achieve a lasting therapeutic result. Cost medications from 270 p.

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