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Ulcers are caused by compression of certain areas of the body. It comes from prolonged contact with a solid surface: bed, bus, wheelchair. The mechanism of occurrence of pressure ulcers is based on the bleeding and necrosis in places where the squeezing of the skin.

The Most common cause of pressure ulcers is tissue necrosis. As you know, the blood vessels located on each inch of skin, nourish it and saturate with oxygen. When compression of vessels due to prolonged pressure occurs necrosis or tissue necrosis, which leads to the formation of bedsores.

Pressure Ulcers can occur because of displacement of the layers of the skin. If the patient is constantly pull in bed or to pull out from under his sheets, vessel or wet Laundry, there is a blood disorder that can lead to the formation of bedsores.

Most Often disease occurs in obese or too thin people, people with poor nutrition, heart disease, diabetes, excessive sweating. The risk of trouble is seen in those who suffer from incontinence of urine or faeces. For such patients is very important in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

The Adverse factors in the occurrence of bedsores is the presence of crumbs or foreign matter on the bed, dirty skin, the folds in the bedding, allergic reactions to cleansers skin care.

Most Often, pressure ulcers are formed on the body areas that are over bone protrusions and come into contact with a solid surface. In these parts of the body very little subcutaneous fat, which acts like a cushion and reduces the pressure on the tissues of the body.


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The Most important measure to prevent damage and compression of the tissues, is the prevention of bedsores.

To lower pressure on tissue, bedridden patients need to buy anti-bedsore mattress (silver, dream Line, Leaks). It improves circulation in the tissues and has a massage effect, has a positive effect on the skin and prevents squeezing. If the anti-bedsore mattress you can't afford it, you can use regular foam.

Often turn and change the position of the patient, but do it with the utmost care to avoid compression or displacement of tissues.

Pressure ulcer Prevention lies in the proper care of the patient. The bed should be clean, with no crumbs or other foreign objects, bedding should not contain seams, buttons, or ribbons, which can RUB the skin and cause bed sores. If the patient is lying on his back, under his sacrum it is possible to enclose the rubber circle.

Prevention of pressure sores using different devices (rollers, rubber circle mattress) aimed at increasing the area of the body, which is in contact with a solid surface. Thus in tissues improved circulation of blood, which significantly reduces the risk of pressure sores.

Nutrition of bedridden patients should be varied and contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to nourish the skin.

An Important measure of prevention is good hygiene. Often wash the patient, change linen, take the toilet of the perineum and genital organs. Feces and urine are irritating to the skin, which increases the risk of pressure sores. Bed linen and accessories should be soft, this can be achieved by multiple washings. Therefore, for bedridden patients lay an old clean linen. It is much softer, so not rubbing the skin.

An Important condition for the prevention of pressure sores is the temperature in the room where the patient. Excessive overheating leads to sweating, which is detrimental effect on the skin and leads to ulcers.

Use a neutral hypoallergenic detergent, after using the toilet the skin of the patient do not wipe, gently blot. Use moisturizing creams, powders, ointments. In the case of incontinence, use diapers and special gaskets.

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