Mucolytic agent "Fluditec": reviews, description, instructions for use and composition


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Cough Treatment – this is a very important and delicate manipulation, currently, the manufacturers of the drugs produce a variety of formulations: syrups, tablets, lozenges and means for inhalation. It is very important to choose the right medication because the cough may be different. One of the products is “Fluditec”. Reviews about it will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn about how to use medicines. Also find out some information from the user.

fluditec opinion

Description of medicine

The drug “Fluditec" opinions are rather contradictory. They will be described below in the article. First, let's say about the description of the whole.

The Drug “Fluditec” - syrup. Some people call this means of suspension. The other term is correct. The medicine packaged in a bottle made of dark glass. His tone can be pinkish-orange or brown-green. All depends on the type of drug. Capacity sealed in a cardboard box. Attached to each bottle means “Fluditec” instructions. Consumer reviews report that the abstract written in clear and accessible language.


The Drug is available in two dosages: child and adult. Drugs have, respectively, the concentration of 2 and 5 percent. Children the drug has a banana sweet taste. The adult form of medication gives the caramel.

The composition of the drug includes the following components: carbocisteine (2 or 5 mg), glycerol, sucrose, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, dyes and water, and appropriate flavors. Produced the drug in a dosage of 125 milliliters in the vial.

fluditec for kids manual reviews


The drug “Fluditec" instructions for use, specialists report that it is mucolytic. The product facilitates liquefaction and removal of phlegm from the bronchi and lungs. Therefore, the indication for the use of a variety of diseases of the respiratory system. With such pathologies is formed trudnootdelyaemoy mucus. Among the diseases in which it is shown the use of drugs, we note the following:


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  • Bronchitis and tracheitis;
  • Laryngitis and pharyngitis;
  • Asthma and bronchiectasis;
  • Rhinitis and sinusitis;
  • Adenoiditis and sinusitis;
  • Inflammation around the ear and nose.

The Drug is often assigned to prepare for various surgical procedures, and after the such. Its use facilitates the patient's condition and facilitates easier carrying of manipulation.

reviews on mucolytic agent fluditec

Contraindications drugs

What's misleading about the drug “Fluditec" (for children) manual, reviews of doctors? The abstract suggests that the composition is not administered to infants aged up to two years. To 15 years old are prohibited to use the composition in the adult dosage.

Children's and adult's medication is not used in individuals with hypersensitivity to the drug components. In diseases of the kidneys, inflammation of the bladder or stomach ulcers the use of tools may lead to unpleasant consequences.

fluditec manual reviews

Usage in pregnancy and lactation

Future to-be and new moms can apply without fear of the drug “Fluditec” for children. Manual, reviews of physicians report that adult dosage composition in these situations is not being used.

In the first trimester of pregnancy is prohibited treatment of the described means. All because this period is the formation of major organs of the baby. Any drug can cause irreparable harm to the developing organism. Before using the composition of future and new mothers should definitely consult with your doctor and compare the risks and benefits of treatment.

fluditec syrup for children reviews

How to use the medication?

At what dose is correct to use the drug “Fluditec" (syrup for children)? The doctors say that the doses must be based on the body weight of the child. However, many parents and pediatricians still hold information that is specified in the annotation. Application instruction for children suggests that syrup is indicated twice a day for 5 ml. Such schemes need to adhere to kids aged 2 to 5 years. After 5 years the medication is given three times a day 5 ml. However, daily dose should not exceed 300 milligrams of the active ingredient. Children aged 15 years and adult patients assigned medication three times daily for 15 milliliters.

The treated by this remedy should not take longer than one week. The only exceptions are cases when this scheme is selected by the physician. The composition of best taken one hour before meals or two hours after a meal. This technique allows you to derive maximum benefit from the treatment.

Possible side effects correction from coughing

Reviews on mucolytic agent “Fluditec” in its most good. However, some consumers reported the occurrence of side reactions. It usually happens whenself-treatment or using the wrong dosage.

To unpleasant reactions include nausea, abdominal pain, indigestion. There is also the possibility of allergic reaction, such as rash and itching. Less common is swelling.

fluditec usage instructions reviews

“Fluditec": consumer reviews of medicine

On the drug users say that it has quite a pleasant taste. Banana for kids and caramel have funds in adult dosage. That is why the treatment of children, the tool turns rather into the game. The kids enjoy taking their assigned medication.

On the composition “Fluditec" of the reviews say that it works quickly and efficiently. The effect of the drug begins in 2 hours after the first application. Drug dilutes the viscous sputum and cough, during which she goes from the bronchi.

Patients say that the medicine is better not to take a few hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the medicine Cabinet at all times the effect occurs at night. It can disrupt your sleep and exacerbate the condition. Patients indicate that the average cost of medications is about 400 rubles for a bottle.

Patients say that while the use of coticosteroids drugs and antibiotics may increase the action of ‘Fluditec”. Therefore, before using to consult a doctor and learn about the scheme of complex treatment.

Some users report that the drug affects the blood sugar. Therefore it is necessary to control it. If you have a tendency to diabetes mellitus, you need to very carefully monitor their health, and if necessary, selection of alternative drugs. I wish you good health, take care!

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