The syndrome of sudden infant death: causes and risk factors


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Undoubtedly, the 21st century will go down in our history as one of the most important for medical science. For today, we have received a variety of vaccines for previously incurable and dangerous diseases. But, unfortunately, before the doctors still are many mysteries. One of which – the syndrome of sudden infant death.

The Syndrome of sudden infant death – the unexpected death of an infant occurring in most cases at night or early morning during sleep. Moreover, mandatory subsequent autopsy does not detect absolutely no visible pathology, and explanations there is no death. Pathologists sometimes record only minor deviations, in particular from the lungs, Central nervous system and upper respiratory tract. But each of these deviations is not enough to lead to death. In other words, killed a healthy baby, and doctors do not find any significant pathological changes that can to explain the cause of the tragedy.

According to statistics, the syndrome of sudden death in children occurs most often at the age from several weeks to six months.  Scientists around the world for more than a dozen years of struggling with the phenomenon of sudden death. To date, researchers have only assumptions and hypotheses. Some scientists are inclined to believe that most parents whose child died from sudden infant death syndrome, suffered from peptic ulcer disease or were carriers of the bacterium Helicobacter, which causes the disease. The presence in the body of the bacterium Helicobacter does not always lead to ulcers, people with good immunity even no symptoms may not manifest. While  for baby's first months of life, these bacteria, or rather the contact with them could end tragically. Infection of the baby occurs through a spoon or a pacifier. Familiar to many mothers gestures: before giving the pacifier to the baby to lick it, to check the temperature of the mixture, testing its taste - in the opinion of this group of scientists, can lead to tragic consequences. 


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Another hypothesis, the so - called “gene”, based on studies of the DNA of children who have suffered a sudden infant death. The dead kids were found to have some defects in areas of the genome that are responsible for immunity. The syndrome of sudden death of newborns examined for many years, and although some scientists and doctors but there is a unity about the specific causes of this disease, they were able to identify the “threat” factors and assume that the cases of child deaths, which leads to the syndrome of sudden infant death may be reduced.

The Main risk factors have been identified:

- sleeping on the stomach;

- prematurity (premature birth);

- Smoking mothers in the lactation period;

- heating.

The Main condition for the prevention of this phenomenon has been called the proper organization of the sleeping newborn. At the age of six months, the baby's heart rate and breathing is still not stable. At the time of the dream, which at this stage of life occupies a large part of the day, fall all the vital functions, and sometimes occur physiologically due to the pause of the breath.

The Main task of parents is to remove any obstacles for admission of air masses: pillow that a kid can watch, heavy and thick blanket in which the baby may become confused. It should be remembered that mattress for a newborn must be tough to the baby's head in it's recesses never left.

You Should also ensure that the baby does not overheat. As in this case, brain activity is deteriorating, and in particular begins to lose control of the centre of respiration, which, of course, very dangerous. You need to remember that the recommended temperature in the nursery should not exceed 22 degree C.

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