Treatment of a ureaplasmosis: features and nuances


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Before we talk about ureaplasmosis, to begin to determine what is Ureaplasma and how they are related to this disease. So, Ureaplasma – the so-called intracellular bacteria that reside in the mucous membranes of the urinary channels and genitals.  none.

The Progression of disease provoked by a ureaplasmosis of Ureaplasma livelihoods and is transmitted exclusively by sexual contact, or fetus in the womb from the mother, the household way of infection is very rare, and often applies to children with weakened immune systems.  Requires a warning to indicate that the wrong treatment ureaplasmosis can greatly derange sexual function and affect overall health. Importantly, the disease was diagnosed in a timely manner, and pathogens can be elementary to destroy with the help of antibiotics.

The Pathology is distinctive, therefore the treatment of ureaplasmosis need vigilantly to choose, given the degree of its progress, peculiarities and predominant form. So, the disease may be expressed in chronic and acute forms. As with many other infections, it has no specific symptoms, characteristic for this pathogen. Physiological manifestations of anaplasmosis are also dependent on a number of factors, in particular, from the behavior of an infected organ during the whole treatment. In addition, today modern medicine can identify the microbe and absolutely healthy women who have not had any complaints, thereby preventing its progression at an early stage.


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There is  the question of how to treat an ureaplasmosis? First of all, it should be noted that for the final extermination of the infection requires a comprehensive approach, the definition of which depends entirely on the region of deployment of the inflammatory process. In General, the treatment is of a General scheme, which involves a number of subtleties and nuances depending on the dynamics of the disease. So, how to treat a ureaplasmosis?

First of all, the leading specialist assigns antibiotic therapy, which is aimed at complete inhibition of infection, as well as immunomodulators, activating the protective properties of the body, and other medicines, warning side effects of antibiotics. But again, you should understand the seriousness of the clinical picture, and productive treatment of a ureaplasmosis may appoint only a qualified physician after a detailed diagnosis of potential patients.

For the destruction of the causative agent often used causal treatment method, which is based on a combination of antibacterial drugs of different farmagrupp. We should not forget that Ureaplasma resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics due to the lack in their structure of the cell wall, and sulfonamides, as the latter do not produce acid. In the treatment of this pathogen could be effective ones antibacterial drugs, which possess bacteriostatic properties, that is, affect protein synthesis from DNA.  These are the aminoglycosides, macrolides, chloramphenicol, fluoroquinolones and others. So, tetratziklinove a number of antibiotics are represented by Doxycycline and Minocycline who win against their counterparts though, because their daily intake is reduced to a single pill. Also prescribed Yunidoks Solutab, Medomycin, Vibramycin with similar pharmacological properties and receiving half a day. But the drugs of this series have their flaws: eliminate the treatment of pregnant women and children, and also have side effects.

It is Important to remember that the use of antibiotics it is advisable to take vitamins and absorbents that will restore depleted intestinal microflora. Only then we can safely say that the treatment of ureaplasmosis produced properly.

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