Swelling of the feet: the treatment of folk remedies


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Edema is called an excess accumulation of fluid in organs and tissue in the extracellular spaces of the human body. swelling of the feet treatment of folk remediesEdema is divided into the following types:

  • Kahectina appear in cardiovascular diseases as a result of exhaustion.
  • Geramitcioski: caused by accumulation of fluid in people with kidney disease.
  • Mechanical: caused by injuries, also appear in tumors and pregnancy.
  • Allergic: in the form of deep swelling of the skin.
  • Stagnant: occur when pressure in the capillaries, disruption of vascular permeability.
  • Neuropathic: swelling caused by alcoholism and diabetes.

Usually shows swelling of the legs in the elderly. The treatment of this disease at home is quite easy, because there are many folk methods that are completely harmless at this age. This age bracket of the population the medication is prescribed with great caution, but the grass, baths and massages have no contraindications.

Swelling of the feet. Treatment of folk remedies swelling of the legs in elderly treatment

There are some drug-free ways to help get rid of edema at home. Among them, the most effective are as follows:

  • Feet pounded with a mixture of one egg, 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 2-3 tablespoons of heated turpentine. During this procedure, there is a foot massage that promotes lymph flow and excretion of stagnant fluid. After that you need to wear high socks or knee socks, preferably of natural fibers (wool or cotton).
  • Effective is this method, how bath: you can add sea salt, which is good to relax the legs and helps with swelling. Feet dipped in cold water, and then with the help of tweaks to massage swollen areas, performing manipulation from the bottom up.
  • To activate the lymph, it is useful to stretch the foot with a rubber ball. To do this, it will need to be rolling on the floor, pushing on his feet.
  • Constant companion of edema are varicose nodes. For the prevention and in the fight against recent changes use the steamed leaves of the elderberry, which are superimposed on the problem areas.

People who are prone to stagnation and kidney diseases, is not recommended to drink plenty of fluids after 18:00. Often it provokes swelling of the feet.


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leg edema in diabetes treatmentTreatment of folk remedies: a set of exercises

For people who have swelling of the legs due to diabetes, treatment is carried out only with the help of exercises. The main set looks like this:

  • A few moments it is necessary to walk on her toes;
  • Bare feet connecting the foot to raise off the floor a tennis ball or pencil;
  • Spread his and gripping toes;
  • To become on his toes, standing for a few seconds to do fifteen to twenty jumps;
  • Sitting or standing to do the rolling from heel to toe and back.

Prevention of edema

Quite often swelling appear due to the strong fatigue or continuous wear uncomfortable shoes. We can not allow in daily life you wear too high a heel, but a flat sole will not be the best option. Heel definitely need to choose the small, and shoes should not be too narrow. If you wear uncomfortable shoes swelling of the feet, treatment of folk remedies as never effective and timely manner. Well, it is best to deal with this disease independently only after ascertaining the underlying causes for its occurrence. If there is no obvious reason - fatigue, pregnancy, hot weather - it is better to seek the advice of a physician.

Quick help for edema

Recipes passed from generation to generation– economical and effective methods that bring fast relief, eliminating swelling of the feet. Treatment of folk remedies  has no contraindications, it is affordable and does not require much time. the Most effective way is wiping down with ice cubes made from decoctions of herbs, or taking baths with sea salt and decoction of the same.

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