Tumor Klatskin: symptoms and treatment


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Klatskin Tumor is a cancer of the proximal bile ducts. A tumor of this kind is formed in the upper part of the biliary tract, where they are divided between the lobes of the liver. Tumor Klatskin can be formed in both ducts or one of them, as well as at the exit of the liver. With the course of the disease the tumour may spread to the hepatic blood vessels.

tumor klatskin

General information about the disease

Despite the fact that modern medicine has acquired a lot of useful tools through which to identify and diagnose disease, cancer of the liver and pancreas are poorly understood. In particular, this situation applies to vnepechnoj segment of the digestive system. Most susceptible to tumor Klatskin certain risk groups. First - children under 5 years of age who do not suffer from pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. The second - the people who turned 60 years old who have significant disorders of the functioning of the biliary tract.

Cancer can occur for a variety of reasons, but modern medicine specifies the following: toxic waste emitted into the atmosphere in large quantities; stress and other nervous disorders; environmental pollution; harmful habits. In addition, the cause of tumor formation Clackin can serve and improper diet:

  • The use in food of genetically modified products;
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • The consumption of large quantities of preservatives and food additives.

The Disease occurs as a consequence of the complex problems that give rise to somatic diseases. They eventually form tumors of different nature. If you do not pay attention to the symptoms and start the disease, it progresses rapidly and brings considerable discomfort.


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Classification of tumours of the bile ducts

tumor treatment clackin

  1. Benign: papillomas, lipomas, adenomas.
  2. Malignant: cholangiocellular cancer, cancer of the gallbladder, cancer of the bile ducts.
  3. Tumor Klatskin.

    Classification according to the localization

    • Affecting the bile ducts, along with liver with a fork.
    • Loss of one of the ducts.
    • The Defeat of both ducts.


    This disease is diagnosed by doctors is very rare. Successful treatment depends on many factors, but the most significant is the circulation time of the patient to the doctor. If a person went to a specialist in time treatment in most cases is successful, if the disease is neglected, successful results with high probability can be expected. Usually the tumor is diagnosed Klatskin in the survey because of other acute or chronic disorders of the digestive tract.

    tumor klatskin forecast

    In other cases, patients come to the doctor to the gastroenterologist for help with this problem. The most common complaint of patients in this case:

    • Heavy in his side;
    • General weakness of the body and fatigue;
    • Uncertain and unpleasant tastes in the mouth;
    • Malaise.

    The cancer is diagnosed is not easy. The fact that the tumor Klatskin - obstructive jaundice, as it is called, has the characteristics similar to a variety of diseases such as the liver parenchyma or bile ducts.


    tumor klatskin reviews

    From the point of view of symptoms, the disease has the following features:

    • Significant weight reduction in a short time;
    • Urine becomes dark in hue, the stool become lighter;
    • With the active course of the disease is itchy skin, skin rash;
    • A growing tumor causes pain in different areas of the abdomen, which appear in the later stages of the disease.

    The Etiological factors of development of malignant formations in the extrahepatic bile ducts is almost unknown. But as predisposing to the development of the disease, consider the following:

    • Very often in individuals older than 60 the tumor Klatskin occurs in conjunction with cholelithiasis;
    • Of great importance is genetic predisposition, especially for people Mature but not old age;
    • Among disease-precursors can consider primary sclerosing cholangitis;
    • Least common of the catalyst of disease as viruses of hepatitis B and C.

    How revealed the presence of disease

    tumor klatskin obstructive jaundice

    To identify tumor Klatskin can be used several ways:

    1. Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography - this procedure doctors get a full x-ray of the bile ducts. For the procedure, the patient is prohibited 6 hours before it began to eat and drink at the same time, he is given sedatives. The procedure starts with an introduction to the right area of the abdomen, local anesthetic, and then through the skin into the biliary tract performed a fine needle through which the injected dye. Then is radiography, which shows whether there are any irregularities in the biliary tract. The entire procedure for monitoring the accuracy of the needle is performed using an ultrasound machine. Before and after carrying out percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography patient is prescribed antibiotics, to prevent infection.
    2. Angiography. This type of diagnosis is assigned if the duct is near the main blood vessels of the liver. Using angiography, determine the affected vessels leaking tumor. It is executed in the following way: in a groin artery is injected with a fine tube through which is conducted the dye special purpose, which then passes into the arteries.
    3. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is also used when the occurrence of this cancer, it is applicable for tumor obstruction. Performed to more accurately determine duration of the pathological processes after performing percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography.
    4. Magnetic resonance therapy is one of the best methods of research of the tumor. It allows you to determine the exact localization and visualizes the structure of the vessels of the liver.
    5. A Biopsy is the most effective method. Only she can accurately determine the presence of the tumor, its structure and the nature of the tissues. For purposes of this damaged section is taken puncture, which is then investigated by microbiological analysis. This procedure is performed in conjunction with percutaneous transhepatic by cholangiographies.


    tumor klatskin treatment cholangitis

    As already mentioned, it is very difficult to recognize the tumor Klatskin. Treatment of cholangitis is the implementation of complex of measures for getting rid of the disease. If time does not begin treatment, the patient will inevitably die within 4-6 months. Cancer is hard treatable disease, the same characteristic has a tumor Klatskin. The treatment of this disease often involves the removal of the affected tissues. At the same time it must be complete, that is, the diseased tissue is removed with a clean tissue. This is done so that in the affected region, not of malignant cells, sometimes removes one of the lobes of the liver. If the tumor Klatskin, the forecast of development of which greatly hindered, can not be removed because of the defeat of the circulatory system of the entire body, applies radiation and chemotherapy, but, as a rule, it is ineffective.

    Where to find poolewe

    clackin the tumor is the treatment of suppurative cholangitis

    Despite the fact that the disease has long been known and there are ways of dealing with it through removal of tissues, there is still no unified approach to the question of how to treat Klatskin tumor. Treatment of purulent cholangitis are very successfully carried out in Israel in specialized clinics for the treatment of cancers. There for a long time have all the necessary to treat liver damage of this nature. For anybody not a secret that Israel is a place of concentration of the strongest professionals in the field of medicine, so it is understandable why there have been successfully treated and the tumor Klatskin. Reviews of patients who underwent treatment there indicate that service in the Israeli oncological clinics is at the highest level.


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