Plastic surgery on ears is a modern way of correcting their size and shape


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surgery on the earsDespite signs of people, saying that big ears is a sign of good nature and complaisance, many of their owners from an early age suffer from various complexes, becoming the object of jokes and ridicule from others.

In addition to too big, the ears are still uneven and protruding. Modern stylists and barbers offer many different tricks with which you can hide custom ear. Among them camouflage with the help of lush hair, focusing on the other parts of the body and Vice versa, draw attention to the ears of unusual shape with bright, long earrings. However, these methods are not suitable for everyone. People who are not able to overcome their complexes about appearance, choose radical means plastic surgery on the ears. This way of solving the problem lately is very popular, as due to the developments of modern medicine, most operations of this type are carried out quickly, safely, and most importantly – painless.

What is a Plastic surgery of the ears?

Correction of the sizes and shapes of the ears is called otoplasty. Turning to plastic surgery clinic to the specialist of this profile, today you can easily get rid of prominent ears and other aesthetic problems of the hearing aid. As noted by the doctors, the surgical reduction of ears or change their appearance can be done even children (over 6 years), which indicates its simplicity. This surgery is not a complicated and in most cases gives excellent results. A few days after plastic asymmetrical manipulation of the ear are almost the same, droopy ears disappears, and the ugly the ears, find a new attractive form.plastic surgery of the ears


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How to conduct plastic surgery on the ears?

There are several options for otoplasty. Some correction methods are intended to work using laser equipment, and others are using ordinary surgical instruments. However, in fact, and in another case, the doctors ensure the achievement of the desired result, and correcting any defects. Adults, as a rule, plastic surgery on the ears are done under local anesthesia, whereas children prefer to do General anesthesia. How to assure themselves doctors, pain after such procedures is not stronger than after a visit to the dentist, and are easily removed with the help of analgesics. In addition, the doctor confirmed that, contrary to popular belief, the conduct of this operation the hair around the ears shaved. Complete healing of the ears subjected to the surgical intervention occurs in about six months.surgical reduction of the ears

Experts advise: in order not to add to the list of those unfortunates who underwent an unsuccessful operation on the ears, with great attention to the choice of clinics that offer otoplasty. Better if you manage to find a specialist with vast experience in this field, having numerous positive reviews and recommendations from their customers. Not looking for cheap offers of dubious quality, since a mistake could later cost you dearly.

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