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Runny nose and nasal congestion-this is a condition that have been experienced by everyone at least once in your life. Some suffer constantly and are ready to use any means just to get the ability to breathe properly. Especially popular are the cheap nose drops, which have a vasoconstrictive effect.

Known for many years is a drug “the Nose”. This is the cheapest drops, and just 30-40 rubles, you can get rid of nasal congestion. It is believed that “the Nose” safe, so many people use it constantly and even dropped his children. But not everyone knows that this drug causes a strong dependence. And only after it turns out that people without these drops can't breathe, he begins to look for an analogue of “Nose”. So, before you start to use some tool, you need to study the manual to it and consult a doctor.

Composition “Nose” and especially his actions

The Main active ingredient of the drug is not effective. He belongs to the group of alpha-agonists. This substance reduces swelling and redness of the mucosa, reduces the volume of blood passing through the capillaries, and reduces mucus. Due to this nasal breathing improved almost immediately after instillation of the drug. Its ability to quickly and efficiently remove mucosal edema and narrowing of the vessels allows the use of the drops in rhinitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, a condition after surgery. what to replace naphazolineBut you need to know that the activity is “Nose” though immediate, but rather short. No special medications from a cold requires increasing doses of the drops. This can lead to atrophy of the vessels of the mucosa, vasomotor rhinitis and “naftizina” addiction. And it's not just mildly addictive condition is so serious that to get rid of it quite difficult.


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“Naftizina” dependence

Often you can find people who always carry a bottle of drops. And some regularly, several times a day drip “the Nose”. Tolerance to the drug develops gradually and is usually completely invisible to the patient. There was a cold, dripped “the Nose" - became easier. At other times – the same. substitute naphazolineAnd after some time people can not breathe without the drug and have to use it constantly. The vessels of the mucous membrane lose their ability to tighten without “Nose”, you have to dribble it a few times a day, otherwise the nose is laid. Because of this, many people became dependent on the drug, suffer: they may change the voice, the ability to recognize smells, appear irritability and a fear to miss the instillation. This dependence arises due to improper use of the drug. Need to know what “the Nose” is not a cure for the common cold. It only helps to relieve swelling and facilitate nasal breathing. Very fast vessels of the nasal mucosa to adapt to the drug and ceases to react to it. Therefore, to relieve congestion one has to increase the dose and the number of drops.

How to get rid of dependence

“the Nose” nose dripping very many even without a doctor's prescription. Plays a big role in its availability and practical use for many years. Pharmacies often sell the drug without the instructions for use and many are not even aware that it can be dangerous. Some people, especially the older generation, and do not know of the existence of more modern drops, preferring to use the familiar “the Nose”. Its price is such that buying and dripping it can often – the bottle can be purchased for 30-40 rubles. Therefore, get people addicted to drug to get rid of that then very difficult. how can I replace naphazolineIs most Often recommended to just abandon the product and 3-5 days until blood vessels grow from drops, to endure a stuffy nose. In complicated cases may even require surgical intervention. Therefore it is better to prevent serious addiction and use the drug correctly. Sometimes also recommended to use some analog of the “Nose”, gradually reducing the dose. To restore the damaged mucous membrane of the nose can drip herbal preparation “Drops”.

Popular recipes to help you breathe easier

To get rid of “naftizina” the relationship, you can apply various home remedies. Not everyone they approach, so they often have to try many recipes before finding effective. But it is still better than to depend on the bottle of drops. So how can I replace “the Nose” of folk remedies?

1. Squeeze the juice of a large sheet of al, add the powdered tablet “Levomicetina” and “Sleeping” and shake well. This tool need to drop 5-6 times a day and after 2-3 days they get better.

2. Three times a day to be inserted into each nostril swabs soaked in oil solution “Cleansing”. It is advisable to keep them at least an hour. Treatment carried out for 10 days and twice a day to drink “Fenkarol”.

3. Mix twisted in a meat grinder lemon with the same amount of Linden honey. After a day drain the liquid and instilled into each nostril 2-3 times a day for a quarter of a teaspoon.

4. If you mix equal parts camphor oil, a tincture of propolis and olive oil, you get a rather unpleasant but effective nose drops. They need to apply a drop three times a day.

5. Helps juice of celandine. Although it is difficult to prepare, but after five days of use a person can breathe freely. Scrolled through a meat grinder, the plant needs a good squeeze through cheesecloth and infuse the juice for weeks, shaking daily and releasing the accumulated air. Only after that the tool is ready for use. But you need to drip it one drop 2-3 times a day.

Some helps to get rid of “naftizina” according to the solution of tea tree oil, other Kalanchoe juice or sea buckthorn oil. This process may take 1-2 weeks, but after that the nose will breathe without drops.

What to replace “the Nose”

For quick relief nasal breathing can be used preparations containing the same active substance – “You” or “not effective". They are known for a long time and are low-cost drugs. How to replace “the Nose” yet? In recent years, more safe vasoconstrictors. They are not direct analogs “Nose”, as they have in the composition of another active substance. The most common are the drops on the basis of Oxymetazoline: "Xylitol”, “Xylometazoline”, “Glycine”, “Cold”, “Rhino feet”, “Children”, “producer” and others. naphazoline noseOf Course, the analogue of “Nose” and the drug are cheaper these drops. But they are much less likely to cause side effects and addictive.

The Best analogue “Nose”

The Drops have the same composition and have the same action – “You”. It is more expensive “Nose” from 60 to 100, and is available in several forms:

- drops for children from two years contain half the adult dose of naphazoline;

- the drops or spray for adults with 0.1% active substance;analog naftizina

emulsion “Sanorin” contains eucalyptus oil and mineral oil.

The Drug should not be used without a doctor's prescription, as it has contraindications and may cause some side effects. It can not be used longer than a week, and children – longer than three days. “You” can cause headaches, increased blood pressure, nausea or allergic reactions.

Feedback on its application

Despite the fact that drugs based on nafazolina cause severe addiction, they are still popular. And not only in their long-term use. They do quickly and effectively relieve swelling and facilitate nasal breathing. Himself “the Nose” because of its low prices are very often purchased for the treatment of rhinitis without a prescription. Patients report that the drug is rapidly and effectively relieves nasal congestion. In addition, drip even children in cases where no other drugs do not help. naphazoline addictionPopular and the most famous analogue “Nose” - “You”. Although it costs more, but also quickly relieve nasal congestion. A emulsion that contains oil of eucalyptus, and even reduces inflammation. So many people like to use it for colds.

Other vasoconstrictor nasal drops

Because Of the frequent occurrence of side effects from the use of “Nose” and its analogues is better not to start using them. And in the presence of dependence, as soon as possible to stop the dripping drug. To relieve swelling of the mucous membrane, it is recommended to use any substitutes “the Nose&raq...

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