The treatment of cough during pregnancy.


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Cough Treatment during pregnancy should be effective, quick and harmless to the mother and baby. Catch a cold or catch the virus while waiting for the child can any woman. Because the immune system at this time is significantly reduced, and regular trips to the clinic only increase the risk of a cold or viral infection. Of course, the treatment of cough during pregnancy will require you and your doctor some effort and knowledge. 

The fact is that the use of conventional for all people of drugs in the period of waiting for a baby is unacceptable. They are contraindicated and can cause a host of undesirable consequences for the child. But there are a group of drugs that can be included in the section of cough during pregnancy. But in the first and last trimester you need to be extremely cautious.

Dry cough in pregnancy can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments. If it is not released sputum, and while it does not appear, the cough is exhausting, hysterical and counterproductive, as it is called by physicians. The main goal of treating a cough is the desire to calm him down. Dry cough can occur due to pertussis, measles, tuberculosis, sinusitis, and pregnant women, it most often appears at the initial stage of acute respiratory infections. It is usually accompanied by fever and runny nose. Some prefer to wait until the dry cough becomes wet, but during pregnancy it's not the best out of the situation. First, she always brings me a lot of discomfort, and secondly, the abdomen becomes tense, the muscles in his contract and with the placenta previa that can cause unwanted bleeding. 


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The Treatment of cough during pregnancy, namely dry cough may occur with the use of cough remedies. They have antispasmodic, sedative and analgesic effect. Such preparations should not contain morphine or codeine. It is best to choose medicines like cough syrup during pregnancy, are valid for children under 3 years. 

Physicians recommend the treatment of cough during pregnancy take place via inhalation. You can inhale the vapors of boiled potatoes, alkaline mineral water or baking soda. The dry cough you need to do inhalation with herbs such as plantain, sage, thyme, St. John's wort, marshmallow, chamomile, lime blossom. 

To Treat cough during pregnancy using honey. It must be diluted with water, and inhale as inhalation.

Gargling is also considered an effective way to soothe a dry cough. This should be done after meals or in between them. Try to help yourself by preparing some fees. Take the herb eucalyptus and sage, and calendula flowers. Now a tablespoon of the mixture pour one Cup of boiling water and heat on a water bath for about 10 minutes, covered. But to boil the broth to bring not necessary. Gargle with warm broth and use it for the next 4 hours, then its medicinal properties will be lost. For gargling, you can still use Apple cider vinegar and baking soda. They breed in warm boiled water.

In order not to provoke dry cough, avoid dry air in the apartment. Therefore, we must always follow the optimal humidity. You can buy a special humidifier and if this is not possible, just put the battery on a hot wet towel. Put on the battery capacity with water. Well, of course, regularly need to do wet cleaning.  

Pregnancy is a time when especially need to monitor their health. Therefore at the slightest signs of discomfort, call the doctor. He will prescribe a safe treatment.

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